Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Haul from Shanghai

I should be posting our weekend food tripping, but sad to say, me and hubby didn't go out as we were both sick with cough and cold plus fever :( It wasn't a good feeling and we've been taking so much medicine and it's really bad to be sick !!!

Anyways, I will be posting the Shanghai Food Tripping we had SOON! For now, let me share to you a post I've written when I was still ok :)


A lot of you wanted to checkout what I bought from Shanghai. To be honest, I haven't bought ANY make-up from China as I just came back from HK and let me tell you, the prices for cosmetics in HK are way better than China! I have checked MAC, Benefit, Clinique, Laura Mercier, all the lovely counters there and drooled...but I didn't spend a single RenMinBi (RMB) because the products are more expensive than the Philippines!!!

BUT! I wouldn't be permitting myself on going there and NOT buying anything right? LOL

If you know me well, you'll know that aside from make-up and nails! I love anything HAIR related as well! I started Hair-cutting earlier than my make-up mojo! I was only in grade school then when I used a wrong shampoo and had my hair damaged! I've been on the lookout for hair treatment, shampoo , conditioners, just to make my hair shiny and soft!!! Trust me, I've spent too much!!!!

When I get to Watson's China, all the hair-love/addiction in me came back with all the unfamiliar hair products I've seen!

Anyways, one product brand that caught my eye is the brand a lot of beauty bloggers like Plue who's loving her Tsubaki products. Since I can see this product all over Shanghai Watson's. I've decided to go back to my bro's apartment and check on the product reviews for this before I buy this!

I've checked makeupalley and everyone was raving about this!!! So the next day, I went back and bought my own TSUBAKI Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair treatment!!!!!

I bought this in a box and they had a promotion of buying the shampoo and conditioner and get the hair treatment for FREE! Again, who doesn't love freebies?

** approximately $25.00 for all 3! Php1,200

And having a big set of Tsubaki hair products isn't enough! LOL I was at Carrefour when I saw another packaged Schwarszkopf hair product!!! I am in HAIR heaven now!

A lot of hair salons are using L'oreal and Schwarszkopf products and they always charge Big if they use those brands. I have never seen Schwarszkopf products like this here in the Philippines, so why not???

They have different colors for different types of hair. I chose the Oil Nutritive formula for dry hair!

** All 3 products for $14.50 approx Php700.00

I am giving this set for my sister so I do apologize in advance that I won't be able to do a review on the Schwarzkopf!

And this treatment, MINE :)

Another Watson's find! Isn't it obvious that I love hair treatment??? LOL

** this tub costs approx $5.00 approx Php235.00

I love Mentholatum lip balm in Lemon! It's funny how I tend to buy this if I saw them although I still have a lot of back-ups at home and my HG lip balm is Kiehl's No. 1 lip balm! LOL

I have lip balms in each corner of the room, near the computer, make-up area, near the bed! Yes, that's how drying my lips are! So I don't mind stocking up on Lip balms! I started using the Mentholatum lip balm in Taiwan, then I bought back ups ever since!

I've also missed using Maybelline Lip Smooth Lip Care! I've finished only 1 tube of it and I don't know why I never repurchased! I guess because it was finished too fast! LOL

Sorry, my mind went blank on the prices of everything starting here...... (points down)

Of course Mr. Askmewhats has his own "beauty" moment! hahaha We bought 2 facial washes for him! He used both from my bro and he loves it! We bought these the last day coz he just wants to make sure it works for him.....Aaawww....He's just like me!

OXY Facial Wash
(Manufactured by Mentholatum)

ACNES Facial Wash
(Also from Mentholatum)

There's so much Mentholatum products available at Watson's. We don't have the brand down here that's why I got so intrigued and I find their products are quite good!

I also bought Facial Spray from Watson's in BLUE as it is Antioxidant (that's what they say). I've used this because the weather was quite DRY in Shanghai. I didn't have any allergic reaction to this!

I am into TOTAL beauty! So I have to take care of my poor feet too! This caught my eye because I have NEVER used any GEL product for my feet! This is a local Chinese brand from MeiZhiao company. We'll see how good it performs soon!

Though I'm wearing comfortable shoes/sandals, I've bought this for the "extra" care. I bought 2 of these, one for the balls of the feet (sorry no photos, I used it the moment I bought it) and the one called Heel Shields (Photo below)

And of course, I bought so much food related stuffs from Carrefour! Can you believe we have one FULL luggage of just FOOD? *Oink Oink* hahaha We love grocery shopping and obviously we LOVE food!

Sorry this post could have bored some of you to tears! LOL
But a buy is still a buy!
And I honestly think they are all Good Buys!!!
Do you love hair treatment as much as I do?

Want to check out what I've used in the past for my hair?
Smile and click
"All About Hair"


  1. whoa! this aint a mini haul at all! haha!

  2. now me has to be in luv for hair treatment too! have been chemically treated my hair too much, payback time!

  3. mini haul ba yan ate nikki! hahaha yes nageenjoy ako mamili dito kasi mura..haha minsan sobrang ang tipid ko na ayoko gumastos kahit na ang mura na sobra..hahaha :)

  4. I spend on too much for my hair too. Problem with mine is that it doesn't improve a whole lot. still frizzy and dry!

  5. Wooooo I LOVE Watsons, hahaha. Agh you making me miss Taiwan!!!

  6. your nails are cuteee!

  7. wow! hair products. :) it's been a while since you posted one. the haul is not mini at all noh! :) love love the the products! all of it!! :) hope you and hubby are feeling much better na. :) happy monday to you!

  8. Ah~ Tsubaki! Yes it's pretty good! Me likey! I have the hair mask instead of the treatment though :P

    And the Schwarszkopf, i have the mask! But not the extra care version... I have to go check. It's available here in Guardians though, and the price is similar to Loreal. And I think the shampoo + conditioner is not available here. Only mask. Weird.

    Can't use Pantene. Does nothing for my hair.

    I always buy hair stuff too! :P Joico is pretty nice! It's under Shiseido right now ^_^ Same company as Tsubaki!

    love your hauls!


  9. Oil Nutritive formula for dry hair sounds interesting. You called this mini haul? hmmmmmm

  10. hmpft!! is that a mini haul??? hahaha.. ate nikki, available ba an tsubaki dito? because i saw one in a japanese store in robinson's manila.. i'll try to go there tomorrow and post it in my blog.. i saw many japanese beauty prods there that might help girls who live nearby.. i also saw tsubaki there and some gatsby black facial scrub (ate nessa did a review on it)..

  11. woahhh that's a lot of stuffies xD..

    please please tell me which one is the best.. the hair products xD

  12. Oh no! I hope you and your husband feel better! I t looks like you got a lot of good stuff.

  13. Ahhh im seeing so much hauls from asia these days. I have a lot of hair stuff from charles worthington and garnier- love them. But I still wanna fly there and try all these brands out. Too bad im in school. I have the heel shields and they work pretty well - no more scraps from heels.

  14. whoa mama you are stocked! i hope you feel better :)

  15. Wow, great haul! Let us know if the Tsubaki works well. I've always wanted to try that stuff :) Hope you feel better!

  16. Wow, sis! So, that's what kept you busy in Shanghai! I don't blame you sis ;)

  17. Nice haul! I'd love to try out new hair products. My hair sucks these days, since I've had to stop using conditioners. I'll keep an eye out for these, since I can't recall seeing these products here!

  18. thata a mini haul? lol! great stuff!

  19. Sab, well, it became mini because I've been in Shanghai for almost a week! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, YUP we need to take care of our tresses! :) We don't want pretty faces with unruly hair right?

    MieMieMie, it'll be funny coz If you finally went back to the States, you'll be hitting your head for not buying the stuffs here coz it's way cheaper here talaga!

    THSG, thanks girl!

    Vi Anne, I know, I've been there too, even treatmetn from the salon doesn't help!

    Fuzkittie, I know! I love Watson's even in Taiwan, they just sell so much Asian Cosmetics!!!!

  20. YumYumSushi, thanks

    Shen, thanks for wishing me and hubby well, we're both getting better, one step at a time :)

    Plue, that's weird that a lot of products we can't seem to find it although its available in neighboring countries!

    Cinthia twin :) Well..well..I don't have the right to complain lol

    Dianatan, Yes, I know this japanese store sa Rob Place, I've been there so many times, yeah I don't know why I didn't buy my Tsubaki there? hmm.oh yeah, I never planned to buy but the packaging done in China was super interesting! Siyempre Plus freebie pa! hehehe

    Agnes, I'll definitely let you gals know how the product goes, needed time for me to use it and see!

    Lydia, thanks dearest

  21. Aprecia, well whatever you got there are great too! :) It's just normal for us to long for products that are unreachable :)

    Renren, thanks darling

    Jen, I'll let you know soon enough, I'll be using the Tsubaki soon, I just need to finish up my TFS Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner

    Gracie, I'm sure you would understand, you're a hair junkie too! :)

    Tracy and Vanessa M..thanks girls


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