Saturday, October 11, 2008

Muchas Gracias Gracia!!!

** Peace Gracie for calling you Gracia! I tried so hard to think of a Spanish translation hahaha **

I have kept in touch with the Glitz-y and Glamorously Gracie for months. We found ourselves chatting about anything that we could think of and just laugh our asses off!!! (trust me, you don't want to know what we talk about lol) I felt so comfortable talking to her as she's a true person...anyways, this is not about rubbing elbows but all I want to say, again and again that blogging is the most wonderful thing that happened to me because I've been chatting with people from all parts of the world and learn so much from them and nurtured friendship with a lot of my fellow bloggers and readers (you gals know who you are)

I have NEVER expected anything but friendship!

But people can be super generous!

I got a surprise package this lazy Friday morning.... I can't guess the handwriting as it was typewritten, I tried guessing who's it from, but no return address... (I felt so stupid coz I should have seen the stamp on the upper right side --- but you can't blame someone who just woke up right? lol)

The funny thing is, I am usually impatient when it comes to packages and I would usually open it up at once! But today is different, I played a mini game and took a shower, had breakfast (took my time) but all these time going crazy guessing who's it from! LOL I should just have opened it right? Can't blame a girl for being.....weird? hahaha (You don't have the right to agree! :P)

I kinda remembered Gracie telling me an Advance Christmas gift she will be sending me, but I would never thought of it as this one as she sent it to me just last Thursday! Oh well, I did a good guess though coz when I opened up the's what greeted me....

I can see the wonderful design!!!

I think I may be right!

I can't believe this! I am finally owning my OWN Urban Decay Palette. We don't have Urban Decay here in the Philippines so reading this from other bloggers and just looking and staring at their photos, and this time, I am touching it!!! I am in HEAVEN! Well Make-Up Heaven!

Gracie is so sweet because she told me this palette reminded her of ME because of the lovely pop up butterflies! Girl!!! I can't help but blame you because I am starting to look like I've lost a couple of screws as I kept on flipping this many times as I blink!

You have to admit, it does look pretty huh?


There's MORE!

The Urban Decay Box Of Shadows includes
16 e/s

2 brushes

and 1 UDPP! (great for traveling!)

my new travel size UDPP

The size of the brushes on my hand

The Mini blending brush

The Mini Eyeshadow Brush

Time for swatches!

All of these are swatched 2x
NO Base



1st Row (L-R) Perversion, Last Call, Grifter, Mayhem
2nd Row (L-R) Baked, Smog, Sidecar, Gridlock
3rd Row (L-R) Shakedown, Roach, Scandal, Midnight Cowboy
4th Row (L-R) Goddess, Shattered, Absinthe, Protest

Gracie , dear Samantha, my ate!
Thanks so much for the early Christmas present!
(You know that you don't have to!)

You know that I'd rather have you coming back home and us meeting each other!
Again, thanks for being so sweet and generous and thought of me when you bought this!
I'll always think of you when I use this! MUWAH :X

An EOTD coming up with this palette! (Here's a teaser) Will explain more on the next post!!! Check back please!

For you, Gracie Girl!


  1. That's so sweet of her! And the e/s are gorgeous. I love everything in the second row. Enjoy the lovely early Xmas present, lucky gal. :)

  2. Holy Mother of UD Palette !!!

    Gracie is so nice, enjoy your palette,'re nice too so you deserve it : ) hehehehe

    and the colors are wow! can we spell g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s ?

  3. noo wayyy u got it!! im soOo jealous! the colors r beautiful! i want it! r the brushes good and soft?

  4. aww that's really sweet :)
    haha i don't have urban decay anything either

    pretty pretty pallet for pretty pretty girl :D

  5. Omg thats so nice and awesome! I love your nails too!

  6. oh wow! Urban Decay! i'd do anything just so they'd be made available here. haha!

    the butterflies are sooo pretty! and so is the look! i can't wait to see it up close!

  7. you have purrfect skin! nice makeup too! green suits you well :)

  8. It's a pretty palette! Convenient to bring around too!

    I can't wait for UDPP new packaging though :P

  9. thats an awesome palette! she's so sweet and the butterfly looks cute! aaww! have fun with your butterflies Nikki :)

  10. Awww...look at the packaging of that palette. Yes, it does scream your name. SHe's totally right about that!!!

  11. Oh, sis Nikki! You look absolutely gorgeous on the look you came up with... You make me proud :)

    Love ya sis!

  12. missmall :) They are all pretty! and I am not asking for anything more with those wonderful gifts from friends !

    Fuz, indeed it is :) and i love it that they make it look so pretty!

    Nanzy, thanks sis!!! :) I am touched ...really for someone to think of me!

    Jesmakeup, surprisingly, most free brushes doesn't work well, but for this, I've used the blending brush to create the look and the eyeshadow brush is lovely as well, its not too short and not too long, just the right travel size :)

    Yumyumsushi, thanks for sweet words, the only Urban Decay product I've tried is their Primer potion, never tried their e/s so this is something refreshing

    Lydia, thanks! :)

    Sab, dont' worry, lol I had the shots up close, I did the blurry photo on purpose :)

    Mary, thanks, I am surprised green is the color that compliments my skin, I really try to make pink suits me, but it really can't! hehehe

    Plue, you have your UDPP already!

    Ai, I am definitely enjoying this palette

    Melur, thanks.

    Cinthia, awww..screams my name huh! Anything cute-sy really screams my name! I am into cutesy stuffs

    Gracie, thanks sis! I'm glad you're proud THANK YOu again

  13. Awww it's really nice of her! You look fab too, btw I was wondering what top you are wearing on the FOTD. Love the gold studs :D

  14. Devi, it's a halter top from People R People :) it's a famous brand of Clothing here in the Philippines :) Thanks for loving the outfit :)

  15. the palette is so gorgeous!! and great FOTD! very sultry ;)

  16. awwww...gracie's so sweet no? that's a lovely gift, sis...enjoy! :)

  17. Aww sweet! That's real nice of her :)

  18. this blog made me wanna grab the book of shadows volume 2! hope the e/s are great! so excited for my own book! ^.^


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