Monday, September 29, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: Grace for her Acquaintance Party

Shobe Grace, my dear sister-in-law, is only in her Freshman year in the Uni. She attended an event for her school called "Acquaintance Party" last weekend<--- funny they just had this party now and they've been studying for months now! LOL My dearest Shobe trusts me so much because she let's me cut her hair (let me tell you, she's so particular with her hair), and she let's me do her make-up as well!

She will be sporting a lovely white and a blue-green dress so I got inspired with the colors! She won an award that night! YAY! I am so proud of her! I think "Best Dressed/Look" Award! I am a proud sister!!!!

Here's Grace BEFORE
(it helps if she I think she had this notion that a BEFORE picture should look devastated! hahaha)

And here's Grace AFTER

She's got a lovely skin to start with. So I've used lesser amount of foundation for her. I've decided to do a strong eye look because it is a night event, I've also used a lovely PINK lipstick for her because it goes well with strong eyes = dainty lips (thanks Aly for the NYX lippies)

Products Used ---

  • Paul & Joe Foundation
  • Paul & Joe Powder No. 30
  • Arezia Blush in Blushing Pink

  • Paul & Joe eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • MAC Coquette - to fill in brows
  • UDPP
  • 78pcs palette (for blue, green and yellow) - mixed together to create this color
  • MAC Carbon
  • Paul & Joe eyeliner in black
  • Paul & Joe Curly mascara in Black
  • Nivea Caregloss
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Christie
  • Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine

She's got this lovely photo with her dress!!! I will get it from her and will show it to you gals!
Uggghh I am so sleepy today!
Have a great start of the week and BEEEEEEeeeeeEEEE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!


  1. your sis-in-law is so pretty :) i hope she enjoys her acquiantance party,hehe we used to have them back in highschool :)

  2. She's a cutie! :) You did a great job she stands out.

  3. oh she is so pretty! lovely job, cant wait to see the dress too

  4. ah i might have confused you
    the first pic is the product by SANA [yes they make the pore putty]
    and yup they are made here in Japan

    the 2nd pic is a foundation called Quealys but i dont know who makes it though and it says its from overseas so i guessed USA.

  5. so true!! i should have checked where its made [dohhh]
    i will do so next time i am there ^^

    i love checking out new products!

  6. *high-fives back*

    yes i love more excuses to go browse the store heehee

  7. oOh u did that? realy good job =) shes soo adraoble..

  8. are so talented!!!! Bow!!!! You did a great job!!! Take care... both of you are really pretty

  9. that's a great makeover! i really love it.

  10. She is absolutely beautiful! I love how her eye make-up doesn't look like "too much". Absolutely beautiful!! You did a woooonderful job, lovely!

  11. She's beautiful, you did a great job!

  12. Wow, you did such an amazing job! I love how the look is so bright but not over the top! She looked happy with the outcome too! I wish you could do my makeup too! LOL!

  13. awww she looks great, what a good job!

  14. she's really cute and you did an awesome job!! and thank you for the pray, i've got my luggage :)

  15. Great job! Fun colours, but doesn't make her look old. Well done Nikki :)

  16. Great job, Nikki! Your sister-in-law looks so pretty! I love her "before" picture. LoL.

  17. wow! she won an award? you must be so proud! :) i'd love to see her dress though! :)

  18. Thanks everyone, now I"m more inspired to do more looks :) Yup, i will get the photo from her, :) I am very proud and she's very proud too! It helps that she's naturally pretty ! :D

    *BIG GROUP HUGS everyone!*

  19. awesome! :D from droopy eyes became all energetic and ready to paint the town red

  20. Wow, sis! I really love the look you came up with. I do love doing others make up but haven't got chance to do it now... not I'm ever good at it ;)

  21. LOL. I love the Before picture. She's so cute. She has a great smile. Good work!


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