Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: French Tip Disneyland

It's nail art tutorial once again!!! I have cut my nails short because I've had one pointer finger nail chipped because....well read this out, this is a crazy story! LOL I bought a lot of goodies for my family and they all have tag prices on each item and I haev to remove them one by one! LOL AND the final straw would be me removing the sifter sticker from the EDM samples..and whoops! It just chipped!!! :( lol

I know, it's NOT important but there should be a story behind everything right? RIGHT! So let's move on!

I've been to Disney and I've been having the Mickey/Minnie Mouse on top of my head all the time! LOL I loved Minnie Mouse' skirt! I saw her wearing a clean crisp outfit on my last Disneyland trip! LOL A lot of beauty bloggers like Alyssa has done this as well, so feel free to check her site for her lovely nail art tutorials too!

Step 1:

Paint a base color, this time I chose a very light pink color from ELF (Thanks Toma)

Step 2:

I applied sparkly blue nail polish, French tip

Step 3:

I put a bit of white polish on a dish, using my "dotting pen", slowly dot the white polish on top of the blue French tip (You can see yellow polish on the dish, I tried putting it on but the color doesn't show up on the dark blue ....lol trial and error definitely!)

Step 4:

You don't have to make it perfect, you can count the dots you want but I prefer to have it imperfect! :P

Step 5:

Swipe a gold polish (or any polish color you would like) just below the Blue French tip to liven-up the nail art

Step 6:

Wait for a couple of minutes for the nail art to dry, top it off with a clear polish to protect the nail art and I've used Sally Hansen Kwik Dry as well to speed up the drying time

Let me show you what I've done for my toe nails!
Same concept different colors!

Introducing, Mickey Fingernails and Minnie ToeNails!

Life is too short to worry about imperfection
Just do whatever you want to make you grow!
and be happy!
I'd love to do these til 80 yrs old!
I want to be a cool grandmommy LMAO!


  1. mickey & minnie, thats super cute

  2. It definitely looks like Mickey and Minnie Mouse... hehe~ Did you get the tool recently or you had one *confused*?

  3. Jnie, thanks sweetheart :)

    xjudyx, polka dots actually is the easiest to do with nail art :) Give it a try!

    Alyssa, LOL don't get confused, I just bought it in HK, I saw that at a Bonjour shop..or was it Sasa? yes, it's sasa, its small so I kinda forgot about it..so I didn't blog about it! LOL but yeah, recent purchase :)

  4. aww nikki! that's super cute! your toes reminded me of minnie mouse! she's my fave. hehehe.

    now, i miss disney land!!!

  5. they're so cute and pretty! :) I can't do french tips... I can't "draw" straight lines using nail polish lol

  6. I LOVE your nail tutorials! This is my favorite so far!

  7. Ooo this is to cute. I need to find some of those nail art pens so I can do this too. :)

  8. Sab, do take a break and go to HK Disneyland, that's the nearest! hehehe and if you love Minnie, you'll love her outfit! So crisp and new and so red!!! I LOVE it, I just want to grab her skirt and wear it! LOL

    Erica, me too!!! But with patience and "no talent" you'll manage, french tip TRUST ME, is my WORST enemy!!!! I've been trying to do that since COLLEGE and it has been almost a decade! LOL

    Toma, thanks to your ELF, i was surprised this light pink came out so nice!!!!

    Lydia, i believe a lot of nail online stores sell that in the US. Do a bit of search, they are caled Nail art pens!

  9. so so so cute!!! nikki i really salute your creativity! btw, how do u find time to do nail art?

  10. Your fingers and toes are so cute!

  11. Ooo cute! I love nail tutorials even though I'll never have the patience to do them myself. :P But it's good to see how creative others are. :D

  12. My hands and feet say "hi". Ohmigoodness, I love you to death! How beautiful is this?! Ohmigoodness....if only I had the patience and a steady hand. Wanna come do mine? Pleeeease. :)

  13. your nail arts are always cute and creative! love love it! :D

  14. really cute patterns! I've been lurking around for a while :D Great blog!

  15. Your nails are so cute!!! You're so creative.

  16. how pretty! ahh! i want you to do my nails!

  17. Prettybeautiful, I usually do nail art during weekends! Sundays! hahaha If I know I'll be staying home, I'll take time to clean them, then do the polish, it doesn't take long, coz I don't care if it's not perfect :D

    Tracy, thanks, it's the first time someone finds my fingers and toes cute! thank you!

    Missmall, for the love of beauty, we do everything we can! hahaha

    Iya thanks

    B, in a heartbeat, I would love to do your nails!

    Mhean, thanks dear, how are you feeling today?

    Renren, thanks dear

    Dao, hey, nice to see you here! thanks for leaving a comment

    Gio , thank you for always leaving sweet comments

    Van, I'll do everyone's nails and we'll just laugh coz I'll have shaky hands, coz I'll be pressured! LOL

  18. Wow, lovely nail arts! I wanna try that too.

  19. Irenelim, go give it a try! I'm sure you can pull it off

    Thanks Nic Nic, they are too short because I had to cut it! :(


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