Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Gift from a Dear Friend

I've said it once, and I'm saying it over and over again. There's just so many generous people out there! It is amazing how I've met a lot of cool people online!!! You gals know who you are! *group hugs*

Anyways, everybody knows Oct 27th was my 1st year wedding anniversary. Me and hubby went out for a dinner with my family. When and I got into the car, Keith was holding a cake with candle (FYI: he was just holding the candle and it isn't lit) but the car smells like smoke! LOL It was too cute, he doesn't have a lighter so he was trying to lit up the mini candle with the car lighter I guess he saw me coming and was in a to make the long story short, he wasn't successful in surprising me with a candle but he definitely surprised me with his sweetness!

And I thought that's were my surprise would end. When I got home, stressed from work and really tired! I got a package !!! You may think these packages look ugly but for me, it looks like it was wrapped in a wonderful gift wrap :P

Who is this from?

I love it that she neatly wrapped it with a lovely note!

The handwriting is own by a fellow beauty blogger, Beetrice! Beetrice is a lovely person whom I met in the beauty blogging world and she is the author of Beetrice's Review. Bee and I have been constantly communicating on meeting each other one day and of course, she has her responsibility to feed me and stuff me into a FAT Turkey while I'll be her best tour guide she'll ever meet! (I guess I have to be the tour guide first before she stuff me into a big fat turkey coz I'll turn into a big fat tub of lard-y tour guide! lol)

Anyways, one day, she emailed me telling me she'll be sending me a surprise gift because I am smart, pretty, beautiful, sexy, glamourous <----- I'm sure she won't remember she said that, but I her mind hahaha! Seriously, she wanted to send me something to make me smile and be happy and yeah, that's how sweet she is! Thanks girl! I did read her note first before I opened the gift, I am really touched on how much time she took even to write the letter and explain to me why she gave me those stuffs!

Eye Candy!!!

Let me break it down

1. Eye Masks

Purederm Refining Korean Herb Mask, Collagen Essence Sheet Masks in Super H2O and Green Grape, Watsons Rose Water and Watson's Lavender Facial Masks

Perfect timing, I may not be blogging about facial masks but once in my life, I was addicted to face masks and I've been using face masks religiously for more than a year! I stopped ...because...I honestly forgot why I stopped lol Anyways! So this is a perfect timing for me to get addicted to masks again!

2. Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I don't want to use this becuase, it's too cute! LOL

3. Meow Cosmetic Prim & Preen: Primiere Puss Primer Combo Meow Cosmetic Firefly Blush : Flash Meow Cosmetic Ideal Eyes: Lazy Purrl Meow Cosmetic Crystalline Cat: Morganite

Can't wait to try them, never tried MMU from this company

4. Natio Anioxidant Face Moisturizer

Natio Ultra-Shine Fruit Gloss in Cherry

Natio Moisturizing Vitamin E Lip Balm

Natio is an Australian made product and I can't wait to use this. Will be my first time ever!

5. NYX Round Lip Gloss in Deep Red

NYX Round Lipstick in Herades

Who doesn't love NYX??? My first time to try on the NYX Lip Gloss and the Herades color is something different! I don't have this shade yet!

6. Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eye Shadow in Fresh Spring

She things I'm one of the brightest people she knew! Aawww, definitely a color that brightens anyone's day!

7. Magicboo One-minute treatment sachets

Hair products!!! Hair products are my next favorite thing after make-up!!!! I can't wait to use this as my hair SERIOUSLY needs conditioning!

8. Badger Sleep Balm

I do share the joy and gave this to my mom-in-law who has a hard time sleeping!!! She's super happy to give this a try and I would report back on how it helps her sleep at night :)

And the next is the best

She included post it flag notes and she said it reminded her of ME! Because of the dots!



I felt touched that she understood and knew my personality so well! I am dead on colored pens, stationaries, highlighters, POST ITs addict!!! So this is perfect non make-up/skin care related stuff!

Bee, thanks so much for the lovely gift!!!!
I was smiling when I read your note and saw your gifts!
Thanks for putting a big smile on my face!
I'll use them and do a proper review in the future!!!


  1. really generous. reviews ha!:)

  2. how sweet!
    haha i'm an addict with office supplies as well :( haha

  3. how sweet of her! she sent me some stuff last time too :D

    btw, i prefer to refrigerate the crystal mask for a while before putting it on face or eyes, it is as cute as jelly!

  4. natio! haha i used to work next to their factory! this reminded me of the times i would go to the factory outlet and stock up XD

    they are pretty good and they also put out cosmetics under the brand SHE

  5. aww babe, you're most welcome - nice to hear it made your day! :)

    you mean I said all those things?!? haha...ok ok, so maybe you're a mind reader...LOL!!

    will be waiting most impatiently to hear your reviews! *hugz*

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  7. Aww that is such a generous package and I bet you had lots of fun opening it! Its like christmas and birthdays all in one yes? Enjoy!

  8. because I am smart, pretty, beautiful, sexy, glamourous --> yes you are! aawww everybody loves Nikki! now, i'm waiting for the swatch, sexy Nikki :)

  9. Aww that's so nice of her! Hey Bee how come I don't get anything? :P:P:P

    All these swapping is so much fun! I wanna get on it too :D

  10. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I wish you many more to come. =)

  11. that's so nice! You deserve wonderful packages for being so much fun. Happy Anniversary!

  12. One of the things I like to say is, "show me your friends and I'll show you your personality." Of course you have lovely friends! Happy Anniversary, Nikki!

  13. Jamie, sure I'll use them and defintiely do reviews ASAP :)

    YumYumSushi, oohhh upto now...colored pens tickle my fancy, same with colored post its! and those lovely notebooks! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, they are refrigerated too! :) I have my toner in the fridge too! I love it!

    Yumeko wow thanks for the info, really I never heard of NATIO and this is the perfect chance to test on their products..even SHE, I never heard of it :)

    Bee, I knew you're not going to admit that you said those things, but you really did, you were just too shy to say it to me lol I am just reading your mind and I guess I was right! :P Thanks dear for playing along and not embarrassing me! :D

    Parisb, you bet! I had fun and I made sure not to ruin the cute packaging :D

    THSG, thanks girl!

    Ai, LOL you are too sweet, people are so nice to me! thanks for playing along really! hahaha new readers may think I have the world's largest head! LOL I'll do swatches as soon as I can :D

    Tine, I'm sure she'll give you stuffs when you visit her in malaysia :)

    Tracy, thanks for the well wishes!

    Connie, awww that's nice, I like to be called FUN!

    Janine, girl! You hit me on the soft spot! Thanks for saying that, coming from you who is across the globe, it's nice to be appreciated really! Biggest gift ever! Thanks *hugs*

  14. How sweet of her! can't wait for the reviews.

  15. What a terrific gift! I'd love to come home to a package like that. Now you have plenty of work to do, reviewing all those products!

  16. wow, what a sweet surprise :)

    I have no idea why its so popular on the site. I think the cherry one is nice, but not totally sold on it. Rather stick to my blistex or just my cobigelow. but it was interesting how these people were buying them like crazy! lol

  17. Renren, she is so sweet!

    Gio, I'll definitely do some reviews as I go along using them :D

    Smirking Cat, yeah! It really felt nice to come home with a package, and you are right, more reviews!

    Rasilla :) True, I think it had to be a fad :)


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