Thursday, September 25, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Purplish Chocolate"

I haven't played with make-up for quite some time, as I've been super tired everytime I get back from work! As you all know, no matter how short a vacation is, if you've spent most of your time walking, you'll feel the PAIN as soon as you came back to reality, and on my part going back to work at once doesn't help much :(

I've been wanting to play with make-up aside from blogging, that would be another stress reliever for me! I've got inspired to use my She Space Mineral and I got more inspired to use it with the Paint Pots I have! (I will show you guys the sample paint pots next time, which I got from a friend who's so dear to me who helped me out by getting them for me in sample sizes, I want all the colors but I don't want to pay full price coz I won't be able to finish it up!)

Let me show you a diagram first on how I worked it out *Snaps Fingers* :D

1. She Space Mineral in Prince to Pauper - applied in the inner 1/2 of the eye, I dabbed, to keep the minerals from falling

2. Milani e/s in Rich Chocolate - applied on the outer V blending it inwards blending with the She Space MMU (Thanks to Malaysia Friend!)

3. Bourjois e/s in Beige Rose - applied as highlight and in the inner corner of the eye, for brightening effect (Thanks to Malaysia Friend!)

4. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Liner in Blue (thanks to Digital Angel for this!)

Products used (not on diagram) ---

  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
  • Stila SmudgePots in Black
  • Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • Paul & Joe Curly mascara in Black
  • The Face Shop Liquid Foundation
  • Stila Illuminating Powder in bronze as blush
  • Instinct Lipstick in no. 7 (mixed with Concealer to lighten the color)

Here's the final look!

Closed eye shot

Both Eyes Close

I honestly feel my lashes are thicker and TINY BIT longer
As you gals know, I've been religiously using my Ardell Lash and Brow Accelerator
I will do a proper review on this coz it has been months since I last used
(to check out premature review, click here)
I've been using the same Mascara P&J curly mascara

You maybe expecting an "ALL SMILE" shot next LOL

let's do this differently this time :P

Bra strap showing...EEEKKK!!!!!

Anyways, I haven't gotten the chance to play more with the She Space Minerals,
but so far, I am loving it!
Have you been playing with make-up lately?


  1. that's super pretty, i love's soo nice!!

    by the way how much is the whole set of nail art pens thingy?

  2. Pretty! I like purple & brown together! I'll have to try myself :)

  3. MMMM yummy! I love the colors, so warm and fall looking~

  4. Okay this is so embarrassing. I thought your first picture was your finished look! I was like "wooooaaaaahhh" :p

  5. oh i love the looks on you! awesome job as usual :)

  6. Mary thanks so much for the compliment, I answered your question in your blog

    Gee, I'm sure you'll look great!

    Jesmakeup, fuzkittie, thanks girl!

    Tine, you crazy lady!!! You just came back from a vacation and you got too excited! LOL I wouldn't dare look like that! LOL

    Ai, thanks sis for complimenting, you gals are giving me to push to work out those colors, thank you!

  7. Ohmigoodness, I looove this! You look divine in purple eyeshadow! I actually haven't played around in purples in awhile either. I gotta think of something for FOTD Friday. Yikes. Muah!!

  8. I think this is the first time seeing you without a smile. You look good both ways... hehe~

    Yeah, they make the soup for pregnant women as well. I forgot about that... hehe~

  9. This is one of my fabourite combination yet! you look beautiful. the eyeliner works is fab too

  10. this is so pretty, i love your blending!

    might i add the lipstick looks wonderful on you!

  11. purple and chocolate - my fave combination! :D looking good babe!

  12. Smokey purple looks nice on you. :)Not on my makeup and for the most part, blogging mojo right now. I just had to share that little "pick-up" story. hehe. Take care.

  13. laveeett, nikki. told yah, dark colors really look good on you ;)

  14. you look hot here sis! :) i'm sure the hubby couldn't keep his hands off of you. yiheee!! :)

  15. pretty combo! I should try that soon. I'm so in the fall mood. Lol. and we don't even have fall here -_-

  16. This is gorgeous on you! I love the color combo and the blending is great!

  17. i love this nik!!! one of my faves!

  18. Sabby, thanks and Happy Friday!

    B, you'll look great in purples and I am so excited for your Friday FOTD!!!!

    Alyssa, lol first time huh? There's a lot of first times! And you'll see more first times in my I hope not a crying picture though! I look hilarious when I cry! LOL

    Jojoba, dear! thanks for great compliment! Coming from you who does liner perfectly, I am touched! and happy! thanks

    NicNic, *proud about the lipstick* lol I felt so good if I create my own shade! thanks for mentioning the lips! *winks*

    Beetrice, Purple - yam, and chocolate - Bar, I HEART TOO!

    Vi Anne, I KNOW!!!! I got excited reading when i saw a new post from you, one scary guy if I may add

    Jheng sis, and NEUTRALS look good on you!

  19. Shen, Ikaw ha!!! You are so naughty!!! hahaha I wish to see you again! You are so kikayly FUNNY!

    Jamie, thanks dear and congrats again for your 80's look!

    Connie, don't worry *high five* we don't have 4 seasons too! Just Rain and so let's work the looks no matter what the weather is :D

    Gio, sweet girl! thanks for always dropping by to brighten up my day and making my head big with compliments...

    Yummy411, yummyness ! Thanks


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