Friday, September 26, 2008

A Swap with Aly

When I had my first order at the Cherry Culture, I never thought of ordering the NYX Round Lippies. Until after I ordered, I've seen a lot of bloggers with their hauls of lovely NYX Round Lippies. I am literally kicking myself for not getting myself any.


Well patience has its virtues. And when I say blogging helps you find new friends whom you can open up and talk to about stuffs both of you are passionate about, a very kind hearted friend Alyssa emailed me and asked me if I wanted any NYX Round Lippies. She offered to help me buy some and it turned out to be a swap and a lot more! We chatted over email, I checked on her blog to see what she's into and we decided to do a swap. And may I add, aside from swapping, we talked about anything! We even talked about the differences of our countries and the culture! (I enjoyed it Aly)

I am glad I did!

It didn't take long for me to receive her package, I think less than 2 weeks! Which is unusual for our "turtle" postal office! Anyways, I am starting to love our post office because this is what greeted me early morning! (I took this along with me to the office because I wanted to stare at it while working! LOL)

Here's the package .. Thanks Aly!

And take a peek on what she sent me!

Aside from make-up, me and Alyssa connected because of our love for nail art. And I am so happy to receive the silver and gold polish called Art Deco from LA Colors!!! I also got the Nail art dotting pens in 3 sizes! I have bought one in HK, but it compares NOTHING to what she sent me!

I also got a couple of NYX Round Lippies all in my favorite shade of PINK (as I requested) and a NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige (I am a bit worried on how to reorder as I am halfway my first NYX Concealer in a jar) I've got my first NYX Concealer in a Jar in Medium and I raved about it here

Here's a view of the Small, Medium, Large Nail Art Dotting Tool
(I call it that way but it is really an embossing pen)

A closer view to the tip
More Nail Arts to come!!! Weeeee!

And here are my favorite lippies!

No wonder people are raving about them!

And here are the swatches
For pink lippies lover like me...

A swatch for my NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige

This suits me well, as this is yellow based!

Here's a comparison between the NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium and Beige Medium has pinkish tone to it and the Beige has yellow tone
(PERFECT! Now I have both)

And What are Lippies for with the Lips?

Sorry for the bad dried lips!
I've done all these swatches all at once...
So wipe, apply, wipe , apply

You get the drift? :P

Thank you Alyssa, I know you took time to search for these goodies!
I knew you had to go back and forth to the shop to check for availability on these

I love them!

Thanks so much for such great time and effort!!!


  1. Good morning sis! (mom woke me up to use computer, now i can't sleep). :) lol! the lippies are lookin great on you. why didn't i get those colors???? why oh why?? lol! i wanna go to your place and play makeup. oohh!! the tool looks so nice. great for making dots. :) aly is so nice... really, i don't get some people hating on beauty bloggers, when we are all so nice.. especially to each other! lol. :)

  2. awww this is awesome... why i don't have a swap mate T_____T

    I want those nice little nail art tools too. but i suck at doing difficult nail arts T___T

    some tutorial please? xD

  3. HIHIHI...I had a good giggle looking at all your lippie pictures!!! so cute!!!

  4. That's so nice of you guys swapping each other. I always always wanted these Nail art dotting tool =( I can't find them anywhere, I think I tried few store. But, I didn't check out nail store though, it would probably expensive. Time to play with your goodies :P

  5. alyssa is sooo sweet! :) i love NYX! i hope they'll be available here soon!

  6. aww how nice of Alyssa!!! you look awesome in Rose bud :D

  7. love the rose bud. so so so sweeet

  8. those lippies are gorgeous! i need to start doing some international swapping!

  9. I like most of the pink colors. No matter how many different colors I try, I always come back to pink.

    I tagged you on my blog!

  10. LOVE the lippies on you Nikki! And since you are the nail art queen, I'm sure you'll gonna enjoy the tools! I need to visit your set to be inspired coz I'm so lazy with my nails. ;-)

  11. aww Alyssa is so sweet! The lippies are beautiful!

  12. Alyssa is the best! She got you some really nice things. The NYX lippies are awesome, and you picked out some great colors. Most of the shades I have are brownish. My skin isn't light enough to pull off pink lipstick. :D

  13. I really like Georgia, I think it looks great on you!

  14. Wow, that's a lot of NYX lippies. Aww how I wish I could do swaps too. But then again, nobody wants anything from Australia 'cos everything's expensive :(

  15. Hi nikki! i'm really confused on what shade of the nyx concealer in a jar to get for my undereye circles. i'm really torn between medium and beige. any suggestions? THANKS in advance. :)

  16. Sushiflower, you can give Medium a try if you're worrying about undereye circles, medium has a hint of orange tone to it rather than the beige which is lighter, which may enhance the look of the undereye circles

  17. Wowww I'm loving your nyx lipsticks!! and thanks also for reviewing the nyx concealer in a jar! Ive been planning to buy this but Im having second thoughts! Thanks to you! :)

    I really love your blog! I hope you can visit my blog too if you have time :) Thank you so much :)


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