Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Tokyo Cafe

Dear Philippine Readers:

To those of you who are interested with the mini-fences I've posted yesterday. A lot of my nice readers commented/texted me telling me that I can buy them cheaper at the Japan Home Store for Php88.00 (approx $1.95) way cheaper than what I originally bought! :) Thanks for being such a sweetheart everyone for letting me know!

Anyways, another post for my weekend food tripping!!! This is a lovely place located at the SM Mall of Asia, we've been wanting to try this out because of the lovely ambience but this restaurant has been jampacked and that made me wanted to try it more!!! :D

Here's how cute the Tokyo Cafe looks like....

First stop, the ALL MEAT Pizza
Php260.00 (approx $5.65)

We requested to pizza to be super crunchy, but it came out to be really thin sliced (we love) but not so crispy at all!

Chicken Cream Pasta
for Php215.00 (approx $4.68)

This taste kinda weird at first because this is the first pasta that has veggies on it, but it taste different and ok. My hubby loved it!

Hamburg Steak
Php175.00 (approx $3.80)

I love this steak, not a lot of extenders (like most restaurants do) What I missed out on this is the RICE, you can order rice but you have to pay separately. I love the sauce, doesn't taste like the usual "instant" gravy. I love this! My favorite!

Tokyo Cafe is owned by Japanese and a Chinese Partner. The Japanese owner is very hands on, he's working at the bar and also help out with the waiters/waitresses in serving and making sure the customers are comfortable!

I will definitely come back and dine again in this restaurant. Up to date, there are only 2 branches of this restaurant, one located at SM Mall of Asia and the other one at SM The Block (Click to enlarge)

Kamiseta was on sale last weekend, and I mean 50% off on everything! (but of course they are the old collections)

Here's how crazy everyone was like and look at how long the line was!!!

And here are what I bought, not too flashy, just simple pieces

Have a great start of the week everyone!
I may hate Monday but not today! LOL
I will work for 2 days and it'll be a nice break for me!!!


  1. Good morning, Nikki! This post made me smile because manfriend and I had our first date at Tokyo Cafe. =P

  2. haaaala sale sa kamiseta! hahaa.bat ung dito samin hindi man nakasale..hmph! onga pala,i love pizzas! the picture of the pizza looks yummy!:) hehehe

    ate nikki,alam mo ba kung may pure makeup dito sa pinas? ung sa maybelline? i think iba ata ung liquid foundation natin dito diba? and ask lang pala ako ng recommendation,ano magandang eyeliner brush na locally made? thanks in advance!:)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVEE TO EAT! OMG the fOOD looks sOoooOooo delicious!!

  4. love the steak! looks really juicy. *yumyum* and i love the green mini top, looks so sweet

  5. Phoebe, I am glad my post made you smile!!!! Man-friend? Hmm..why man-friend?? hehehehe If it made you smile..that's NOT a man-friend di ba? hehehehe (nakiki chismis)

    Mie, I have tried mind coz I bought it in China...but you're right, we don't have the exact one here, we do have that same tube but it's named differently I believe. Pero it functions the same. About the locally made liner brush, I wouldn't say Locally made coz it's still made in China to most of them, I haven't really used them for long, coz if it's liner brush, I want to make sure it's made really well's for LINER eh..the Body Shop (not locally made) works well, same with the Face Shop and Elianto :)

    Jesmakeup, trust me I love to eat too!! Let's all eat!!!!

    Prettybeautiful, my favorite is the green top too :D

  6. Ms. Nikki I hope you won't think I'm a stalker (LOL) but I think I saw you in Tokyo Cafe! I was there in MOA the weekend of the sale, and we were eating in Tokyo Cafe and someone who looked like you entered (we were about to finish eating na). Couldn't tell then if it was really you, but after this entry I confirmed it!

  7. Ooo I love your last green top! It looks like you had a fun weekend :)

  8. I'm drooling over your food pictures right now. LoL. I'm so hungry!

  9. SALE SA KAMISETA?! haha! i'm glad i didn't go anywhere near MOA as i am saving big time.

    i love tokyo cafe too! it's one of the first restaurants in MOA that i've tried. :)

  10. Melvel!!!! If you see me again, say HI!!!! :D

    Lydia, I always have good weekends, lol That's QT (quality time) with hubby and familY :D

    Tracy, *helps you wipe drool* :D

    Sab, if you're there, promise! Kahit 1 piece you will definitely give in!!! :D

  11. LOL manfriend kasi he's too old to be called boyfriend (took a queue from Mr. Big hahahaha) ;)

  12. Sis, those tops are gorgeous! I'm wanting to shop for new autumn/winter tops as well but I'm saving it for our London trip. Would you like to join me sis? We'll raid the Oxford and Bond street! We can nip down to Harrods for few hours... that should do us nicely ;)


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