Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Gifts

The title I've posted is called February gifts because I got all these for both Valentine's and my birthday! Thanks so much for lovely friends! I really appreciate the love, the comments, the friendship, gifts are just last to the friendship! Thanks! I am overwhelmed!

Valentine's chocolates from Grace to me and my hubby! I am touched with the lovely card she included! Yes sis, it didn't melt!!!

Sis Grace, super thanks for spoiling me this month! I've been getting so many gifts from you! I am really touched because you took all the effort to send me these!!! Though we're far apart, I appreciate the friendship we have!

My very own Babyliss You Curl! I really am enjoying this!
I tried doing waves with these and it works

Check out Grace's review here

More goodies!


Elizabeth Arden Good Morning SkiN Serum
Lancome Pore Focus T-Zone

Vivienne Westwood Shower Gel

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream

Boots no.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum

Boots No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick no.50

Boots No.7 Lash 360
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Estee Lauder's Beautiful Love Eau de Parfum

And that's not all!
She included 3 MAC Pumps for Me,
Sis Jheng and Sis Shen! :)

A lovely top that is SO ME!

Aside from those lovely gifts from Grace above!

I got a wonderful friend who sent me my very own

(look at the print! Feisty! aaawwwww!!!!)

She said that I'll be able to use this for my gigs!
She's right!
Perfect to put my brush set,
some skincare, toiletries and a lot more!!!

Look how spacious is is!

AND! It's foldable and easy to take along! I plan to help the environment by using this for shopping! I'll not ask for plastic bags and use this!!! Thank you sweet friend!!! I appreciate the birthday gift and love!

And last but not the least!
Another surprise from another friend!
Prettybeautiful, my fellow nail addict!

Thanks for the wonderful card
and the lovely gifts included inside!

Thank you thank you thank you ladies!
From the bottom of my heart
The postal office custom does not believe that these are gifts!
What can I do ? I am Loved!

Stay happy!


  1. Lovely February gifts! The bag has a nice print to it :)

  2. The chocolates look absolutely scrumptious. And I like the top and the tote!

  3. Wow you got some awesome gifts! yay!

  4. ^^ gorgeous gifts! love the bag too..:D

  5. Sis, I'm sooo glad you got them eventually. I was aiming for Valentine's Day but better late than never. I'd love to see your photo with youcurled hair :)

  6. You deserve all the greatest gifts twin!

  7. so many gifts! You're having so much fun for you bday, aren't you? :p

  8. aww belated happy heart's. and thank you ate nikki :)

  9. Lootwagon :) Yes, I love the print! So cute!

    Shades of U, the chocolate tastes wonderful!!! Its not too sweet and just the right taste! YUM!

    Iyah, I know! I felt sooo loved! Thanks dear! You got a great gift yourself!

  10. Vivi & Miracle, they're great! :)

    Gracie, Vday or not, I love them!!! They can arrive in March or April, I don't care, as long as they arrive! lol Thanks again!

    Fuz, :)

    Twin! Ebeautyblog, thank you for the sweet words :)

  11. Connie, thank YOU too! You added to the gift giving! How sweet, I am not expecting any of these I swear! :) Take care sweetie!

    Miemiemie, goodluck! To you and your bf!

  12. So pretty stuffs! Like the bag! so cute :)

  13. wow nikki!!! :) so lucky! and your birthday is just around the corner! :)

  14. ohh those heart chocs looks yummy! gracie is such a sweetie! You must show us the pictures of you in curly hair!

  15. wow, you got so many gorgeous gift! Enjoy!

  16. Happy birthday!!!!!! hope you had all you wished for and more! awesome gifts!

  17. Anastacia, :) I'm sure the bag is something you would use too! :)

    Sab, this is the first extended birthday ever! :D

    NicNic, I'll need to practice first! Then i'll show photos of curly hair! :)

    Gio, I know! I don't even deserve all these! But I'm happy!

    Miss Katin, thanks!

    Ahleessa, actually it's not my birthday yet! But I felt like it's my birthday! :)

  18. You're so lovely to have those abundant presents! :) I have no idea when your bday is, so I'm just gonna wish you the very best in life. XOXO

  19. What wonderful gifts! And those chocolate hearts look so yummy.

  20. Yay for birthday or anyday gifts! :) You deserve them all dearie! :D

  21. nice! :)
    dont u wish that bd comes every month? :P

  22. Devi, thank you!

    B, those chocolates ARE YUMMY! Lol they're inside my stomach!

    PB, thank you thank yoU! :)

    Prettybeautiful, I think I wouldn't want to grow old that fast though! :P LOL


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