Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was a "touching" Surprise!

I woke up at 5:45am, sleepy, hoping it's Friday on my side of the earth.
I knew it wasn't I literally dragged myself to take a shower.
Left home at 7am arrived at the office at 8am. (because there's not much traffic today)
Work starts at 8:30am, what do I do?
Go to my site and read what's on my blogroll <--- yes, every single day as you guys are my strength, you guys kept me sane..or insane? lol

I got a lovely surprise when I clicked on Kikay Exchange
Jillsab of KE left me a comment asking me if she can cross post my review on the MAC lipliner
I told her "yes of course!"
But I didn't expect it to happen so soon..
and I didn't expect it to make me feel so giddy....and proud!

After I came back to reality and realized
I am still a mortal

I continued reading what's on my blogroll again.
When I clicked on Paint Me Gorgeous
I literally jumped back a bit, stared at the computer
and told myself "Who the hell is that girl? She looks Familiar!"
I stared at it again, and read the photo writings... is mine!
I read it at once and I just can't believe that the "gorgeouses" thought so nicely of me!
Though it still made me cringed a bit to see such big photo of myself in another person's blog
I am honestly touched!

To these 2 wonderful sites, Kikay Exchange and Paint Me Gorgeous.
I can't say thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for such sweet gesture.
I honestly felt I've won an Oscar
thank you for giving me the inspiration to keep on blogging
no matter how sleepy I am every time I go home,
I would always be energized to prepare for my posts for the next day!

Xie Xie
Arigatou Gozaimasu
Maraming Salamat

Thank you!

Sorry, that's all the "thank yous" that I know of! :D


  1. You deserve it, chica! It feels good to be featured, uh? You feel like an online celebrity. I loooove it. Have a wonderful Thursday. Ugh, tomorrow is Friday so we're getting closer. Hang in there!

  2. hi sis nikki, you definitely deserve it.. congratulations! definitely a blog celebrity

  3. yay for nikki!

    we can feel your smile coming out of the computer screen really! :)

    here's to more entries! :)

  4. you totally deserve it girl :) i saw the post on Paint me Gorgeous :)

  5. B! Thanks so much sweetheart! You are so sweet to me!

    Dianatan, LOL definitely not a blog celebrity but I am really happy I was able to put up a smile to blog readers out there :D

    Tine!!! Thanks dearie, you always give me the goosebumps with the way you profess your love to me! aww

    Sab, yay! Here's to more entries and more good deal shopping! thanks for telling me about the sale thing at MOA...I may go there on weekend...are you going? Where are you going this coming weekend??? I wish to finally see you!

  6. Ren Ren!!! Aaaww girl!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am sooo touched!!!! *hugs dear* Goodluck to you with all your makeup gigs!

  7. wow! you totally deserve it.. :) kaw pa! :) its definitely more touching how people appreciate what you do when you aren't expecting it. :) how cool right? :) i'm sure this is not the last.. i won't be surprise if you'll be featured on TV next! yey!

  8. best thank you i've ever received for cross-posting to kikay :)

    ironically, it should really be us at kikay who should be thankful that you consented to the cross-post :)

    thanks again and keep up the great and fabulous work in your addicting blog :)

  9. I'm proud of you :D My popular ate!

  10. you totally deserve it sweetie. Your smile is contagious! :) Keep blogging and being your fabulous self!

  11. Shen, being featured on other people's blog already excites the hell out of me, what more kung TV? I may faint on spot! LOL

    Jillsab, awwww thank for the kind words! And we'll keep on reading each other's addicting blogs! lol

    Nabi, thanks bunso! You're a sweet li'l sis!

    Audrie!!! I will definitely keep blogging til I'm 60! Lol, imagine an old woman blogging about make-up! hahaha

  12. You absolutely deserve the accolades :) Keep it up!

  13. You sound surprised! Your entries are fun and helpful to read and with that smile, you can brighten your readers' day.

  14. Parisb, thanks for always giving me kind words! :) I appreciate it so much

    JieJie, wow, I honestly am surprised but of course, I am very happy that people find it helpful!!! I have learned so much from other beauty bloggers and from magazines, and it's just great to share! I love how sharing everyone is!!!

  15. Awww... A blog celebrity in the making indeed! Ha ha ha! This is cool sis ;)

  16. Hi Gracie girl!!! Thanks, but I'm no blog celebrity, don't worry, if I'm a blog celebrity...I'll send you my photo with signature! LOL LOL LOL

  17. Oh! Is that a promise? Never make make a promise you can't deliver ;)... I remember telling you one day that when you are famous... I'll tell everyone... 'Nikki? She's a good friend of mine!'

  18. it means you're on your way to fame haha! *hugz*

  19. Gracie, I speak and can totally deliver! Trust me on that! Pinky swear plus all the swear words in the universe! :P

    Mhean, you are sweet...I am not looking for fame...but beauty! LMAO


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