Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Ellana Lip Color

I got the chance to try this wonderful lip stain when i met Gale from My Wonderful World of Colors during my Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause. Gale knew that I wanted a lip product that stays on and non drying! Thanks so much for the chance to try this product! This has been a staple in my makeup bag since then!

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics says ---

A variety of richly pigmented shades made from natural ingredients gives your lips full creamy color with a glossy finish. Lasts long, contains NO petroleum.

With Tomato Extracts, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil.

Askmewhats says ---


  • looks natural on my lips
  • non drying
  • stays even after eating or drinking
  • smells and tastes wonderful, not overpowering
  • not tested on animals! YAY!
  • available locally! Philippine made!
  • affordable
  • easy to take along, see how badly beaten this is? I'm taking this with me everyday

Ellana Lip Color in Romance


  • not too hygienic because of the packaging

This is a wonderful lip stain! When Gale told me this will last long on me. I was finding it hard to believe her as I seldom find lip products that does the job. This product made me look like I was born with a perfect colored lips!

  • use a lip brush with this so you don't contaminate the product
  • for super dry lips like mine: apply lip balm before applying this product
  • for longer lasting color: apply this directly on your lips, lip stain stays longer if applied straight to your lips
  • for glossy lips effect: apply a colorless lipgloss on top of this
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At Itzmei's multiply site (for local buyers)
or Ellana website (for both local and international buyers)
Price: Php150.00 (approx $3.00)

Romance looks super dark on packaging
but looks really pretty when applied

on lips
applied alone

Any lip stain you can recommend?
I've got full, dry lips!
What about yours?
Stay Happy!


  1. I'm in love with this color! Thank you so much for your review. I always love checking out new lip stains ♥

  2. Wow! I did NOT expect the color to turn out to well after judging the color in the put! Mmmmmm~ The color looks delicious! Thanks for the review!

  3. Ellana! :D

    They're the first and so far, still the only MMU I've tried/am using. haha! I especially love going to their showroom. :)

  4. it looks delicious sis!!!! yum-yum!!!

  5. lip stains look great.
    its like a lipstick but only stain alittle of your lips is it?
    you stressed on having no petroleum.
    got petroleum not good a?

  6. its super sheer pala! Im also looking for a lipcolor thats non-drying & long lasting.. Want to try this! Thanks nikki!

    I also love their foundation, baby buki & finishing pow! Not that expensive too! =)

  7. Oh that is a gorgeous color!! I've yet to try lip stains, I might just have to buy this one!

  8. Jae, because of this, I'm really getting into lip stains :)

    Iamgrape1119, hey! thanks for the comment dear!

    Gingerbee, their foundie is my ultimate HG! lol I have decided not to try on other MMU Foundie after Ellana :)

  9. Debi :)

    LyNn, Petroleums are ok, but it's great to moisturize your lips but it tends to be gone after some time, if it's petroleum free, it stays longer :)

    Xoannie, yeah give it a try! it's pretty :) And it really lasts longer!

  10. the color is pretty, and it really stays after meal?

    and they even do international shipping! and...bah i bought too much stuff already :(

  11. I love that color on you, and all of the moisturizing ingredients are enticing! I always like the way lip stains look.

  12. ohhh....
    i forgot all about my ellana lip color....

    that's so totally true.it lasts long.
    i sometimes find myself even reaching for it compare to my high end lip glosses.
    anyways, i only have 1...smitten

  13. Such a pretty color! I thought it would be really dark, judging from the pack, but it looks good! I think my next shopping spree will be at Ellana :)

  14. woah! that's a lip stain?!
    cool! I didn't know that stains could come in a solid form~
    and for 3 dollars! that's a true steal right there :)

    I actually don't know if they do/don't ship internationally. I was even having a hard time finding if they ship to Canada, but read in a forum that they do. They do have different countries listed when you sign up...so maybe?? If I find out, I'll let you know :)

  15. bah~ you are right...
    I just tried checking out...and saw...
    "Sorry, we no longer support shipments outside of the US/Canada and are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes."
    booo >_< wonder what happened that they don't support international anymore?

  16. prettybeautiful, I know! STOP BUYING! hahahaa :) and yes, it stays even after meal! :)

    T, I do like this too, I'm not a lipstain lover but this one really works out pretty well

    Thiamere, yay! another lover for the Ellana Lip color!

  17. Nikki, I thought so too! but I guess my lips are dark to start with so it just balances :)

    Rasilla, hey! thanks so much for checking for me! I appreciate it. I guess due to the numbers of lost packages outside the US, they've decided to stop their headache and stop sending internationally!

  18. Wow!! This color looks reallly really nice on your lips!! It really looks different from the pot ya! :D

  19. Aww thanks! Hahah I think I look funny with the lollipop!

  20. wow! this lip product looks great!

  21. it looks really natural. I've only tried the foundation from Ellana and it's good. I'll try to finish all my mmu so I can buy another one hehe

  22. oh cool. i want to get more of these although i have 2 already. hehe. what's a good, affordable lip brush? :)

  23. Jenn, I know :) It does look very natural on lips :)

    xoannie, you are too cute with the lollipops :)

    From Beauty & Care Island, yes it does :) What's your favorite lip stain ? Do you use one?

    Kim, Oohh Ellana foundation is my HG mineral foundie :)

    Ida, good and affordable lip brush? I actualy use the one from G lish way back pa..in lip brushes naman..even the inexpensive ones work really well, take a look at watsons :) Make sure they are retractable so it doesn't get dirty :)

  24. when i saw the colour of the lip balm, i thought you must be must wanting to wear it. LOL.

    then i saw the lovely colour you swatched, i though, hey, i'd like that!!!

    gorgeous colour. and a strange brand. never heard of it till today. come to think of it, you use lots of little known brand makeup and have created lots of lemmings for me. fortunately i have no access to most or else!

  25. This is such a pretty color! I thought it would look very dark, but it's actually very natural :)

  26. looks so pretty on you! i need to get better with using my personal lip products...i just use my finger cuz i'm lazy!

  27. Jojoba, at first, when I got it, I thought it's going to be left in the drawer coz it looks too dark !LOL But yeah you're right, it came out really sheer and it works well...it's a locally made brand and the funny thing, this brand works well on me, I am using their MMU foundation! If you want to try something, I can help you purchase :)

    Gio, yes, everyone thinks its too dark, guess we're all wrong :)

    Renren, me too! on those lazy days, I use fingers too, but I'll be wiping the lip balm like crazy ! hahaha

  28. Oh Nikki you DO feed my shopping addiction with your great finds. Makeup masala now ellana minerals - all on my "to do list in April"! LOL

    Just wondering about the primer Ellana makes. Does it have dimethicone high on the ingredients list? How does it perform?

  29. I really like Vincent Longo's lip stains. they feel really refreshing when you put it on! I don't think it's very moisturizing though..

  30. have you tried smith's rosebud salve yet?

  31. today i have just been drooling all over (from Fuz and Mel's haul, to M's lolita hat, and to this!) all I can manage to say are ooohs and ahhhhhhs! haha! i can't wait til lent is over!!! this is too much torture for me and such a bad-timing to start my beauty blogging! hehe.

    but yeah, i love the color of this lip stain. :)

  32. awww this is pretty!!

    i am going to get one and try!

    Thanks for the review!

    and about the eyeko, they replied me few days after i send them the enquiry! but i've already ordered. not too much how long does it take for them to ship though. T_T

  33. Sorry Kahani! Not doing this on purpose! :(

    Kasumi, no haven't tried Rosebud Salve yet :) Maybe I will look into that :)

    Aquaracer, I know what you mean, I've spent so much because of product reviews by bloggers LOL

    Agnes, I got my stuffs from Eyeko a little bit over a week. I guess recently there have been some delays!

  34. I personally love The Balm Stainiac :)

  35. yay!! you liked it! It looks good on you sis..the one thing I like about Ellana lip colors aside from the staying power is the buildability of the shade.,this way, we can control the color on our lips..I agree about the packaging that's why I want to try their liquid one coz it is in a click pen packaging hehe :)

  36. Roanne, hey thanks for the reco :)

    Crystal Gale thanks again for sharing this good find to me! You are right about it being buildable! :)

  37. Oh Yeah Kahani, I missed out your question, let me go back home tonight and check out the ingredients of the Ellana Primer, I'm not sure if the primer I have is from Ellana and I'll check on the ingredients :)


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