Saturday, December 6, 2008

Askmewhats Version: Christmas Red & Green Look

Hi everyone!!!
A couple of days ago, I did a very simple Christmas-y look called Holiday Green and White
I enjoyed doing the Christmas look and I did say I will try to do more of these!
A dear blogger/friend Tine challenged me to do colors of Red and Green....
Tine, this look is definitely dedicated to you! :D

Here's what I came up with! Christmas Reds and Greens

A diagram on how I achieved the look

First things first, I prep my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion

It's on a different jar because I've done a surgery to my original UDPP tube

Step 1:

Using a taklon brush, pat on Urban Decay Book of Shadow's Absinthe color on the lid area.

Using the same Takon Brush
Pat on Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Green
top of the Absinthe e/s

Step 2:

Using MAC 217 brush, apply RED e/s from Coastal Scents' 78pcs palette on top of the green e/s.

Step 3:

Using the same MAC 217 brush, deepen your eyes by applying Milani's Storm e/s on the outer v.

Step 4:

Highlight brow bone and inner corner of the eye with Bourjois Beige Rose

And here's what I achieved!

Eyes Closed

And here's my total look
Yes, my hair is curled by a colleague
Using a flat iron
Thanks Shanna!

And here are more products used (not on diagram) ----

using CHARM Retractable Kabuki Brush

MAC Coquette
to fill in brows

Cover Girl Lash Blast using Shu Uemura Curler
Stila SmudgePots in Black using CHARM eyeliner brush
Paul & Joe black liner for waterline

Coastal Scents 78pcs palette blush 2nd from left
A baby pink tone

4U2 Lipstick No. 7
topped with Artdeco limited edition lipgloss in Silver

Gosh! I looked so tired!
But I like doing this look! I enjoyed the brightness of red and greens blended together
creating a nice Christmas look!
It's Saturday my side of the world, will do some Christmas shopping!
What about you? Have you started shopping for your loved ones?
Start early!!! :D


  1. this is such an adorable look for you!!! and your hair is too! i prefer this than the red and white. :)

  2. this is a very cute look. perfect for the holidays. (:

  3. Wow this is so cute! I love it! All you need is a Santa hat~ :]

  4. Hey ! You are missing the red hat :P Santa Hat hehe

  5. You look like a Christmas Angel!

  6. JoJoba, thanks!! Coming from you! I really am happy!!!!

    Vanessa M, thanks girl!

    Tina Marie Online :) I think I can go out with this, the first time I thought of the combination, I thought it'll just be for photographing, but come to think of it, I'm ok with it :)

    Fuz and Digital Angel, i will definitely go for a Santa's Hat next :D

  7. YumYumSushi, awww, thanks for saying so! Can you say it again? HAHAHAHHAHHAHA

    Toma, wow! Christmas Angel!!!! That is new!!! Thanks Toma

  8. This is such a beautiful festive look!! I have never tried red shadows before because they scare me!! But after seeing your FOTD i feel like giving it a go! :D

    I love your hair too!! :D

  9. ohhh... so pretty....

    definitely going to try this look...
    thanks ^^

  10. love u in yellow
    do more yellowy looks as i never know how to since my skin is reddish and yellowish

  11. really cute xmas look! love the last pic!

  12. This is soo pretty, it's perfect for the holidays.

  13. Ooo I like the red and green! You're hair looks so cute curly too!

  14. You look so beautiful with the Christmas-eyes!


  15. aww! i love this look! so festive! and i love your hair!

  16. Jenn, I'm glad you like it, I'm scared of REDs too, well I guess it works :)

    Mystiqueen, you're welcome! Can't wait to see your version :)

    Bittenbefore, sure I'll do some yellow looks soon! :)

    NicNic :) Glad you love it! :)

  17. Gio, I may do this for Christmas parties :D

    Lydia :) My hubby loves the curly hair too :D

    Couture Carrie, hey! Thanks for the comment :) Nice to meet you

    Sabby :D hey, how have you been? hope you're not too stressed, I can't wait to see you again :)

  18. I really like this combo! truly very christmasy!

  19. I really can't imagine myself wearing red e/s, but they look good on you :)

  20. By George, she's got it! :D

    You rose to the challenge and kicked its bum, my dear. Bravo on the red and green. I didn't think the two colours would work, but this is great!

  21. great look!!! very festive :D
    some girls asked me to do these red-green look too, so I think I should get my ass around it pretty soon lol

    yours look awesome, and I'm OH so jealous on your UD palette :(

  22. Oooh...I love your hairdo! Very lovely!

  23. Connie!! Girl its nothing compared to those combos you did! :D

    Devi, thanks for the compliment, I never thought I could put red on my lids too! :D

    Aika, sis! thanks

    Tine, I'm glad it worked out ok too or I'll just hide my face in shame!

    Nanzy, I'm sure you can do way much better with lovely eyes of yours! I can already see the look on you! :) I am lucky to have that UD palette, it was a gift from fellow beauty blogger, if not because of her, I wouldn't be able to try it in my life! LOL

    Sesame :D thanks

  24. You look absolutely beautiful! And I just adore your hair.

  25. I'm mega late in commenting but this look it haute! so festive!! eye candy sis. :) your hair looks good curled. iluvet! omg? it that stuffie the one from mario bro??


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