Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Girly Gradient" Nails

I find myself getting excited every weekend because it's my "me" moment. It's me and my nails moment! :)

How do I come up with nail art designs? I honestly don't have a clue! I am not like most of the nail art beauties out there who knows what they want and just do it! Me, I don't have a clue on what I plan to do, I always start by choosing a base color then I'll go from there!

My inspiration this week is a frosty pink polish from The Face Shop. I've done gradient nails int he past and I know a lot of you uses sponge, but I am too lazy to do so, this is my own version of Gradient Nails with simple flower. I know a lot of you love dainty designs :) I hope you like this!

Step 1:

Apply a base coat. I am using The Face Shop's Base Coat (yes, due to some requests on how this works, I bought this and will give a good review soon)

Step 2:

Apply 2 coats of any platinum pink polish, I am using The Face Shop's PK101. Let dry.

Step 3:

After the base polish is dry, apply a violet/purple polish in the middle part of the nails. I am using my 2 way nail art pen in Violet/Purple.

Step 4:

While wet, use any base coat that's runny in consistency (I am using Caronia's Base Coat, a local brand), slowly brush the violet/purple polish going inward. Doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 5:

Using the same method as Steps 3-4, apply a pink polish at the tips of the nails... I am still using the 2 Way nail art pen, color is reddish orange.

Using the same Caronia base coat,
brush inward covering a bit of the violet/purple polish.
Again, the more inconsistent, the better.

Step 6:

Making sure the gradient colors are dry, using a white nail art pen, apply dots to create flowers. (Feel free to look back on the right side bar tagged under NAIL ART TUTORIAL on how to create flowers)

Using the needle method to create a more natural looking petals.

Step 7:

Use a yellow nail art pen to create a flower bud. (or any color that suits your taste)

Step 8: (optional)

When nail art is dry, apply a coat of any glittery polish, making sure to apply thinly so that the nail art designs won't be covered. I am using my favorite Elianto Glitter polish.

Step 9:

Apply any TOP COAT of your choice. As usual, I use my HG The Face Shop's Top Coat.

My Girly Nails of the week! :)

Hubby likes to stare at this nail art!
Mom complimented this before she complimented my newly treated hair
So I must be doing something right :)
Stay happy and girly!


  1. How beautiful! I'm really bad at doing my nails since I can't wait for them to dry. How long did these take to dry?

  2. you;re good with both hands! i cant do that.. but wowwwwwwwwww veryyy nice art u did here.... i am def gonna try this one day!

  3. These are my favorite so far!! Very pretty!

  4. wwow.
    you did it as if it was so simple.
    but it turns out so beautiful.
    i bought the face shop base and top coat too :P

  5. K hmm...let me think, it usually dries up less than 30min, I usually blowdry them to quicken the drying time :)

    Fuz, thanks

    Fun & Makeup, yay! let me know or see how it looks :)

  6. Toma, thanks sweetie!

    LyNn, how did you like your Top coat and Base Coat? Thanks for the sweet comment

  7. Hahah, I really do love those dainty and girly nails!

  8. i totally love the gradient concept!! must try it at home. SIGH. i have been so busy lately :( neglected my nails

  9. are you sure you aren't in the art industry? each time i see you breeze through applying nail colours i suspect you work in the fine art industry!!!

    so easy and yet so beautifully done.

    come and do my nails anytime. :)

  10. Xoannie, thanks

    Prettybeautiful, I know, if you're busy it's really difficult to do your nails cause this took me an hour and a half for both my hands and feet! Imagine that!

    Jojoba, yes I am sure! Please, trust me when I say I really can't draw a straight line and my brother (who's super good at drawing) laughs at my animal drawings, I think I'm doing all these for the love of beauty! HAHAHA Nails aren't on flat surface, so I have excuses when its not perfect :) Thanks though for liking these, I WILL DO YOUR NAILS anytime!!!! But you have to cook for me! Deal?

  11. nikki, it's so pretty! love the gradation!

  12. i loove graduation nails
    can u do more??

  13. gorgeous nails! i love the spring-ness of it. so happy and girly :)

    and man...i want The Face Shop top coat....

    the one i have right now isn't up to par @_@ ..and the face shop isn't sold where i live.. booo :(

    im thinking of getting top coat from Orly...or if OPI has one i might get from them cuz my sally hansen one isn't performing as claimed :(

  14. i havnt tried it out yet.
    wanted to put a bloody red nail polish
    it stains and chips like mad.
    and since i bought four colours from this same line
    i might as well get a base and top coat to prevent me from wasting them.

  15. your nail tutorials always amaze me. they're so nice!

  16. musicalfanlovesminerals, hi hi! :) How have you been? thanks for liking this!

    Yumeko, hi dear! I will try to do more :) I hope my creative juices are still there! hahahha

    Ichigobunnie, oh, I know there's FACE SHOP in the US, hmm, I wonder where it is located, I hope you find a good one soon!

  17. LyNn, :) I know! I am using the base coat and testing it out, hope it works :)

    M, thanks so much for appreciating this :)

  18. I AM ALL SORTS OF IN LOVE with this

  19. This is sooo pretty!!! looks so professionally done!! :D

  20. I'm always baffled and amazed at people who can do their own nails. It's because I suck and can't really do my own nails - I just know how to trim them and that's it :D

    :D It's always nice to see your nail art!

  21. Yumyumsushi, *hugs*

    Jenn, I feel so happy!!! Really? Professionally done!!! WOW!!!

    Gingerbee, girl! do you know I can't trim my nails well? It's always out of shape..its roundish and square at the same time! hahaha :) I'm glad you like to see my nail art :D

  22. wow! This is my fave so far! It's so gorgeous and girly! Great job!

  23. Wow, Nikki, you're doing your very own gradient. What separates you from other nail art designers is that you are creative and you don't follow by rules! hey, creative thigns come when we least expect it! You just stand out from the sea of strict follow-by-plan crowd. Congrats! btw, is that your real nail? :)

  24. Gio, awww I'm glad you like this, I've shocked myself, i never thought it'll turn out ok, I thought I'll mess this up and have to redo my nails over again :)

    Vivian, thank you sweetie! :) And yes, that's my real nail! I'm not good at acrylics and I don't even know how to use it! :)

  25. Really pretty, you have such a delicate touch!

  26. i wish you can do my nails!!! they so pretty!

  27. Nic Nic, thanks :)

    Makemeup, I will definitely do yours if you live here :) it'll be my pleasure!

  28. You are one heck of an artist, Nikki! Great dexterity, too! *envy mode*


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