Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Devil Loves Gold" Nails

This is another inspiration for Halloween. Definitely no ghosts or spiders or any Halloween related icon but I used the color of darkness..... BLACK!

Step 1:

Paint 2 coats of darkness (in my case ELF Black nail polish from my Angel Toma)

Step 2:

Using a yellow colored polish, paint in lines, imagine French tip but you paint the lines in different location. Doesn't have to be perfect and you'll see why as we scroll down.

It'll look like this
Make sure it must be the same as the other hand

Step 3:

Using a white polish, paint in white color just below the yellow lines. Now this reminded me of a flag!

Step 4:

Everything looked flat, so I've used Alyssa's Art Deco Gold Sparkle polish to paint over the yellow polish. (Reason: sparkle polishes covers mistakes and imperfections)

Step 5:

You guys know I hate leaving the spaces, I've decided to draw a quick design on the thumb. Someone like my Hot Pink Fireworks Nail Art look but simpler.

Step 6:

Let dry, top with clear polish/top coat to protect the nail art!


I bought a Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat last week.
I've used it on my current polish,
we'll see if it does make a difference with the way my polish lasts...
or if the base coat will help reduce "yellowness" of the nails
We at the office will be celebrating Halloween!!!
What are you going to be this Halloween?


  1. Those are cute nails!! I love gold~ Hehehe, what are you going to be? I'm going to be a geisha.

  2. How fun and playful!!!

    Yes, like Fuz, I like to know what you're going to be for Halloween too :)

  3. If you added orange, it could be a candycorn for the halloween!!!

  4. Doll, I love it! I have oe of those nail art sets, I'm gonna do my nails and show them in a video:)

  5. That would of been so cute!!! Candy Corn nails!! Do them in Orange, Yellow, White.... cuuute!!!

  6. Fuz I would probably be a full time WHORE! LOL

    Twin, what are you going to be...we are doing a simple costume Halloween party at work and we thought of doing something "NOT" in our personality, so definitely a WHORE! LOL

    Nabi and Tia, you girls read my mind, i wanted to add orange right from the start but I don't have an ORANGE art pen :( I have to look for that color!

    Fashion's Darling, thanks

    THSG, yey! I can't wait to see yours

  7. Gosh that black polish looks wonderful alone on your nails. You can rock any color. I love love looove this look!

  8. wow! the colors look bombastic! btw, i think using a good base coat really makes a difference, my nails don't turn yellow after i wipe the polish off

    p/s: i need to find time to paint my nails too!!!

  9. i love black nail polish but alas cant wear it for work
    will wear some over the long weekend holiday

  10. oh how cute... ur really good at nails =) ima paint my nails 2m... =P gettin ready for halloween.. u have any plans?

  11. HOW CUTE!! you are so creative with nails, and I love how each nail has a different design!

  12. oh i have to learn from you how to make those nails SUPER CUTE! now my turn, hats off to you my nail polish master :)

  13. B, true, I was surprised the black polish looks fine! That is one polish color I've never tried and I'm glad I did :)

    Prettybeautiful, so true! I haven't been using base coat and I've seen my nails turning yellow, so Base coat..I'll be loyal to you!

    Yumeko..really? No black polish for work? If you don't mind me asking,what's your job?

    Alyssa, thanks :)

    Lily, gold is lovely on nails! I know!! I am loving golds too!

    Jesmakeup..ohhh our office celebrated Halloween quite early, I just came back from a Halloween party and it was simple yet fun! :)

    Audrie, I'm glad you liked it :)

    Ai, lol trust me, a lot of masters out there will be complaining, I'm no master, just someone who just like to paint and design nails...zoom in the photos...DEFINITELY NOT PERFECT :) So you can do yours girl!

  14. i think the base and top coat will def make a difference...i think for halloween all i'm doing is carving a pumpkin with my boyfriend and watching whatever is on tv!

  15. This is so cool, I love it!

  16. i can't wait to hear about the sally hansen top coat

    im in dire need of a base and top coat and i don't want to dish out above $5 XDDD im so cheap haha. since these sally hansens are like $2-3, i'd really love to know if it helps! I always get chips AND major fingerprint marks ALL over my currently using some random clear nail polish..whether it's top coat or not, it's apparently not doing the job XD

  17. Renren, no parties? hahahha Yes, base coat helps a whole lot!

    Gio, I'm glad you liked it!

    Ichigobunnie, I will do a review ASAP. I don't want to dish out a lot of money just for a top and base coat, but since Sally Hansen doubles as TOP and Base coat, I gave in and give it a try. We got cheaper alternatives here, I've tried those and it doesn't work. Check back on my Sally Hansen review soon! :)


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