Monday, September 22, 2008

HK Food Tripping

HK is not only a shopping haven but a food haven as well! I love the food they serve and everything just tastes amazing!!!

I haven't had the chance to write down all the food places we visited coz a lot of times, we ended up looking for food then eating them all at once coz we are starving!!! When you plan to visit HK , always remember to wear comfortable shoes because everyone's just walking, and not just walking, everyone's brisk walking!!!

I found myself longing for food all the time because we just burn down the calories just several hours after eating! Let me show you some food porn! I do apologize as I don't have all the names and details about the food. All I know is that the food served it's purpose of making my "5 senses" happy! I missed HK food! I missed the shopping!

Pork Chop Rice from Cafe de Coral

Huge serving of pork chop and rice!!! This can be shared by 2 people, but this served only 1 hungry individual! LOL My sister-in-law!

Cafe de Coral is well known for it's fast service, delicious food at an affordable price. You'll see Cafe de Coral everywhere! Do give this fastfood chain a shot!!!

These are the food from HK Disneyland

Chicken Curry

Barbecued Pork with Rice

Soy Chicken Rice

This was my 2nd time at the HK Disneyland and we had our lunch on different restaurants, all I can say is, HK Disneyland food is expensive and NOTHING AMAZING! But since you are inside and you are hungry, You've got no choice but to eat!!!


When we went to the Harbour City mall (the largest mall in HK). We were so hungry and we don't want to walk far. Good thing we saw a nearby restaurant called Can-Teen. Can-Teen's ambiance is that of a regular canteen but in a Class A version! They serve a lot of Cantonese food. You can choose from noodle soups, noodle dishes, barbecued duck, pork, chicken and a lot of drinks and desserts!

Again, we ordered a lot but ended up taking photos to just 2 dishes! LOL We are a bad food blogger for sure! Now you know why I don't have a food blog LOL

The Barbecued Duck Rice

The Cold Cuts Dish

We also went to the IFC mall, they call this the OUTLET mall with a lot of apparels like Esprit, Giordano, Bossini, Adidas, Reebok, etc.. all on special prices! On the top floor, they have a HUGE food court in which they serve dishes from all across the globe! (well almost)

We took orders from different restaurants and Here's what we got!

Japanese Dish
Beef Katsu with Rice

Macau Dish
Portuguese Chicken Rice

Northern China Dish
The Beef Noodle Soup

Sze-Chuan Dish
The noodle dish with Sausages

Cantonese Dish

Chinese Hofan Noodles

Our flight was at night and we went to the airport without having dinner yet. So we decided to fill in our stomach with HK food galore before we leave the country.

We love Ajisen Ramen both from the Philippines and HK. I've tried Ajisen Ramen Restaurant in China as well and trust me, though they are of the same name, the taste tastes different! I think they cook their dishes according to the taste buds of the people living in the country.

I love the version from the Philippines better :D

Crunchy Boneless Chicken
We don't have this in the Philippines, I wish we do!
I love love love this dish!

Tomato Noodle Soup
This looks spicy because of the color, but it isn't!
If you don't like Tomatoes then skip this! I love this because I love the taste of tomatoes!
I believe we don't have this in the Philippines either!

Noodle Soup with Crunchy Seafood
We definitely don't have this in our country and I wish we do!!! I love the soup and I love the crunchiness of the seafood roll!

Ajisen Ramen Special
This we have it all across the globe!
It tastes the same back home

I've also been loving Okashi Land at the MTR station, we would buy something yummy to put it on our backpacks for back-ups! As in HK you need to walk a lot and in between walks, we sometimes need the energy ! And these are what helped us survived the long walks!

It was a gastronomic experience! I would love to go back to try more dishes! But of course, I need to save up and work out those buns before I go back to HK! See ya and have a great week everyone!


  1. ooooh everythink looks so yummy! i've only been to HK once :P lol

    I nominated you for an award :)

  2. nooooooooooooooooooooo! i'm STARVING as i'm staring at these photos!!! lol. everything looks so delicious!

  3. OMG... everything loopks sooooOooooo good.. i think i wanna try it all!!! i LOVEEEEE FOOD!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh GAWD, now YOU're making me HUNGRY! LOL those looook really delicious and i love the crisp crunch. it's.... delicious lol

  5. food porn is the best!! i haven't had breakfast yet, but i think i want some rice now. hahaha!

  6. Yeessss, I'll be in food heaven in 3 days! Hahaha. HK has some GREAT food! I can imagine the food in Disneyland being a rip off, BUT I'm sure that the food in the HK Disneyland is still WAY BETTER than the food in the USA Disneyland! Haha.

  7. i have yet to visit hk :(
    man i love foooooooooood

  8. wow! that's a lot of food! wahaha!too bad i wasn't able to explore HK restos.we just tried cafe de coral as per your suggestion, and it was good! hoping to explore HK with you and keith and the rest of the barkada. its been awhile since we all travelled together.

  9. Oh the food looks good! :)

    I can't believe as a teacher you never made them cry. It means you're too nice even as a teacher. :P

  10. Tomato noodle soup looks yummy!!! and food trip they should always go together.

    Glad you're back and that you enjoyed your trip

    :-) CG

  11. HK is definitely a shopper's and foodie's paradise! Did you try dim-sum?

  12. Erica, do you plan to go back to HK?

    Lily, food photos are just crazy! same as cosmetics photos, I love to just grab it with my hands

    Jesmakeup, you don't look like you love food! sexy girl!

    Ai, you love the crisp crunch too? Isn't it just amazing??

    Sab, rice for breakfast? Do you??? I sometimes do! Lol though I'm not a rice eater, with these kind of food, who can say NO?

    Fuzkittie, well so true, I wonder how bad the food in US disneyland is...

    Prettybeautiful, make HK your next travel destinatioN!!! but save up!! start NOW! lol

    Gailie, I know~!!! another travel adventure, I enjoyed our travel and adventures in KL!!! I wanna go back!

    Alyssa, nah, I can't make them It's a learning center and you know how their parents are...I just DO Know they want to kill me! LOL

    CG, thanks sis, i'm glad to be back, it was a nice break

    Liz, yes! I had dimsum with hubby's family who lives there, but it was inside a hotel or something and we arrived late and hungry, time to take shots! LOL

  13. Thanks for sharing those wonderful dishes. The food looks amazing! I didn't even know there was a Disneyland in HK! Haha. The food at the Disneyland over here is also over priced and I wasn't really wowed by any of it, but when you're hungry, you're hungry!

  14. Tracy, you're very much welcomed! and true, when you're hungry, you don't care!

  15. this post makes me miss some of HK's tastiest food :D


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