Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: Hawaiian Nails

First of all, I want to thank my first PrettyNails customer Nancy for being such a sweetheart for always updating me with what's up in the Nail Art world! I would say she does her nail art so well I am honestly ashame to do mine! Nancy, make your own tutorial ok???

Anyways, she told me about this Korean booth that sells some great Korean Art products and I gave them a visit last weekend and this polish caught my eye! I gotta have the color!!! Right???

I am inspired to create a nail art tutorial because of this lovely color (Again, I am in no way a professional nail artist, so please bear with all the imperfection!)

The polish color is so pretty! I bought this at the Robinson's Place, Ermita
the polish amounts Php80.00 (approx less than $2.00)

Let's get started

Step 1:

Paint your first coat, let it dry totally.

Step 2:

Apply the 2nd coat, while wet, apply dots (this trick will scatter the pink dots creating a different style of flower)

Step 3:

While the pink petals are wet, use a sharp object like Mechanical Pencil or needle to line the petals (making the design livelier)

Here's how it looks like

A closer view

Step 4:

Apply yellow dots to have the "Hawaiian Feel"

Step 5:

Using Alyssa's LA Colors Art Deco Gold Polish, I applied French tip and ....below tip lol I don't know how to call it :)

Lilo and Stitch Says "HI!!!!"

Much Mahalo to everyone for taking the time checking out the nail art tutorial!
Smile and be happy! :D


  1. that's a cute blue color...i love how you do your nails...more more!!

  2. your nail tuts look amazing i should def try it out soon

  3. nikki! ur rreally good at it.. the colors r soOoo niceeee

  4. Nikki, you are really good at this!
    How do you keep the working hand so steady as you line the petals?

  5. love the nail tutorial!
    I gotta say, that I really like that all your photos are so sharp and clear, so even if you hadn't posted instructions, we can still follow along! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ohmmiiiigoodness, I love this look!

  7. Cute nails! I love the turquoise color.

  8. wow amazing!! i wish i had steady hands like you! i looove those flowers

  9. I love how you did the flowers! Galing-galing! =)

  10. bring it on!! I luurrrve the "streaked out" flowers - very hibiscus! :D

  11. hi sis, love the color!it really looks purfect on you. where did you buy it? looks so fresh!

  12. Mary, lol I am so addicted it hurts! LOL It's like a special time every weekend that I would do my nails! And hubby is always excited with the outcome too! He's nice enough to always say "its cute, its pretty" no matter how distorted sometimes it came out! hahahha

    Ahbeedotcom, give it a try, I find it fun!

    Jesmakeup, it really helps if you have a lovely color as a base, nobody would mind even if the art ain't perfect :P (oopss, did I just tell you my secret? lol)

    Liz, trust me, my hands aren't steady...I think I overpoked some petals :(

    Rasilla, thanks to hubby and his wonderful camera! LOL I want to take the compliments but it's really my hubby's wonderful job to have crystal clear photos :) thanks for appreciating it!

    B, you sure you love the look NOT ME??? Come on, just tell me you love me! :P

    Tracy, same here! I gotta have this color the first time I laid my eyes on this!

    Yumeko, don't worry about steady hands, screw steady hands and get that nail art coming! :P (i'm still thinking about Mr. PINK :P)

    Marianne, thanks girl! Are you trying yourself?

    Beet, I'll do your nails when we meet *toes included) as long as we finish the "stuff Nikki to be Turkey" List ok??? DeaL? *handshake*

    Royalmocha dear, I'm glad you're back! Missed you! I bought this at Robinson's Place Ermita...not the new wing, the old area, they sell a lot of wonderful colors!

    Alyssa, thanks :D

  13. this baby blue looks so sweet. i think now i need to stock more colors :D

  14. oooh! definitely very hawaiian! i love the line you put in the flowers!

  15. you always have the cutest nail stuff!

  16. you always have the cutest nail stuff!

  17. OOOOH! Very pretty and very Hawaiian! Awesome job! Where can I get those nail pens here in the US?

  18. This is so pretty and very Hawaiian, I love it!

  19. Nikki, can I make a request...

    Please do Japanese cherry blossom nails? Pretty please, with sugar on top? I'm sure you're going to make a fantastic design. :p

  20. I'm not into blue for nail colour sis but with your artwork, this looks fab!

  21. Super cute!! I think you did a great job!!
    btw--I LOVE Lilo & Stitch!!

  22. nikki you goddess! you must come to texas!

  23. hey girl! i've missed reading your posts but im back and ill be on them! love the nails!

  24. great tut your nails are so vibrant and pretty!

  25. i can never do my right hand!!! lucky u

  26. Thanks girls for the "pat on my shoulder" :) Gives me to confidence to do more nail arts :)

    Nessa, regarding the nail art pen, they do sell them in the US, but I've seen them online, try to search Nail art pens :) I'm sure a lot of them do have it! For locally though, here in the Philippines, I sell them :) I try to include worldwide but I've checked with the postal office, the shipping gets expensive because it is quite heavy as I sell them for a pack of 24pcs nail art pens :)

  27. WoW!!! AWESOME JOB!
    How long did it took you to do that?

  28. Hi Mrs. Zeus, thanks for the visit :) For everything, hands and feet, maximum of 1 hour :)


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