Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Oliver's Super Sandwich + Hauls

How's everyone? I had a wonderful time resting and of course playing with my new goodies :) It's weekend food tripping! It's nothing overwhelming and formal! After a whole month of stuffing our face with food, we've decided to eat healthy!!! :)

Oliver's Super Sandwich! As the Restaurant name goes, there's definitely a whole lot of sandwiches!

Did you know that?
My sister's first job after graduation with Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree was a Management Trainee at Oliver's Super Sandwich located at Robinson's Galleria (this Oliver's branch does not exist anymore in this mall). Though the restaurant just serve sandwiches at that time, it isn't easy to memorize all the ingredients of different sandwiches they offer! Of course you cannot take a peak on ingredients list while customers are waiting for their orders! I've got poor memory, I won't be able to nail this job! *embarrassed*

What I like about this restaurant is that you can see them prepare the sandwich right in front of you, and you can ask them to custom-made your sandwich! Everything's clean and straight to the point!

My hubby ordered his favorite sandwich called Lean Smoked Turkey. We're disappointed though that they don't serve Cranberry Sauce anymore. Can't blame them though, not everyone down here would appreciate Cranberry sauce in their sandwiches! We felt the same the first time we heard about it 2 years ago. But we got hooked of this sandwich because of the sauce. We also ordered extra Egg Mayo for the sandwich! Yup hubby is egg lover! :D Do I look like an EGG??? Could be! that's why he loves me! hahahaha

Lean Smoked Turkey
Php198.00 (approx $4.12)

Additional Egg Mayo
Php28.00 (approx less than $1.00)

I love pasta, so given the chance to order something different, (as hubby and I always share our meal). I ordered Classic Carbonara. I like it! It's not something to be addicted to, but it does not taste bad at all! I wish they could have toasted my bread! Or if they did, they should have toasted it to crispy! Well, I should have requested for it, I didn't -- my fault! lol

Classic Carbonara Php188.00 (approx $3.91)

Sauce with mushroom and ham

I won't stop this post and talk only about food! I want my reader's tummy to go back to normal so let me talk about something unedible! hahaha

I got my order from Bobodave! I ordered my first L'egere BB Cream!! I've read so many raves about this BB Cream. The reason why I didn't do a round-up review on all the BB Creams as requested by a reader, is because I told myself L'egere would be the last BB cream I will try before I choose the HG! My top BB cream at the moment is my Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Cream, we'll see how this works!

L'egere BB Cream
$29.38 (approx Php1,400)

A bit smashed because
I requested for non-registered post

Again, most non-registered post gets directly to my home!

Here's my White Multi BB cream from L'egere!

So excited to use this!
So many beauty bloggers rave about this

also Kevin,
the famous make-up artist from Taiwan
Loves this!

Did you know that? Bobo, the owner of Bobodave, is so easy to deal with. You can email her about the approximate shipping rate before you go on with the online ordering! The more you purchase, the better the deal she will give! I've ordered twice from them already and they always ship pretty fast! You can also request for a price of products from Taiwan, Korea or Japan that's not on the site and she'll let you know if they will carry it or not! :) That's great customer service!

I also got my other order from AdamBeauty. The Mandom Cleansing Express Agecare! This is my first time to order at Adambeauty and so far, they ship pretty fast too! Total amount including shipping will automatically be shown near checkout.

Mandom Cleansing Express in Agecare
Price: $14.00 (approx Php672.00)

shipping included

More reviews to come!!
Those are the 2 products I've been lemming for the longest time!
I hope it'll stop!
No more lemmings for this year....

NOT! lol

Happy weekend and stay happy!


  1. MMM! that sandwiches looks so yum yum!

  2. Cool stuff you got there sis :) Enjoy 'em and happy weekend!

  3. Hi Nikki! I'm sorry to know that your bb cream hunt has come to an end but I'm really excited to read your review on l'egere. [Love your swatches and before-and-after pics, btw.] :)

    Oooh... i know, the lemmings never ends, dont they?? i just checked out bobodave's site and uh-oh im in deeeep trouble :( in a happy sort of way. LOL.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. Hi

    In regards to the lipstickpallet
    Most lipsticks are creamy and not made to set so it shuldn't dry. The container is sealed quite tight.

  5. nikki! i've tried a bb cream by l'egere too! i hope you like the product. i need to do a review on mine since i forgot who requested it from SO long ago lol :P
    in any case, i'll be looking forward to your reviews!

  6. Haha impossible to have no more lemmings... the lemmings will continue to come... hahaha! Yay L'egere! Hope you like it~

  7. I used to love oliver super sandwiches. They used to have a sandwich bar here but not anymore :( I always had the crabmeat mayo.

  8. Ooooh would love to hear what you think about the BB Cream :D

    I really like Mandom, but mine is the green one, for oily skin hehe

    ENJOY, sis!

  9. Anastacia, the sandwich tastes even better with cranberry sauce :)

    Lootwagon, thanks sis! You too!

    Kittenpaws215, well it has come to an end --- FOR NOW! hahaa Well I haven't heard any bb creams that tops the rank of raves! If there's one I'll probably go hunting again! You just don't know how long I've hunt for L'egere! LOL Ooopss, what are you planning on purchasing at bobodave?

  10. May Nguyen, thanks, I've always been wondering about that!

    Yumyumsushi,I'd love to read your reviews! :D

    Fuz! hahahah YOU!!! I'm having this thoughts of no more lemmings..then you go "impossible" then I nodded! You're right! Lemmings won't ever end!!! eeeekk!!!

  11. Connie, a lot of Oliver's resto closed down too! I guess not everyone loves sandwich the way I do :)

    Nanzy, how'd you like yours? I'm excited to try it! Agecare..gosh! It's admitting that I'm getting old! LOL

  12. I love love the Egg mayo sandwich @ Oliver's too =D

  13. OOh i've always wanted to try the L'Egere BB cream as well! Waiting patiently for your review on it :)

  14. Yum...the egg sandwich looks!! soo good!!

    Good haul u got there!!

  15. hope legere works for u ^^
    and mandom too!

  16. Hmm, i was eying the tsubaki hair set and the sana powder compact with the cute red packaging. :) and then...

    I visited for price comparison and discovered that they are [[[ON SALE]]]! Haay, i should stop checking out online stores. I've been very bad this month that i want to spank my own fanny. Seriously, you may wish to take a peek. There are some really really good buys. Happy browsing! :)

  17. yummy sandwiches! :D
    wow! so BB cream reviews coming soon yo! :D

    have fun with your new hauls! hope they work :D

  18. The lean turkey sandwich looks really good...

  19. mMmmmm sandwich and pasta!! omg i love those kinda fooodddddddd.. its been awhile i had those! =T can u deliver some over to me? hahah bb cream! i wanan try it.. im just scared it wont match my skin.. sigh

  20. Kim , we're the same! :)

    Audrie, yes, I'll definitely review this :)

    Mary, thanks, I have to stop hauling :)

  21. Yumeko, I hope it works for me too coz I believe it doesn't work to everyone :)

    Kittenpaws215, I have tsubaki, and I think I will do a review on it soon! it's a wonderful product but I'll still fall back to my HG The Face Shop's Changpo magic Straight :D

    miRaCLe, thanks for being tooo sweet, I wish it works too :)

  22. Jen, I know! i'm still hungry !

    FuN and MakeUp, me too! these are my kind of food..and deliver it to you? i think it'll be rotten by the time it reaches you LOL

  23. its 4am and i'm starving, looking at your yummie food >.< haha

  24. Yay for BB cream! :) I hope you like it :)

    Yummy foods!! YUM YUM! I really miss Philippines :)

  25. Nice haul! let us know how the bb cream works out for you :)

    my curry udon came just in time as I'm looking at your food porn :P

  26. M! :) I am starving looking at your chocolates :D

    Iyah, I know! You're one of those who told me L'egere works really well! Thanks

    NicNic, I will let you know for sure! I am hungry for Japanese dish! :)

  27. Hi nikki,

    I'm just writing to tell you that Sasa has that Mandom. I know coz I got mine there. And if I remember it correctly, it's just around 400 pesos or even less. You could get it there next time =)

  28. Vanessa, thank you!!! But with Sasa, I have to order $75.00 for free shipping though, and at that time, I only want ONE mandom :) thanks for letting me know! :)

  29. Can't wait for your reviews sa BB..

    Yummy sandwich!! and cheap too! How I wish may Oliver's dito sa cebu hehe

  30. Khymm, using L'egere BB cream today, I can't wait to see the result :) Ahhh no Oliver's at Cebu?? OH NO! They should! :)

  31. I hope you like this bb cream. It's my favorite right now and I refuse to try any other. LOL. Btw, I checked out that website which you got it from but the shipping cost is confusing. I guess I'll just email her about it later. hehe

  32. Ebeautyblog, I know most of you gals living in the US order from the Japanese Product Lover and I can say, it's a good deal, but international shipping from them is quite heavy for me :) So the contact that I've written can give really good shipping rate and you can talk to her for discounts :) Email her and try asking :D She's a great seller! :D

    About L'egere, lol, you are too cute on refusing to try other BB creams LOL I still love my Skin79 VIP gold because it has moisture, I know a lot of oily skin won't like it, but I do, I am currently using L'egere and see how it goes :D

  33. since im more of a sandwich/ bread lover (than rice), I love Olivers (and yeah, Subway too!) :D try their Almond Cajun Chicken or Hungarian sandwich!


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