Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eureka Moment: Ecotools Brush

Update: I just ordered! And I used my own code! LOL


The well known high quality brushes who shows respect to our Planet!!!
These brushes are made from recycled materials and the bristles are synthetic and animal free!!!
And the best part? It's easily reachable to all of us because my friend Toma from the Makeup Mix Shop included these brushes to her store!!!

2 Brush Sets to choose from
(you can click photo to go straight to the site)

You've got enough brushes
and just want some specific brushes?

No problem!
She also sells them individually
at an affordable price!

for orders $20.00 above!
and you can still enter the code: PRETTY NIKKI (lol, of course you can just write NIKKI) for a free Makeup Masala Mineral.
Please enter the preferred Makeup Masala Mineral shade on the comment box as you check out

I am really happy that we, living outside of the US,
can purchase these wonderful products
at an affordable price!

Enjoy shopping!

Stay Happy!


  1. omg nikki!!! do u have to do this??? bah bah bah i am so so so so so tempted!!!!!!

  2. omg guess what nikki????

    i just placed order. LOL. again.

  3. LOVE these brushes. Have the powder brush, blush brush and 5pc kit. I justified these purchases by saying "Well I'm helping the planet" ... :) Amazingly soft too. I HIGHLY recommend them.


  4. hi nikki! good thing I reserved my 5 pc. set from Toma way ahead of time and even before she put them available on her site coz they're now out of stock! I've been searching for the mineral brush set in the US thru a friend and it is still OOS in stores there.

  5. Prettybeautiful, I KNOW! I did too!!!! Oh no!!! hahah what did you ordered? I ordered the Ecotools brush set, the ecotool liner brush and a CS white gel liner :)

  6. Kristi, thanks! I justify my purchase the same way you did too! Thanks for saying good stuffs about Ecotools, I am looking forward to receive them!!!

    Nikkiz, I know! It's out of stock and a lot are looking for these brushes, but Toma's going to order more I believe, so it'll be good news for people like us who want these brushes BADLY! :) I think we're getting the same set :)

  7. omg! i've been eyeing these for a very long time! now i can finally buy them! too bad it's out of stock, i'll be ordering these next time!

  8. HI sweetie (musicalfanlovesminerals), you can email her and let her know which one you like so she can reserve one for you so you'll definitely get yours when the stocks arrive :)

  9. I hope you like these brushes as much as I do!

  10. bought the eco tools 6 pcs set, then combined with colleague where she bought the masala gel liner. woohooo thank god i was fast!!! :D :D :D

  11. I've been hearing about these for awhile. Its so great that they happen to be so eco friendly! :)

  12. I reserved another set for my friend in the US. I have the powder brush which I bought last year and I love it. It's so soft. Yes, we're getting the 5 pc mineral brush set.
    Toma said it sold out in 1 hour!

  13. man ive been wanting to get these! but i feel so bad spending money T___T.....

  14. Vanessa M, I'm sure she'll stock up soon :)

    Fab beauty, I'm sure I will, I've read nothing but raves about these!

    Prettybeautiful, I've been wanting the Masala Gel Liners too, I have to wait and not spend so much! hahahah I'll be lemming for it forever! :)

  15. Yas, I know! I am going to be proud to use these brushes for sure!

    Nikkiz, hahahah I'm glad I got the set with Kabuki! I need a back up kabuki as I need to wait mine to dry :)

    Ichigobunnie, I know what you mean, i feel really bad for spending more for brushes, but I've been wanting to try these for long!!!!

    M, yay! thanks! i'm excited!

  16. 1) they're bamboo
    2) they look cute
    3) they look soft

    so i really hope they work as well as they say they do :)

  17. Liee, I know! Those are the reasons why I bought it in the first place! And the top priority? They work really well!!!!

  18. i know these are famous but i am chicken out. unless i get to see them in person, i am not going to buy any... i have had enough of scare from my recent disappointment... sigh...

    cute brushes though seriously.

  19. i just bought a foundation brush. Loving it!

  20. Jojoba, I know what you mean :) Its hard to be disappointed with stuffs you purchased especially online! )

    Paint Me Gorgeous, yay!!! I'm glad to hear everyone's loving it, I'm getting more and more excited!

  21. OMG!

    i can't help myself...
    i placed an order of the 2 set of brushes plus a foundation brush...

    i sure hope that i'll be able to get it asap.

    i haven't gotten my 1st order yet, but i decided to place another order just because i don't wanna miss out on this fabulous find.

    how many days does shipping takes,nikki?

  22. Hi Thiamere, wow! Me too! i ordered the brush set with kabuki and also an eyeliner brush because i have so many gel liners, need to have more eyeliner brushes! LOL :) Well shipment usually takes 2-3 weeks but it really depends on our local post office :D Yay!!! *i'm excited too*


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