Friday, October 10, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial : "Space Aged Purples"

Ohh it's been some time since I last posted my nail art tutorial! I am excited to do nail art as much as I can but as most "nail art" enthusiast out there, it gets to be frustrating at times to think of designs! I know a lot of you think that doing your own nails is me ...IF I can Do it, you gals definitely can!!!!

You know why?

I'm not good at drawings!
I have shaky hands
I can NEVER draw a straight line...
And I always do everything IMPERFECT!
So to you gals out there who wanted to try this, I would say GO AHEAD!
You'll be surprised at how good it all comes out! :D
Or if it isn't nice, it can still make you happy!

Ok, let me cut the speech short LOL
I've chosen another color, I call this the SPACE Age Purple because it isn't the usual purple that's too dark, but it isn't too light either, it is very "Teenage-y"!

Step 1:

I've used Caress Nail Polish in Purple!
They came out with all the cool colors like hot pink, orange, greens and purples!
I applied 3 coat of this, YES 3 coat to show up the color!

Step 2:

Do a French tip. Feel free to choose any color that you think would work well on purples. I've chosen white. You can try pinks, greens etc...

It'll look like this!
If you look closer, the French Tip ain't perfect.
Again, WHO CARES? :D

Step 3:

Using a light pink nail art pen, create dots irregularly or uniformly, whatever you want. I've drawn a design on the photo for reference.

Step 4:

I always wanted the thumb nail to be a bit different. Aside from the dots on Step 3 above, I've added a big flower, again using needle to extend the flower to create a more natural petal. Then put "irregular sized" dots all over the nail.

Step 5:

I've always wanted the "bud" to pop, I've used a yellow art pen and formed a big dot.

Step 6:

Continue creating colors by dotting the yellow pen on the space between the pink dots

Step 7:

Since we're all about colors, I added another dark green dots on more spaces between the pink dots!

Step 8:

Check back your hands and see what's missing. I wanted to add more sparkle to my nail art, so using the Art Deco Sparkly Silver polish (Thanks Aly) on top of the white french tip

Step 9:

Wait for a couple of minutes for the nail art to dry, top it with a clear nail polish to protect your nail art design.

Space Age Purples!

Have you been painting your own nails lately???
Give it a try! :D
I know some did and they loved the resuilts! :D


    im goin to paint my nails soon... for halloween! ill post pix up of that =) hmm... but other than that no i havent been paintin my nails i have long nails too! but im tryna keep them long =) hey! dont worry i have shakey hands toOOo..... it sucks!

  2. Wow!
    That is gorgeous!
    You are very talented.

  3. I love the purple too! You are a PRO!

  4. that is too cute!! i love me some purple anything!!

  5. That is so pretty, twin!!!! You're getting very creative I see!!!!!!!! HEHEHE

  6. Lovely! I think this is one of the more wearable ones you do for every day. I love the purple with French tips. :)

  7. this is inspiring! hmmm me havent been able to paint my nails since i don't have a table since i moved my room =/ but my table will be coming soon! :D

  8. Its so pretty!! Purple is becoming one of my fave colors!!!

  9. so pretty! you're incredibly diligent with your nail-painting. I suck so bad at it thus I hardly ever have painted nails. Lol.

  10. laveeeettt. im gonna try it soon, sis..i dont care if they give me stares here in the office while i am wearing that with my business attire lol! u are so galing!

  11. That one came out really nice! :)

  12. my fave nail art u have done i will try it thanks so much

  13. Okay, this is my favorite!! You can't draw a line but you can create theses beautiful designs? Girlfriend, you are amazing! Have a great weekend!

  14. This is incredible!!! So, so, so pretty!!

  15. Niks, great minds think alike!

    I wish I don't have baby nails. My nails are too small for nail art. :(

  16. your nails are really cute, love that purple colour!

  17. I don't do nail art on my own cos I'm not really patient in person, he he he... You're doing great! They're so lovely indeed.

  18. Jesmakeup, yes! I can't wait to see your Halloween inspired nails! :)

    Mrs. Zeus, thanks :D Have you painted your own nails lately?

    Vanessa, LOL I wished to be a PRO, but I have to do a lot of nails before I can be a pro :) Thanks though

    xjudyx, I love anything PINK, but purple could be next :) Is purple your favorite color?

    Cinthia twin! I am missing you!!! What's keeping you so busy?? Well I'm sure there are reasons..hope to see you someday! COME OVER!!!

    Liz, I know! I've been going crazy with all those nail arts and I forgot to be simple at times! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, I can't wait for you to get your own table and paint your own NAILS again!!! I love your nail posts

    Royalmocha, :) can I just ask if Blue is your favorite color? If I think about you, I would say I don't know why don't ask me!

    Connie, I know, I am super diligent with my nails because I type a lot for work and I always ended up with chipped nails and I hate that! LOL

    Sis Jheng, talaga? You've been doing nail art pa din? Y AY!!!! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it! I want to see your nail art!!! SHOW naman!!!!

    Alyssa, thanks girl! Thanks to your nail polishes :)

    Ruby14, thanks, let me know how it goes as soon as you tried it!

    Jnie, thanks girl!

    B!!!! lol I really can't draw a straight line without a ruler, well..french tip is different..its...curved line lol :) How are you sissy? Been busy?

    Tammy, thanks. Its nice to know someone appreciates it :D i'm happy

    Vi anne :) Yes you're right..we both have great great great minds :D hehehe Sis how's everything down there?

    Nic Nic, how have you been? thanks for commenting, I know how busy you are!

    Devi, lol thanks for complimenting, trust me about patience, I don't have a lot of those too! But I guess I am choosy with patience, depends on what ! LOL :)

  19. aww cute! it looks like it's snowing on your nails!

  20. You are an artist, Nikki!! LOVE the cute flowers and extra touches of sparkle and color with the additional dots.

    Can you come do my nails???


  21. Lily, yeah! Snowing, I haven't thought of that :)

    Lilan, I'd love to do your nails!!!! I have a lot of cute designs already on top of my head for a cute personality like yours! :)

    Melur, you're very much welcome :D My pleasure

  22. Yay! It's so fun to see the designs you will come up with.

    My little cousin was playing around with some of my blue polishes making her own fun nail art with stickers too and I thought of you!

  23. Ooo i love purple! I tried this and my nails look so cute!

  24. very nice, I can never do my right hand! especially not as detailed as u!

  25. That has got to be one of the cutest nail art I've ever seen! I can't do French tips to save my life, but that's well done. Especially the little flower, which I really like.


  26. Great nail arts :) I lurve yer works <3 They're awesome! I usually use the ordinary nail polish to put designs but it takes hours for me to do so I'm planning to buy the nail art pens to lessen the work and to look nicer but unfortunately I can't afford :\ uhh :] still in high school. What would be the alternative ?


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