Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Bronze

I am not a bronzer-user (that rhymes). One reason is, I don't look good with any shimmery powder on my face, it makes me look oily.

But when I received the lovely package from B of Clumps of Mascara (thanks Love) Everything changed!

Let me show you the prettiest thing
The Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in BRONZE

Such huge bronzer!
I can use this on both my face and body!!!

Stila Says ---

Achieve that finished modern shimmer and add warmth to your look with our illuminating finishing powder. Uniquely hand-milled and then baked, the powder provides a beautiful smooth silky application. Each rich shade is developed to be worn on all skin types, and the bronze is beautiful on more medium to deeper complexions. This particular shade was a hit on our previous collection! Simply sweep over your favorite foundation or just on its own for a gorgeous glow. Destined to become your go-to product every morning and a must-have for mid-day touch ups!

Askmewhats Says ---

  • Works on every skin color! (I've applied this on most of my friends)
  • the shimmer is just right, making it looks natural
  • definitely creates a nice radiance
  • long lasting
  • not available in the Philippines
  • if only they can improve the packaging, they can do better

In my opinion, if you own this bronzer, you don't need to buy more as this lasts a lifetime! on some days, you can apply this over your body to create a nice glow both your face and body. I like this product as it works well on all skintones.

  • Dust lightly with a brush, tap it first then lightly apply this over your cheeks, and forehead for a sunkissed look
Will I repurchase?
I'd LOVE to! In other colors

Visual Presentation

I've used my "now favorite" brush MAC 187

Do you use bronzers?
I don't, this was my first!
And I'm glad it was a great "first-time" experience LOL


  1. Oh la laaa. How pretty is this on you! And you're a genius to have applied it with the 187. The airbrush application is just hotness!

  2. This looks similar to MAC nuance. Wonder if they quality are the same. You look wonderful, twin! Missed you.

  3. love the skunk brush! So fast to apply liquid products!

  4. oh it looks pretty on you ate nikki :) i used to dislike bronzers, but now i love it :) it makes us look glowing but more like in healthy way :) and it makes the face look slimmer too..hehe

  5. oh that is sooo pretty! i think imma get one! :)

  6. looks so natural. i have tht stila all over shimmer, but it is too shimmery and silverish, and it looks oily on t-zone :(

  7. Oh, pretty! I think I wanna get one too...

  8. Ah!!! I now seriously want a stippling brush!!!! I want!!!!!

    You and Isabella always tempt me! :p

  9. oh! and i forgot~

    elianto has a baked blusher in Bronzy. pretty colour too! it has some light gold shimmers. :D

    i say a good dupe of stila, though I dunno if compare, how similar are both and how different are they~

    but for ppl like me on the hunt for good cheap stuff, i'd say elianto is quite alright for the price!

  10. i think i don't look good in bronzers T________T...

    makes me look weird. i donno why. perhaps its cause i do not know how to apply them T________T

  11. I like that bronzer on you! Very glowy~

  12. I realized I didn't answer your question. It has blue sparkles in the lipgloss.

  13. I agree. Less is more. If you ever tap a lot of products, dab it first on your cleavage. :) lol! that's my trick.. love the bronze look on you sis!! :)

  14. Nice glow the bronzer gives you! I use L'oreal, nice n cheap :P

  15. wow i can definitely tell the difference, you look great!

  16. B, thanks dear! I really love this!

    Tracy, thanks sweets!

    Twin!!! I have never tried MAC blushes would you believe that??? That's why I can't tell with the quality of this and the MAC ones! I missed you too twin!

    PMG, I so love the skunk brush too! I've been using it everyday! But I am washing it every night too! :( lol

    MieMieMie, how have you been? I am not a lover of bronzer, but this really changed my mind

    Sab, I saw your skin!!! You'd look great with this! It'll suit you I'm sure!

    Prettybeautiful...maybe try not to apply all over your face then! Too bad if it looks oily on you right? I hate that too!

    Alyssa, thanks sweet!

    Irenelim, what do you plan to get?

    Plue, thanks for the chat this afternoon, go and get one :) And I've seen Elianto's baked shadow, but I haven't bought any, so...are you trying to tempt me too? hehehe

    Agnes, I'm sure you'll do well on bronzers...give it a try

    Fuzkittie, thanks sweetie

    Shen! SIS! You are sexy !!! You tap it on your cleavage huh? That is your secret why guys go gaga over you?

    NicNic, hey sis! Thanks for the compliment, how you feeling? It's raining here like crazy, hope you have a good weather there

  17. Hm... wasn't quite in my mind to tempt you, but now that you mention it, OH YES! me is tempting you!

    it's cheap, rm18 here. way cheaper than stila. the pigmentation is quite good, i think i shud do a proper review. this is my one and only bronzer. ehehehe~

  18. It looks great on you!

  19. Snap! I'm just starting to use bronzer too. I'm sick of people telling me I'm too pale, so I figured a little bronzer is good for that healthy glow. I'm still searching for one that won't look "dirty" on me though. Btw, this looks GREAT on you. So natural!

  20. Glad you're liking the Stila Bronzer! That was my very first bronzer and I still love it now. My only qualm would be that it's slightly too reddish to be used on the T zone so I only stick to the cheeks. You should check out e.l.f.'s healthy glow bronzing powder. The shimmers are even more finely milled! very pretty and only 1 USD!

  21. i barely wear bronzer, but only cuz i can never find the right shade! lol

  22. Plue, how dare you for tempting me!!! :D hehehhe

    Gio, thanks

    Missmall, maybe find one that's not too shimmery on you, too much shimmer will make you look oily an dirty, happy looking!

    Connie, great for you, ELF here are sold for USD2.00 hahaha and I think they sell old stocks here, I bought one that smells like crazy and I returned it and they opened a new one and it smells the same!!!

    Lily, well anything brown, even matte would work great!

  23. it's fun to tempt each other! :D

  24. Plue, just for you to know, i have STRONG will power ...*ahmmmmm* *uhmmm* (meditating pose) LOL

  25. Nikki darling,

    put it in wish list~ then when you find that you can't resist, you can go back it! :D

    hohoho~ same goes for my CS brushes!!!

  26. PLUE! LOL You know i do that! Put what I love on wishlist then if the sale comes along, PURCHASE!!!!! LOL Goodluck to both of us for the willpower! Great Friday dear!

  27. i used to be a bronzer addict lol now i have switched to blush, reason why my Guerlain Terracota is frowning at me. lol. TBS bronzers are great too, especially if you are on a budget. Nichido is a good try too but it budges easily, well it's dirt cheap. for me the best i've tried yet is Guerlain's. if i get back my bronzer mojo back, i might give Stila a try. ;)


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