Thursday, February 26, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Benefit Lemon Aid

I've always been wanting to try the Benefit Lemon Aid. I've been searching ebay for good price, found a lot but shipping gets HORRENDOUS! Thanks to Sis Gracie for giving me the chance to try this!

I nearly fainted, when I saw my own Lemon Aid. I've already tried UDPP, TFSI, L'oreal Decrease, etc.. Why am I wanting this? Curiosity and because of it's CUTENESS factor! And I'm in love with the name and packaging!

Take a look how cute it is!

It has it's own mirror!

Such lovely color, I want to eat! :P

The Box is so me!
So Optimistic!

It says: "Turn your frown upside down"
this product definitely made me SMILE!

After all the drama, all the "oohss and aaahhhss", I've waken up from my lovely dream and the Benefit Lemon Aid has to face reality! Lemon Aid has to go through my keen, watchful eyes!

Did Benefit Lemon Aid passed my expectations?
Is it worth my lemming all these months?
Read on!!!

Benefit Lemon Aid says --- Benefit Lemon Aid is a color correcting eyelid primer.

Wake up your eyelids with this warm yellow correcting cream. It helps to hide redness & discoloration on your eyelids. In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky and ready for fun.
Tips and tricks:
Pat on eyelids with your fingertip & blend. Wear alone or under makeup.
Product details
  • 2.70g Net wt. 0.09oz

Askmewhats says ---

  • super cute packaging
  • easy to take along as it fits your palm and the compact is slim (photo below)

  • has it's own mirror, perfect for touch ups
  • brings out a "Wonderful morning! I slept 8 hours" look!
  • the e/s appears brighter


  • for dry lids: you need a primer for easier application as this is a bit dry
  • for super oily lids: you need a primer to prevent creasing, I said super as I find this helps in making your e/s stay and prevents creasing too!
  • slightly dry texture
  • not available locally

Do we really need an eyelid corrector? Well, YES! (in my opinion)

If I apply foundation, I usually apply all over my face including my lids. At times, after concealing my dark circles, I also use concealer on my eyelids. Why? I find that the color of my lids are different from the rest of my face.

Benefit Lemon Aid

Definitely brightened up the eyes, and true to what Grace is saying, she at times wear this alone, I do so too! BUT I find the color wouldn't match everyone! I am lucky I have yellow undertone.
If you want something to "correct" the color of your lids, I do suggest you can use a concealer or foundation BUT you have to apply a base pior to that as it can cause creasing.

Benefit Lemon Aid doesn't crease your eyeshadows BUT the anti-crease power is not as good as UDPP.

  • use UDPP or TFSI, whatever your favorite base first, before applying Lemon Aid
  • I find this is a great base if you plan to use loose pigments
  • pat on the product with your brush or finger, do NOT rub on your lids, "wrinkles" alert!
  • apply Lemon Aid all over lids including brow bone to make your eyelids appear "spacious" :P
Will I repurchase?

Maybe, but this tiny product will last long as you don't have to use a lot!

Where can you purchase and how much?
Benefit website for $20.00 (approx Php960.00) or on ebay

Here's how to color looks like on my hand
have to slowly blend it upwards on your lids

I hope this post is useful to all you Benefit buyers out there!
If you're living in the Philippines like me
and I turned your lemming button on
*smiles sheepishly *
Sorry! lol
Stay Happy! :D


  1. this stuff sounds cool! i always think my eyes look more yellowish than other part of my face :((
    but benefit is so expensive over here... should go check out the price! :)) thanks for sharing!

  2. Arghh, so much for an eye! $16 for UDPP, $20 for this Benefit excluding the eyeshadows! LOL.

    Anyway, just like you, I always use my under eye concealer to correct the discoloration on my eyelids. Simple and save bucks too! :D

  3. Thanks for this! I love Benefit's tongue and cheek product descriptions. Although $20 is a little steep for me.

  4. lol once i get my eyeshadow and the rest of my face down correctly, i need to move onto correcting spots, scars and the like.
    i love the benefit line. some stuff might not be great, but as you mentioned, they package things so cute :)
    glad it works for you^^

  5. I'm glad you posted this review sis. I'm doing my research on Benefit especially since the box of Benefit goodies is already in transit and I hardly know anything about the brand yet...except for their cute packaging! This definitely looks like a great buy.

  6. Thanks for reviewing this Nikki!! It sounds like a great product ya!! i'm glad this actually works because benefit products are mostly either a hit or miss for most people!! :D

    Like you i love the cute packaging too!! so cheery!! :D

  7. miRaCLe, no worries, you can always use paintpots or concealer if your lids are not that oily :D Goodluck hunting, I know you gals have Benefit in Malaysia right? I could be wrong!

    Devi, I KNOW! I guess the eyes really are windows of the soul and we need to buy expensive curtains for that! LOL I'm just joking, but with you, who's got lovely eyes, I think you can get away with nothing :D

    Fab Beauty, sad to say, I've never tried that Lip and Cheek tint :D

    Rasilla, thank goodness it works for me :D

    Lootwagon, I hope everything you bought works for you, as I also heard not all their products are a hit :) Goodluck, can't wait to see your reviews on coming BEnefit products :D

    Jenn, the lemon aid really reminded myself of ME :D Thanks!!!

  8. i have been lemming for this too! hmmm i dont have any eyelid base.. hmm... nikki...NONO! i am not buying anything!!! noooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  9. i looove the packaging and concept more than anything else XD

  10. BeneFit is another brand whose appeal escapes me. I try a couple of their products whenever I pass by their counter here but have never been overly impressed.

    I tried LemonAid before I ever thought of getting a concealer or primer for my eyelids. I felt that it went on a bit chalky. Maybe it's because I don't have oily lids to begin with (and I don't really have dark circles or discolouration around my eyes, knock on wood!), this product didn't suit me.

    But I'm glad that you are getting some use out of it.

  11. Oooh they changed the packaging! Mine is drying out so I might get a new one... :D

  12. I've seen this product in the past and never looked at it... hehe~ Thanks for the review and the next time maybe I'll check it out! :)

  13. The swatch is gorgeous, I'd probably use it as eye colour :D (and not just primer, lol).
    [Adds to wishlist ;).]
    Thanks so much for the review :).

  14. Prettybeautiful, sorry! I don't want this to happen to you!!! But I guess you've been wanting this already even before my review! :D

    Yumeko, me too! that started my "want" for this product!

    Liz, thanks, I would say this is the first Benefit product that I want :)

    Vivi, really? I didn't even know they have this in old packaging! Maybe you can take a shot on it, if you have time :D

  15. Ally, no worries, I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this if you managed to buy one

    Cris, I'm glad my swatch helps :D

  16. Cool!! Thanks for the review~~ You're always helpful! this product even SOUNDS yummy, haha.

  17. Guys! This stuff is available here at the Benefits salon in greenhills beside Contis!!! :) They also sell MAC products that are cheaper compared to the store and loads of other Benefit products. Cards are accepted! :)

  18. Yay for Lemon Aid!! I tried this at Sephora & thought it is a really great product :)

  19. I've used Lemon-Aid before, but like you, I've found it a bit heavy.

    I use Kryolan Ultrafoundation in YH instead, and it's extremely blendable without being thick. (It's actually stage makeup and people use it for TV and film).

    Any yellow foundation will cancel out dark circles--it's a matter of finding the right shade and texture.

    Thanks for the review!

  20. Another cool review which you always doing! Love read your opinion! It's so helpfull! :)

    And again, want to say " LOVE LOVE LOVE " your awesome nails!

  21. haha i never even knew this kind of stuff existed! lol i think i'll stick to udpp

  22. Fuz, I'm glad my reviews are helpful! :) So are yours!

    Ria, thanks for letting us know :)

    Iyah, are you planning on purchasing one?

    Jamilla Camel, thanks, I've never tried any Kryolan products :) Might as well do :)

    From Beauty and Care, thank so much! :)

    Paint Me Gorgeous :) Yes, if you are happy with UDPP, that'll be ok :)

  23. I've been wanting this for the longest time :D And why? Because of the name. Oddly enough, I'm attached to lemonades. And cherries. Anyhoo, your review was so comprehensive it's making me want to buy one. Oh noes. :(

  24. kinda reminds me of mac paint pot is soft ochre!

  25. sounds cool but too dry for me. thanks a lot for a great review once again.

  26. Teeyah, so sorry for making you want this product :( My bad..but scroll up, Ria says they sell it here!

    Ren Ren, yes, but I would say MAC paintpots are creamier :)

    Jojoba, *high five* on having problems with Dryness! :D

  27. Hello sis! Thnks for the review. I found it a bit dry when I started using mine so I used to apply it on top of my Elizabeth Arden eyelid primer. However, as I continued using it it turned out to be quite moist hence, making the application easy... so sis... keep digging hahahaha! I really love my Lemon Aid and as what I've said before, when I'm rushing and don't have time put eye make up on... I just pat a tiny bit of it and I'm ready to go. I used to wear my foundation on my eyelids too but since I've been using Lemon Aid, I've stopped doing it. One thing I've noticed though is that it tend to crease on my eyelid but not to worry because with a gentle pat of your clean finger, it instantly disappears and you'll see that your eyelids would look refreshed. Lemon Aid is now one of my 'must have' items. I wear my Lemon Aid soon as I've finished moisturizing my face just before I wear my foundation.

  28. Hmm I wonder if it smells of lemons ... :P

  29. Sis Gracie, i am still using it and you're right, its not as dry as the first few days I've used it, now I'm getting more and more excited, and you're right, with a minimal crease, I just use my fingers to pat it and it works well :) Thanks for sharing your experience sis :)

    Tine, come to think of it, NO, this doesn't smell at all, hmm, they should make tis smell like lemon right? hahahah it'll be cool!

  30. The packaging & look definitely remind me of TooFace primer. Why would they named it Lemon w/o lemoney smell though. Sux

  31. Sweet Twin, I know what you mean, but it's ok , at least the color Looks like Lemon! :) hehehe

  32. hello there miss nikki i just want to ask where here in manila and how can i have this pretty lemon aid? i really want to try this one and hoping i can purchase one of it.

  33. Hi kath, so sorry to say but there's no BENEFIT down here in the Philippines I do know there are Benefit Counters in nearby countries like HK and Singapore, Malaysia, but NONE here. The only place to purchase them is online via ebay (but not sure who are the good ones) or you ask for friends who will travel!


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