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Askmewhats Reviews: 4U2 Glitz Liquid Eye Liner

4U2 cosmetics is made in Thailand. I've seen them last year available at some malls like SM Megamall, or Watson's. I've been so intrigued with their packaging and the variation of colors available but nothing caught my eye except their lipsticks.

But a couple of days ago, I saw a new collection from them called GLITZ. It's more of a party-look collection and they got glittery eyeliners, mascaras available for the party girl!

I've been into colored liners and I can't help but test out all the eyeliners they have available and swatch it on my hand! :) I got home and the swatch are still in-tact, no smudging!

Top to bottom: Blue, Brown, Black, Green, Gold, Violet/Purple

Based on swatch, I came up with an amateur review on these ---

1. Blue - this is the least pigmented among all, I have to swipe it 2-3 x to get the color, and this is the first one who faded out of the 6 colors

2. Brown - the color looks like CS Truffle with glitters, pigmentation is ok but have to swipe it 2x to get the "swatch" color

3. Black - a very pretty color, pigmentation is good and I am now wondering why I didn't purchase this!

4. Green - pigmentation is good, the color looks wonderful, this color will look great on dark eyes! It'll definitely pop!

5. Gold - my favorite! If I didn't purchase 24k gel liner from the Coastal Scents, I will definitely purchase this in a heartbeat, the most pigmented of all, looks fabulous!!!!

6. Purple/Violet - this looks like "black" on a first swipe. It's more of a deep plum color.

And I purchased Brown because I seldom use glittery liners, I am more of a matte liner user and I want to see if I'll change my mind before I purchase the rest of the colors.

4U2 Glitz Liquid Eyeliner says ---

Aqua, Acrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, anthan Gum, methylparaben, Propylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetage

Manufactured by : Colorcos Co., Ltd. Thailand under license from Bel*Air USA Cosmetics.

Askmewhats says ---

  • color is very pretty and looks natural
  • stays and doesn't smudge on me
  • easy to remove
  • does not hurt the eye, no burning sensation
  • brush is perfect, very sharp so easy to create a thin line
  • the shimmer isn't outrageous, it doesn't fall off to your eye.
  • tears test: I cried when I went to the temple and holy guacamole with the SMOKE! I was in tears and I was so scared I'll look like a Brown Panda, well the liner lightened, but it didn't smudge.
  • for super oily lids, though this is waterproof, this may still smudge on them
  • website is not updated, you can't see much information about their products online
  • if you're in tears: the liner will be washed out and GONE

If you are new with liquid liner, this is a perfect way to try this as the brush tip is short and the handle is short too, which makes application in front of a mirror a breeze. I think some would say this is such a small product, I actually like it this way as I can finish up this product and use it all without wastage. The packaging is really nice and compact, easy to take along anywhere and it looks fab to be part of your make up kit! :)

  • apply gently using short strokes to create a precise line.
  • if you accidentally poke your eye with this (I hope not), rinse your eye gently with warm water.
  • if you're using a liquid liner for the first time, you can apply a line using a pencil and top it with a glitter liner, works really well.
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At selected SM department stores or Watsons. Php234.00 (approx $5.00)

Size as compared to Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

A close up look on the brush

Swatch on both Natural and with Flash
Applied thin and thick

If you're wondering why you haven't heard any complaints from me on "Monday blues", well... I don't have it!!! Not because I'm mature and all LOL It's because I work for a company that follows Chinese Holidays, I don't have work for a week! So it's perfect timing for me to prepare my class for the upcoming Make-up Seminar! So to those attendees, can't wait to see you all!

Wish me luck!
Stay Happy!

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  1. How nice you get a week off! These liners are very cute.

  2. Fuz, thanks! I woke up 10am today! so I'm recharged WOOohhhOOhh

  3. no work for a week! yay for you nikki! you so deserve it! :)

    the liquid liners look sooo nice! imma check them out later at sm! :)

  4. Ooh the green one is preeetyyy...wonder if Watson brought them in to M'sia... *looks hopeful*

  5. Sab, thanks, let me know how you like them :)

    kahani, hey! tell me if it's available in Malaysia ok? I am intrigued :)

  6. No work for a week? Gawd I envy you! :) That looks like an interesting new product from 4U2. Been a while since I've browsed their shelves. Might do that later :) Thanks for the review Nikki!

  7. Oooh these liners look so pretty! Definitely my cup of tea, it's too bad that they're not available in the U.S. :(

  8. only 5 dollars? thats a pretty great deal for such pretty colours~ and vibrant~

    ps i woke up this morning...and am liking the pretty pink polish more...its growing on me :P

  9. lucky duck! i wish i had a week off too lol

  10. Those liners look very pretty, esp the green one. Too bad they're not available here.

    That's nice that you get a week off.

  11. 1 week off! yay! oh i am such a dork when it comes to liquid eyeliners. i love trying them out!

  12. Lootwagon, nah, don't get envious of me, when Philippine holidays come and everyone's resting, i'll be off for work lol Life ain't fair! You're welcome with the review :D

    Audrie, if I find a site wherein it's available in US, I'll definitely let you know :)

    Rasilla, the pink polish you had on is super pretty! You should love it! I can see how pretty it is on photos :)

  13. RenRen, you can have a week off if you want to :) nah..just joking

    Gio, I'm sure there are nice liners in the US that works as nice as the ones from 4U2 :)

    Jojoba, no way, you a dork with liquid liners? I don't believe you! :D

  14. The eyeliners look cool.

    You're too lucky to have a week off. But then, it's good that you can use the time to prepare for the seminar. Good luck on the seminar twin. Take lots of pictures!!!

  15. Cinthia, I am happy the first few days of the "week off" but I'm starting to get bored..lol as Hubby's working as usual...so I don't get to go out a lot :( But you're right, I'm preparing for the seminar and I hope it'll be a success :) Thanks for the wishes sweetie! :) I am still touched with your comment about you attending if we live on the same country :D

  16. Hi, ive been reading your reviews in this blog and it's my first time to comment. I know its out of topic but where can i find the best eyeliner pencil in the market. At least the 5 top best. Do you have a review about it? BTW. Great tips! I always read ur reviews b4 buying the product.:)


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