Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tip for the Day: Storage Ways

I have to say this again and again, I am a late MMU user, a lot of my blogger friends have gazillions of MMU collections and knew all the names of MMUs available across the globe. As for me, I am just starting to get addicted LOL It's kinda good because I have been reading so much good and bad on those brands so I know where to order or what brands are good with what :)

Moving on, you gals have seen my lovely pink pots to home my mineral e/s right? (if you don't remember, just click here)

I wanted my pink pots to be in a nice dust-free environment and I want to carry them around as well. Since SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA) has a huge weekend sale last weekend, I bought this lovely case for my MMUs!

La Familia
(Yo Hablo Espanyol Un Poquito)
(I speak a little Spanish)

**Php 139.75 less 20% paid Php112.00
(from $3.00 paid $2.50)

You can find a lot of these in stores but I chose this brand because the dividers are not fixed, meaning, you are free to create your own dividers!

And here's how it looks like!
Oh yeah I bought 2 of these!
So.....I need some more pink pots to organize my MMUs!

Project time! Yupeee!

While searching for some cool organizers, I had a hard time looking for office supplies or baskets that would fit my "mini drawer" for my back-ups and products that I don't carry along. And I finally found something cool!

I honestly don't know how to call these, but I call them my
They are actually made as drawer dividers for socks and undies
who cares? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta creative!

**available at SM malls storage areas for Php199.75 (approx $4.35)

One Pack comes with 3 Mini fences
You can divide them on your own, according to the length you desire

Create your own dividers just like this

And here's what I did!
I find that I need to buy more of these
As one pack is good for 1 drawer only

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have to let you guys know that I'll be busy shopping for stuffs for my brother in Shanghai. I will be on one week hiatus (I will try to schedule some posts) as I will be visiting my brother (who's an architect in Shanghai) for the Chinese Holidays!
The last time I saw Shanghai was hmmm... 3years ago? I am sure there are a lot of changes!!! Can't wait, and of course, I missed my brother!


  1. I wonder if they have the free place dividers here in the US! I have a box like that but the dividers are set =\ I want one like yours, lol!

  2. I have some storage cases like the one you bought, and they are awesome for keeping all those jars for MMU. I really like the "mini-fences" you got. Haha. I haven't really seen anything like that here. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Have a safe trip!

  3. That's a cool organizer Nikki! I can't believe I'm seeing this...just a few weeks ago you haven't tried any MMU yet. Then Joppa started it all (is that right?), then bam! You're shopping for MMU organizers. ;-) Enjoy MMU!

  4. awesome, I think about getting those boxes like when I go past the fish tackle area..or crafts...have you seen some with the bead jars that come in little cases...those are awesome..very neat to carry around..

    I love the idea of the fences...r those just where you live?

  5. if this were in malaysia, i'd go crazy and buy them! but oh well, i can DIY this. with good cardboards. i think :D

    good tip for me to start cleaning me stuff!

  6. ooh! I like them fences! that should definitely come in handy. I haven't seen them around here though. I wonder what I can do to improvise... hmm hmm hmm

  7. I really like the mini fence! I wish we had some of those here. I have never seen those before. :/

    You should do a makeup collection. I would love to see what you have! :)

  8. Hey ladies! I'm think they should be available everywhere, they sell it on areas for HOME is made for you guys to create squares on your drawer for the socks, hankies or undies. It is made in China, and it's all in chinese writings lol if it's in our country, I'm sure it'll be in everyone's country! :D Goodluck finding them! If can't, well..DIY with cardboards are great too!

  9. so that's how those fence things work! lol. are yours sturdy? have fun in shanghai! that's where my family is from. i've never had a chance to go there though.

  10. Oh WOW
    that's such a good idea.. when you first showed the picture of the divider i was thinking WHAT IS THAT??
    but really clever and neat.. sigh I need to go ahead and organise my stuff now.. it's in A MESS..


  11. uuhhh i should get 1 of those, too! :D

  12. thanks for the tip! i cant wait to get myself one of the fences!!

  13. sis, i saw you bought your dividers from SM at 199.75. Check japan stores or DIY stores it only costs 88 pesos. :D

  14. wow you are truly an organized lady tee hee! i don't have much energy to organize my stash lol. they just keep piling inside my makeup case. hope you enjoy Shanghai! and take care! already missing you so much! ;)

    btw, i got red Titans, 12oz. can't wait to use it tomorrow, wish me luck! ;D

  15. Mini-fence is a great idea for organizing make ups! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I'm always looking for those mini fences but it's nowhere here in Davao so I had to DIY. hehe.

  17. hi lily, mine is sturdy because I have this anti-slip pad below to control it from slipping :)

    purple snowflake, LOL what the heck is the right question! hahahah I would never thought i'd give in buying those stuffs :D

    Ai, Jamie, project time for you ladies!

    Joan, thanks for the tip :)

    Mhean, keep me updated

    Devi and Van, you're welcome

    Vi, really? Not even at SM davao??? give it a try who knows?

  18. this looks so cool! hmmm i need to search around for this now. i just moved to a new room :D need to repack my everything all over again

  19. Pretybeautiful, awwww..repack everything, not cool, hehehe I get so lazy but when I started to organize, I can be so OC it's a sickness! LOL

  20. Ahh I'm all for organising makeup. I get such a kick at looking at all of them all neatly stacked and looking back at me :P

  21. Tine, i can see that you are an organized person! I would love to mess up your stuffs then watch you organize them again :P

  22. I love the mini fences! Will have to see if we have these here in malaysia :-) Great tips!

  23. Gosh... Girl, can you hook a sistah up when Im in town????
    I'll be in the Phils by March, HEY!

    I love to see your collections!


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