Sunday, September 28, 2008

Askmewhats Goes Gaga Over MAC Paintpots

I have been lemming for MAC paint pots for a long time! But I haven't thought of buying full sizes of them because I just don't know where to start on "which color" I would go for. I've been lemming for so long and I have been checking out the MAC store every now and then, but really, I just can't get ONE pot! I want all, but of course, that's not right to spend so much at once right?

I have a great friend in the US who's nice enough to give me the chance to try on these paint pots. She doesn't sell them but because of my request, she's done this for me!!! If you're reading this.....THANK YOU SO MUCH *hugs*

I finally have my own set of MAC PPs and I am using them since I got them! I know what people are raving about! And I've been using this for weeks now!!! I know choosing is really hard, but just in case, you plan to start up with your own MAC PP, here are some swatches. Of course, these are not complete collection, but I hope this would be helpful :)

All swatched once
taken no flash

Isn't it obvious that I heart Pinks?

I have been shopping and spending so much this weekend!
I've been preparing for the Shanghai trip, buying stuffs for my brother,
buying gifts for my colleagues (yup the office I work for now has a rep office in Shanghai)
I am excited to meet them, I've been working in this office for almost 3yrs now and never met the people I work with from our Shanghai Office, so it'll be great! But this is definitely a VACATION! It won't be WORK related! LOL <--- I have to clarify that, I am workaholic but not CRAZY! lol
Take care all! Always maintain that smile! :D


  1. oooh thanks for the swatches,my tita told me to get some paintpots for my eye primer. :) hehe i was actually too tamad to drop by mac to try them myself..hehe good thing you did :)

  2. You finally boarded the Paint Pot train - welcome!

    But seriously, my HG base is Bare Study (do you have that one? I don't see it in the pictures). It is the perfect match to my skin colour (or lid for that matter), and adds just enough shimmer to brighten up any eyeshadow. I also have Perky and Layin' Low (I believe both are from the Fafi collection).

    I'd thought about getting Moss Scape (I love green!), but as you will no doubt find out for yourself, a pot lasts forever, so I'm covered with the three neutrals I have.

    Have fun with your new beauty toys!

  3. Oh la laaa, look at those pretty colors! I only have a few paint pots b/c I've got crazy crease-y lids. That Cash Flow is hard to find so you definitely got a winner. :) Happy shopping/packing--but don't forget to relax a little bit this weekend, love.

  4. love love MAC pp's too! we got some in common tee hee! i want to get 4-5 more when i return to SG, they're uber gorgeous! :D

  5. paint pots! i love them! moss scape is my favorite one. i like wearing it alone cuz it's such a pretty color!

  6. gorgeous!! have a good trip too!

  7. Miemiemie, I thought it was just eyeshadow base or something but yeah, it works great as primer too, prevents creasing as well!

    Liz, yes! i remembered you coz you rave so much about MAC PPs and yeah, no bare study here, but I'm sure going to check it out when i have the chance :)

    B, you are right for asking me to relax, coz I didn't have the chance to relax, a lot of places to go and I just felt too tired this weekend! I had nightmares and stuffs which , technically didn't made me sleep well :(

    Mhean, what's your favorite PP sis? And how much are PPs in Singapore?

    Lily, I love moss scape too, its so pretty to be worn alone with gold shimmer on it!

    Yumeko, thanks sweetie

  8. do you think there's a difference between the shimmery paint pots and the matte paint pots? for some reason, I am allergic to painterly and layin low, but I have no reaction to rubenesque!

  9. Welcome to the world of paint pots!!!... lol~ I love them but I have to put it on top of UDPP or else I'll crease like crazy. :X

  10. Gotta love the MAC Paint Pots. You should also try Bare Study. It's a pretty neutral color with shimmer. Very pretty, I use it all the time. ;)

  11. Yellow Fever, really? You are allergic to some of it? Maybe it has to do with some ingredients they added, I find the only difference for me is the way it shows up your e/s, I find shimmery Paintpots pops out the e/s more while the matte ones make the whole eye makeup really neat and clean and well done :) I'm glad I'm not allergic to any of them (for now) *knocks on wood*

    Alyssa, yeah, you told me about your oily lids..sorry that you have to top it with UDPP, I wear them alone and so doesn't crease on me, thank goodness, what's your favorite PP?

    Bright colored makeup, thanks, you're the 2nd person who asked me to try Bare Study, so I guess that's on my next list :D

  12. i forgot how much i got one of them but i think it was S$33... i will check again, darn how could i forget i just got one for Jheng hehe... my fave is Soft Ochre since it can make any, and i mean any, eyeshadow i have -- be it MAC or other brands -- show up more vibrant and stays on longer. i love Moss Scape too but it's 'cause am biased to green eye makeup hehe. i'd love to get my hands on Artifact and Delft though! and even Otherworldly if i can find one. ;)

  13. I've been wanting the PP's, too. Maybe for my birthday, which is coming up soon. LoL. Thanks for the swatches!

  14. Mhean, let me know if you go to Singapore again! heheh how have you been?

    NicNic, don't worry they are all in sample sizes lol

    Tracy, advance Happy Birthday!!! Grabe one or two? hehehe I find it so hard to choose too!

  15. great swatches! it's helpful to see them compared or close together like layin low and painterly.. thanks!

  16. I love them! can't get enough of paint pots!


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