Thursday, September 25, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Shawill Lip Gloss

(Note: A request from a silent reader - you know who you are, I hope you enjoy my lip product reviews! :D)

I seldom go to the Crossings' Mall because there's always Landmark at Trinoma. Since Landmark was closing up, we passed by Crossings' and something "unknown" caught my eye. Something unfamiliar to my eyes so I got to see what's up right?

I've seen a new brand called SHAWILL, looks like a Chinese brand but it has Korean writings so could be made in Korea. I was quite surprised cause I never saw this brand anywhere. They have a wide range of cosmetics and what caught my eye are their lip glosses. They got more than 8 glittery shades of lipgloss. I asked the lady on their bestseller and I tested it on my lips!

It's not amazing but it looks pretty for it's price! Let me show you how the box looks like...

The box actually is nicely sealed and packaged.
I am impressed with the simple packaging!

Quite a huge lipgloss huh?
Same length as my hand

Here's how the applicator looks like, it's quite long, not flimsy at all
Check out the tiny sparkles

Here's how it looks like when swatched

No base, wiped once

I chose a very simple nude lipgloss so I can use any lipstick under and top it off Well, my bad, I didn't use any lipstick underneath this gloss,
so this doesn't give justice to the lipgloss lol

Facts on Shawill Lip Gloss ---

net: 7g
color bought: no. 11 (vogue noble)
has Korean characters

Askmewhats says ---

  • non-sticky (again using the kiss hubby test)
  • very affordable, costs less than Php200 (approx $4.30)
  • gives out a very nice gloss on top of ANY lipcolor
  • I like it that the sparkles are very tiny and not too visible and unnatural looking
  • the packaging is really good
  • tastes and smell like a car air freshener LOL (but not too strong)
  • doesn't last long, it survived approx 2 drinks
  • to make this gloss last longer, I find that applying the gloss first BEFORE the lipstick made it looks more natural and the gloss lasts longer! (can try this to any gloss that are NON-sticky)
  • always use a balm to protect your lips before applying any lipstick/gloss.


I find that it's not bad to give this product a test, but have to make sure to check for allergies. Yes, some lip gloss can cause allergies! This is not a type of lip gloss you would go gaga for, as I find most of the shades they have are quite similar to each other. I think just one is enough to test drive the product. If it works for you, great! If it doesn't, at least it isn't too expensive right?

Will I repurchase?

No, I am getting a bit annoyed at the scent now! you really have to smell like a car air freshener? LOL I'm sure some of you can take it as it is not too strong, but there are some scents I don't go for! :(

Enjoy gloss hunting!
I would hunt for more if I may!
I love glosses, no one can take that love away from me! :D


  1. sheshhhh u got nice lips!!! and the color of it!! i hate my lips! =(

  2. Nice review there.

    You have to try Bobbi Brown's tube tints! It's now my HG gloss. Not sure if it will pass your hubby-kiss test, but it's definitely moisturizing enough to wear without a separate balm! Am not kidding, my lips were so soft I wanted to touch them all the time! :p

  3. LOL, you're the best. "Car air freshener". That can't be good. And wowsers, that gloss is a big boy. But I'm lovin' the sparkle it gives your pretty pout.

  4. I'm allergic to some lipglosses. Like Estee Lauder's Color Pop (I think that's wht it's called) and Benefit's Her Glossiness

  5. oh no car freshener? that would bother me all day, lol...

  6. Awww look at your cutie lips. Really you don't need lip gloss, especially one that smells like car freshener. LOL.

  7. jesmakeup! OH MY GOODNESS! You really like my lips? I hate them!!!! I find them discolored and TOO dry, but thanks for loving them! I have to love them huh? Lol

    Shasta, sales talk! I find it interesting, I have to take a look at it, thanks dear

    B, *hugs* you are loved *waves!!!*

    Connie, allergic meaning your lips get itchy and super dry and it doubles ? LOL Mine does the same

    RenRen, yeah, well I think guys would love the smell of car freshener..coz they love cars? LOL

    Cinthia, I know!!!! I shouldn't huh..but i am a sucker for lip glosses! well look at you, you don't need foundation, but you still use them...are we equal now? heheheh Love ya twin

  8. pretty much!! sometimes I even get like bumps and blisters. ouch!

  9. Connie, have you tried any medication for that? If it is frequent, do have it checked, I have those and Vaseline works for me too! The one in tube...the medicated formula! take care


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