Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Quicky Smokey Eye" Look

My dear friend Bea of Beatrilicious wanted me to do a tutorial for a simple smokey eye look! She wanted a smokey eye look that's simple enough to be worn during the day.

So I've created a simple and easy way to do a smokey look! :)

Here's my version :D

Diagram time!!!

Step 1:
After applying MAC Cash Flow as base, using a medium sized e/s brush to apply a matte beige e/s color all over lids including brow bone.

Step 2:
Apply Ulta Galaxy e/s on the lid going above the crease. (thanks Toma for this)

Step 3:
Using any big fluff blending brush, apply CS 78pcs e/s palette in gold (Thanks Digital Angel) or any e/s in gold and blend the harsh line created by Ulta Galaxy color.

Step 4:
Tightline using Paul & Joe eyeliner in Black. Apply Stila Smudgepots in Black thinly on lashline. Apply 2 coats of Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in black.

End result :D

And what did I use for the rest of my face? Read on...

For the face

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation mixed with Cover Girl TruBlend in Ivory

For the cheeks

Coastal Scents 78pcs e/s palette
2nd blush color
(hint of pink)

For the Lips

Eyeko Fat Balm on top of Kiehl's no. 1 Lip Balm


Wishing everyone a great day!

I had fun doing this request!
Bei, I hope you learned something *winks*

If not, lol I'll show you in person

Take care everyone
Stay Happy!

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  1. i like how this turned out :) very nice, & not over the top

  2. I like this look alot, not too much but still smoky !
    Who's Nabi by the way, you mean a digital angel ? :P

  3. Yumyumsushi, thanks :) I like it simple too

    Digital Angel, hehehe oooppsss my bad, it just came out without me thinking, girl! I changed it already! hahahaha I can't help it, i like calling you that way :D

  4. awwwwww! you so love me :) thanks for making the look! *hugs* very pretty indeed. i miss you na... it's so quiet here in the office. see you next monday!

  5. Bea, super simple no? I'm sure you can do it!!! I want to see it when I return to work ha?

  6. didi you change your hair style? the bang looks different.

    ok, where on earth can i get that CS 88 e/s palette? i keep looking at it and really want it!

    you did very well on the simple smokey!

  7. Jojoba, yup, cut the bangs :) But it was weeks ago :) CS78 e/s palette is a gift from a friend in the US. But they order it from Coastal Scents :) I have a feeling you've got local sellers who sell them within Malaysia. I'm sure there is, as locally we're starting to have resellers too :)

  8. Very nice smokey~ Very fresh looking, not heavy at all! :]

  9. Girl, you are the De-potting Queen! How do you get those Ulta shadows out of the compact? Love the look!

  10. She is good, but she's even better now. That picture was taken a little over 2 years ago :)

    kk, the smiley faces in the pics to show which colour you used, is soo cute!

    I was worried about the bent liner from coastal scents to be to small, but its just perfect. Glad I did buy it from them :)

    Anyway I like the look!

  11. definitely a wearable smoky for the day!! looks ggreat on you :)

  12. Fuz, you are the queen of natural, and if it comes from you that the look is nice, I am happy! :D Thanks dear! I just finished watching your videos! :D

    Toma, using a flat screwdriver, just pry it out gently! :) You're lucky if you encountered an ULTA e/s single that has a lot of glue! LOL the Violet one is so difficult because they have a big blob of glue all over! The rest are easy! :D

    Aika sis! Thank goodness, finally saw your blog I can't open it for weeks!!!! Now you're back on my blogroll :D

    Rasilla, I'm glad you liked the bent liner, I like the bentliner from CS when I put liner on the waterline, I'm starting to like it too :) Thanks for loving my mini smileys! :)

  13. this has got to be one of my favorite smokey looks! thanks for sharing this girl! I'll try this out for sure. :)

  14. looking great!! you're getting prettier and prettier with ever post!:) did you do something to your hair? color it perhaps? coz it looks hot! :)

  15. i love this look nikki! i'm thinking of getting lash blast tuloy. :)

  16. Shen, yes, I colored my hair :) It looks really brown on photos because of the flash, but it's not that obvious I think in person :) hehehe Aawww...thanks for liking it :)

    Sabby, if you plan to purchase Lash Blast, check if they have the waterproof version, mine is non-waterproof so with our humidity, it smudges :)

  17. I love this smokey look! great job ! this look cool for day time too:)

  18. loving this look. gonna try it tomorrow :)

  19. preeeeeeeeeeeeeety girly!! Love your EOTD!!!

  20. preeeeeeeeeeeeeety girly!! Love your EOTD!!!

  21. thanks for this tut nikki :) love the soft smokey eyes :D def wont scare anyone in bright day lights.

  22. myyy myy... this rocks, nikki!!

    totally wearable.... unlike other dramatic smokey eye i know... thanks a lot for posting this...

    recreating it myy own way sometimes...


  23. Anastacia Park, thank you :)

    Acutelife, hey! thanks! I'm glad you like it and show me your version :) I'm sure you'll do even better :D

    Glow CHaser, thanks for the quick chat :) I'm glad you like this

    Prettybeautiful :) You're welcome, lol I don't plan to scare anyone on bright daylight too :)

    Myystiqueen, hey thanks girl ;) that's a sweet comment :D I'm glad you find this useful :)

  24. very wearable! i like it a lot!

    thanks for ur kind well wishes dear!

  25. that's the perfect daytime smokey eye!

  26. so beautiful! <333 how do yo like that tru blend from CG?

  27. Yumeko :) Thanks, get well soon dear!

    Renren, thanks!

    Vanessa M, I actually love the CG Trublend, I haven't use it on it's own as the color I bought is too light on me, just right for blending, but the texture is really smooth and easy to blend and doesn't feel heavy :D

  28. I love this look! It's simple and very wearable for the day :)

  29. Gio, thanks sweet for putting a smile on my face :)


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