Monday, September 22, 2008

She Space Minerals

I've made an order from the She Space Minerals when I saw the Makeup Masala blogged about this. What caught my attention about their minerals aside from being great with color ranges, but also the way they name their products!

They call this e/s sampler the Complete Cinderella Samples Collection which was a special for August. The total amount is USD18.00 plus I have to pay USD2.00 for shipping (which ain't bad). The total of USD20.00 (approx less than Php1,000)

I made my order and paid for it via Paypal last August 13th and I got the package more than a month after, I don't mind though, coz they have written in their site that it will take them time to deliver the orders, at least, they told us in advance!

Anyways, here's what I got ....

And here's all 38pcs e/s sampler all laid out

And I just did some random swatches for you pretty readers to see
Just check out their names, too cute!

1. Dragon Breathe
2. Seven Little Men

3.You Cheat I win

4. Be the Fairy Tale

Closer view
(swatched once without base)

I'll be doing some looks using some of these pigments!
They are mostly shimmery,
I don't mind having them in my collection, so pretty!
Definitely Fairytale-like!


  1. you gotta love The She Space, right? i love the names as well. but i heard that they've stopped the Cinderella Collection.

  2. Wow, congrats! You finally got your TSS pigments!

    Try Aromaleigh too, I'd love to hear your reviews on those awesome pigments too!

  3. Wow, that's A LOT of lovely colours. I'm intrigued by Dragon Breathe. I think I'm going through a gold-bronze phase. :D

  4. wow so many colors...and i love the name!

  5. wow, that's a lot of samples! The colors are beautiful and I love the names too!

  6. I've been so ghost, chica, but I'm back! I looove these colors on you. I have heard great things about She Space!

  7. Ai, you are right, I've checked their site and I don't see the Cinderella Collection no more

    Shasta, I am afraid to try more MMUs lol but yeah, i'd love to!!! Thanks for the reco

    Missmall, WOW girl! I've just been to the GOLD phase, I was crazy with golds and I told myself I have to find the RIGHT GOLD! lol and yeah, found it on pigments!

    RenRen :) that's what triggers my interest the first time :D

    Gio, are you into MMU samples?

    B, no worries, I know you are always sending me some luvin', same as me to you!!! *hugs*

  8. You got them ALL?!?! I'm so jealous. I think I ordered only about 7 of them and have only tried a couple so far. Can't wait to see your looks!

  9. i plan to get some from them as well. i just opted to get from AL (Aromaleigh) first since sis Aileen can't stop raving about them! :D

  10. Toma, I didn't know you just got 7 of them, I bought the whole Cinderella collection coz I find it cheaper that way!

    Mhean, now, I have to try Aromaleigh, coz everyone's raving!


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