Sunday, October 12, 2008

Askmewhats Version: UDPP Box of Shadows Look

Hello pretty peeps! How's the weekend going? Mine is good. This will be the total REST weekend for me, I doubt if I'll be going out! I've been shopping and walking so much in our Shanghai trip and all I want for now is raise my feet up and rest!

As seen on my previous post I've received my early Christmas present from lovely blogger friend Gracie and talk about excitement! I was able to play with the colors right away! And I LOVE them!

Here's the look that I've done!

And let me show you a diagram on products I've used
and where I applied it on :D

On Diagram: (I've used all UDPP e/s Protest, Smog, Perversion and Midnight Cowboy)
  1. Protest - applied all over the lid except the brow bone area. Also used this as a liner
  2. Smog and Perversion- using Smog to define my eyes and added a bit of Perversion to deepen the crease
  3. Midnight Cowboy - to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes

Finished look

Products Used ---

  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC30
  • Thevi eyeshadow PINK - as Blush

  • MAC Paint Pot in Moss Scape (Thanks Mhean for correcting me)
  • UDPP Book of Shadows
  • MAC Coquette - to fill brows
  • In2It eyeliner in Black
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Nivea Caregloss Clear
  • NYX Round Lipsticks in Jupiter

And here's a smile for everyone!

My favorite poem that I always think of if I'm tired or times that I want to give up!
Thanks Devi for posting this on your blog and reminding me about it!

The Poem is called "Don't Quit"
and my favorite line is....


I know some of us are getting tired in life at the moment...
It's ok to say you're tired...
It's ok to rest..
But it's never ok to QUIT!


  1. You look good with gold olive colors! :)

  2. very good blending.. i dont kno how to do that..

  3. i really like poem you put
    "rest if you must, but don't quit"
    i need to remember that when i study

  4. wooow! very pretty!! i also love that poem..

  5. wow sis you've been rocking dark shadows frequently and it suits you! :) btw, do you mean Moss Scape? and i love the line you said! i am taking my time too but never quitting... *mwahness!*

  6. Nice FOTD, twin!!!

    I'm gonna look for that poem online. I'm so down right now. I need some positive force me off my lazy butt of course! LOL

  7. YESSSSS!!! I just got my haircut. Thank you for noticing! It just meant that you DO pay attention to me :) sweet!!! LOL

    I missed you too!!! but wait! what provacative photo are you talking about??!!! hmmmm

  8. this is such a hot look :) loving the smoke khaki green!

  9. You made me love being your twin!!! Just know the right words to say to make me feel soooo GOOD inside!!! LOL.

    You're not out food tripping today? Y r u home on a Sat night eh???

  10. ooopppsieee, I always get the hours mixed up!!!

    So let me guess, you're hubby is sick because of the stinky tofu! And you're sick because you've smelt it!!! LOL

    I'm home alone on a Sat night :(
    I know, poor me! no one wanna take me out :( :(

  11. Alyssa, thanks :) I am loving Moss Scape PaintPot because of the gold specks it gives out :)

    Jesmakeup, I've seen your EOTD, you do know how to blend!

    YumYumsushi, I have that in mind when I was still studying and its been decades and I'm still using that!

    Dianatan, so true no? I'm sure you didn't quit that's why you passed the nursing exam!

    Mhean :) Nah, I'm still sporting neutrals at work! Thanks for correcting me, I'm thinking about another shadow name when I inputted Moss Green! :) How's Singapore? More shopping? hehehe

    Cinthia :) If you can't find it let me know, I'll send the poem to you

    NicNic, thanks sweetie

  12. how do stila smudgepots compare with mac fluidlines? which one is better for you? i'm loving stila products and i've been eyeing on the smudgepots since forever. :) nice look, by the way!

  13. great job done as always, Nikki! they look so sexy! have a blast weekend, dear :)

  14. gorgeous!
    do share what brushes u used?

  15. Hmm so the poem itself is pretty old huh? Never realize that.. I thought the guy specifically made for me, LOL.. too good to be true.. It's really nice though, I'm glad it can be such an inspiration for some people :)

  16. Luuurve the FOTD. The makeup plus the outfit is soo foxy! :)

  17. That olive green shade is so pretty! You pull it off so well! (Unlike me...) Yesterday I just woke up and got a bit bored, I painted my eye lids olive with a touch of gold...then I fell back asleep...when my roommate was about to get out and saw my face...

    "What is going on!?"

    I am ditching dark color on eyes altogether...

  18. Hi Grace, I don't own MAC Fluidlines but I've used it a couple of times from a friend. I still go for Stila because the Smudgepots is more on gel consistency then it finishes up with a nice "chalk" finish (but not scattery). So worth it!!! I've used it to different people and they all love it! :)

    Ai, great weekend on your side :) take care

    Bittenbefore, sure! The brushes I used here are the Prestige blending brush, smashbox eyeshadow brush and MAC 222 :) that's it :)

    Connie, thanks dear! I never thought of me as smokin' sexy LOL

    Devi, yup it is a nice inspirational poem, we memorized this during my First Aid training and I was doing lunges and sit ups when we memorize this! LOL

    Teeyah, thanks sisterhood! :P

    Citrine, come on! Don't ditch dark e/s YET!!! I've had the same experience!!! I guess it really took time for me to be able to do darker colors..don't give up girl! :D Don't QUIT :D

  19. olive greens look great on you! you should wear darker colors more often.

  20. Thanks for the reply sis! I'll try stila smudgepots soon. :)

  21. Sis, this looks pretty and sexy... It's amazing how many variations of looks you could come up with using this palette ;)

    Once again, you made me proud :) *Muah!

  22. gorgeous! gorgeous! great blending!!

  23. Lily, I'd love to! but doesn't go well with office :D Thanks for letting me know though

    Gracie, sexy momma, thanks for being proud ! :)

    Yummy411, thanks sis

  24. Woah Nikki! *wolf whistle*

    Tres sexy, darlin'! Definitely rockin' that dark, smokey-eyed look ;)


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