Thursday, March 12, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Rocker Look" Part 2

It is definitely not my personality to do a "rocker" look or any wild look on myself! :) But since Yumeko requested me to do a "Black Rocker" look, I obliged, because Yumeko is a sweet girl and her blog makes me happy! :D

Caution: I am definitely not sporting this well, but I hope the effort pays off! LOL

Here's my Black Rocker Look
I made it darker
and feistier!

How did I do this?

Step 1:

I applied MAC Paintpot Cash Flow on the lid (so the eyes doesn't look too dark). Apply a good amount of MAC's Carbon or any matte black e/s all over the lid going a little beyond.

Step 2:

Blend in harshline using any goldish brown e/s. I used Milani's Bronze e/s with MAC's 217 blending brush with wiper motion. Adding black e/s to intensify the color.

Step 3:

Apply Bourjois's Beige Rose or any highlighting powder on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes.

Step 4:

Using any creamy black eyeliner (Urban Decay's 24/7 in Zero) on the upper and lower lashline including the waterline. Smudge with a pencil brush for a smoked effect.Step 5:

Apply any creamy white eyeliner, (Urban Decay's 24/7 Ye-yo liner) on the inner thirds of the eye, if your eyes are not sensitive, include the inner corner of the whole eye area for a bright look.

Step 6:

Since the black liner on the waterline and lower lashline is creamy and will definitely smudge on me, I top the eyeliner with an e/s to set the eyeliner. I am using MAC's Black Tied or any glittery black e/s.

Of course, fill in your brows with your favorite eyebrow pencil or powder. I made my brows a bit thicker on this look for a "wilder" effect.

Here's my final look!

These products touched
the rest of my rocker face :P

The Face Shop's Silky Foundation in NB21
mixed with Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Set my foundation with Ellana's Intensive Foundation in French Vanilla
with my Baby Kabuki

I blushed with a natural flush
using Revlon's Powder Brush
in Wine and Everything

Moisturized my lips with Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
Top with ELF Tone Correcting Concealer
to remove the natural color of my lips

And are you ready for a seriously
non-rocker look?
I look like a crazy woman here!
I swear!

No, it's not dandruff!
It's ....STRESS! lol

Like I said,
it's my effort that counts :)
Now you know why I love light makeup!Stay happy!!!


  1. i thnk this is my first time seein u in black e/s! i love this rocker look.. its stunning!!! lucky u have ur own MAC e/s palettes too.. i really awnna start!! but thats a lot of $$$$$

  2. You rock that look, girl!!

    I love you in that edgy eye makeup!!

  3. very nice EOTD! i love it! you're really rockin your rocker look!!! :)

  4. wow! you shoudl deff do the black more often ;) looks good on you!

  5. Oh my gosh, I think you look GREAT! What are you talking about?! You pull off the rocker look quite nicely. I loveeee it.

  6. Nikki, I think you did a great job!

    But nevertheless, I agree with you. Light neutral and bright colors flatters you best.

    Just like me. I think heavy dark makeup makes me look weird, or maybe it's due to my poor skills at applying techniques, hehe...

    I love your close-up pictures!

  7. oooo hellloooooo ROCKSTARAHHHHH

    i love it, it's good enuff for everday even, I'd try it!
    You're such a lil makeup talent!

  8. yeah, me too. you look great with dramatic look. love it nikki!

  9. you look great with the rocker look! I think dark green+black would also look great with you :)

  10. Super sexy!! I love it! The color is very unique in a metallic way!

  11. LOL @ first 'crazy woman' look :P

    i think olive green looks the best on u. i did some black make up like this before, and OMG before i even stepped out of house, i shocked myself and removed it immediately. lol.

  12. Fun & Makeup, lol that's my ONE and only MAC palette, and I don't plan to own more, I tend to get contented with colors that I need and have :) And it took me time to fill it up!

    Jamilla, thank you so much !!!

    Aquaracer, thanks! I'm glad I was able to rock it even for minutes :P

  13. Vanessa M it takes a lot of getting use to for sure! :)

    Xoannie, thanks dear for saying that! I am still not comfortable with it! hahah it's for "request" purposes!

    Jess, I think it all boils down to our comfort level, some people really looks great with it and are confident! Me, I think people would be shocked to see me in heavy make up like that, not my personality :) But I enjoyed this

  14. Kimberly Tia, thanks sweetheart! You rock any color!!!

    Nehs, thanks girl!

    Nikki, oohh Green really is my e/s color! :)

  15. Fuz, the Metallic from MAC Paintpot really works! :)

    Prettybeautiful, I hear ya! I would probably step out with this makeup if I'm attending a wild party! I can go out with this one though but a bit toned down!

  16. I LOVE this look!!!!!! *copies into memory bank*

  17. that's a great rocker look!

    not too overly done, and that's how i like it too!

  18. WHEEEE!!! its specially for meeeee!
    and i am glad u did it!
    cos i thnk u look AWESOME lady!
    that black makes ur eyes look so defined and really pop like ur crease looks deeper etc [does this make sense]

    i cant help but stare at ur eyes instead of anythin else, very intense, love it!! ur eyes are talking!!

  19. you're rockin' that look :D loves it!

  20. Tanya, lol thanks !!! You made me smile!

    Mary, I'm super glad you liked it! Coz I don't feel comfortable posting this! LOL

    Yumeko, yes! Of course this look is for you!!!! That's one way of saying thanks for doing all the readers' request on your blog too :) Thank you for requesting this! :) And thanks for the compliments :)

  21. M, thanks dear!

    Devi, hahaha I'm glad Gothic look can still be cute! thanks to you!!! :D

  22. very sultry and sexy indeed nikki!

  23. First time seeing you wearing dark makeup, it came out nice.

  24. ooo super duper smoky !! You rocked it :)

  25. This is so awesome on you! Love how the smokey eye turned out on you! You definitely did rocker girl right!

  26. Jo, I never thought sultry and sexy can be used for me..hahah thanks :) there's always a first time for me

    Ahleessa, thank you !

    Audrie, thanks for saying so :) Yupeee!

    Yas, thanks!

  27. That smokey look very suit on you! Love this make-up! Very nice blending! Great work!

  28. This is really pretty! You should do more smokey eyes! :D Can I have a request? Can you post your collections of mac eyeshadows and their names? They look oh so pretty! :D

  29. haha EMBRACE IT! you did well!

  30. the 2nd to the last pic is so cute hahaha

  31. IMO, it doesnt really suit you. Looks kinda dirty. You look better and sweeter with colorful/ pastel shadows. =) Have a nice day!

  32. Ahaha... you are so cute Nikki!! :D gotta love the messy hair pics!! XD

    awww... you don't look bad with dark eyes at all!! I love your blending!! Its so nicely done!!

  33. From beauty and care island, thanks sweetheart you are always sweet

    Iyah, i'll try :)

    Yumyumsushi, embrace it? hahahah thanks!!! That is sweet of you to say but if my mom sees me with this, she'll go nuts! hahhaha

  34. Kim, you like me looking crazy huh! hahaha

    Abby, thanks for your honest opinion :) I knew it! there are really people out there who doesn't like me with darker look!!! :)

    Jenn, thanks sweetheart, you like the messy hair?? hahaha why do I have to pay to do my hair if messy hair works ok?? hahahha

  35. woo woo PRETTY !!!!
    *kisses monitor*

  36. Nanzy sweetie *kisses back monitor*

  37. Hey, it looks good :D! [Though I personally prefer light eye make-up too, for one important reason - it's easier to get off :-P. Lol.]
    Love your pictures ^_^!

  38. It's funny how you can do a crazy rock-ed out look and STILL look beautifully chic. Loves it!

  39. I love it! You rock teh rocker look!

  40. love this rocker look!! it's very sexy :D

  41. Cris, I know, its one reason too why I prefer light makeup, definitely easier to take it off :)

    B, thanks sweetie!

    Gio, thanks

    NicNic, how you know how to compliment me ehhehe

  42. Hi...where did you buy the elf tone concealer thing? thanks.

    BTW, nice look......rocker!

  43. haha i've never done heavy rocker e/s before but i should try something like this some time.

  44. contrary to what you think, i actually find that it looks good on you. maybe you're just not used to dark colors. pero bagay naman siya for a night out look din. :)

  45. Babysaffron, if you're in the US, I believe you gals have online shipping for ELF products, down here, we have counters for ELF :)

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, yes! go ahead and show it to us! :)

    Steph, thanks!!! I do dark looks when I go out at night for parties, but seldom do we get to go out partying na! hahahah You're right, i'm not used to it anymore :) Thanks

  46. I love this look sis! So gorgeous!

  47. It's rare to see you do this, but I love it! Especially the second to last photo. More more more! :P

  48. wow, this is a rare FOTD from you! ganda kaya! dapat may attitude yung pose mo, talagang rock n roll iyon hehe! ;-}


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