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Askmewhats Reviews: L'oreal HydraFresh Eye

One of the major supplier for my eye products (be prepare to gasp) is my dearest Brother! My brother is an Architect in China and he comes home for a visit once or twice a year. Since my job entails me to be in front of the computer whole day, plus my love to spend quality time chatting with my family or loved ones, I love to sleep late and mind you, I have to wake up early morning for work. One time, my brother came back home for a vacation, and my dearest brother who speaks nothing but the truth said: "You seriously have dark and puffy eyes!"

And you guessed right on what's next, the next time he came back, he bought me eye creams from Duty Free shops at the airport. Sweet! :D

I have had this for long but I was too lazy to use it because I felt that no eye cream would help me out but concealer! I was out of Clinique's All About Eyes eye cream one day so I gave this a try. Am I happy with this???? Read on!

L'oreal HydraFresh Eye says ---

All day freshness
Anti-dark circles
Eye cream gel
Pure Mineral SPA Water
Instant effect, long lasting action
Opthalmologically tested

Askmewhats says ---

  • No allergies for my eyes
  • I love this gel-like texture
  • If you find traditional eye cream too heavy: This is for you!
  • moisturizes my eye
  • I find the puffiness of my eyes reduces after months of usage
  • my eyes felt refreshed instantly after application due to it's texture
  • non greasy, absorbs easily
  • packaging is wonderful! No need to dip fingers
  • affordable for an eye cream that will last me more than 6 months (applied morning and night)
  • I'm not sure if it's available here (help me please), I researched and read that this is available at Watson's
  • No MORE! :P


A lot of my readers asked me about eye creams, they of course want affordable eye cream that works! I've always mentioned to them that L'oreal makes good eye cream and I said that because of THIS eye cream.

This works for me! Yes Clinique's All About Eyes works for me too! But if I'm searching for a cheaper alternative, this works just as fine!

My specs:

Computer time: approx. 8:00am-5:30pm (at work) 8:00pm-10:00pm (blogging, checking emails, chat time)
Sleeping Time: 11:30pm-12:30am (around those time)
Wake-up time: 5:30am
Additional: Wears eye makeup almost everyday


When I started to use this, I didn't thought of reviewing this so I never took shots of myself, but my brother came back after 6 months and he told me the puffiness of my eye and the darkness did subside! It's still there, but its definitely better than before :)

That's my own experience and my own observation on this product :)

  • rub the product on both fingers before you GENTLY apply them all over your eyes.
  • be careful not to get the product into the eye
  • wash your eyes with water ASAP if you find the product irritates your eyes
  • if allergies occur, STOP using this, true for any other products!
  • do not follow the instruction step no. 2 (photo below, click to enlarge) as pinching the skin around your eyes can lead to looser skin around the eye area as our skin around the eyes are sensitive (this is my personal opinion)

Will I repurchase?

Yes! This is a good alternative for my Clinique's All about Eyes.

Where did I purchase and how much?

A gift from my brother, I've checked internet and it costs around Php475.00 (approx $9.70)

Product Specs
Wonderful packaging!

Love the squeeze tube type

This is the amount of product
I use
for one eye

Goes on clear
Absorbs quickly

Creates a wonderful glow
not too obvious

(obvious on photo due to flash)

What's your cheaper alternative for eye cream?
Do you even have one? lol
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Wow, this looks like a really good product! Sayang lang it's not available here. My eyes are puffy too and I should look into this product. :) Thanks for the review!

  2. thanks for sharing
    i always look for eye cream

  3. wow!
    you have such a nice bro!

    i think i need to find some eye creams too since i already have some fines lines underneath...

  4. Is this the one used by jheng? I remember reading something about loreal in her blog hehe...I really should start taking care of my eyes. I often forget to put eye creams at night hehe

  5. lol my brother reminds me of my bf who speaks nothing but the truth but with love lol. I'm going to look for that prduct overe here in the U.S. it sounds very promising.

  6. thank you for this review!! I'm going to try to find it the next time I go to China :)

  7. wow awesome review! i can tell you put a lot of work into letting us know about this eye cream. finding the perfect eye cream is harrrd! i'm actually a big fan of mac's fast response cream. i've tried clinique's stop signs eye but i don't see much results compared to mac's. but this i might have to search for! i need a cheaper eye cream. mac is so expensive! thanks girl!

  8. It's another great review, Nikki!

  9. This sounds good but I don't think I've seen that around here. I definitely need to check that out next time I go to a drugstore.

  10. I use the Hydrafresh face gel...but it never occured to me to check out the other products!~ I'm in need of eye cream, and have been asking around...thanks for writing about this :) I love the hydrfresh face I will look into this :P

  11. i love the hydrafresh range, but weird, the eyegel was never sold here :(


    and i am looking for eyecreams! and ur specs, almost the same like me! :P

  12. Chrissy , I'm not sure Chrissy, it could be available here, I will check out Watson's if ever I see them :) I wish they have it down here, I love love love this!

    Yumeko, I know you're one eye cream lovah! :P Gosh, i wish we have it down here! :)

    Thiamere, ooohhh fine bad for us!!!! I find that applying eye creams consistently DO help..but it just isn't that obvious as the area around the eyes are too small!

    Ury, not sure, I haven't seen Jheng blog about it, I could be wrong. Naku, you should use eye cream especially for us who uses eye makeup!

  13. Iambeautiful20, don't we have wonderful brothers? LOL I remembered growing up unsure of the outfit I had on, then when I walked passed him, he goes : "are you going out with that???" I knew I have to change right there and then! LOL

    Audrie, I think it's not only available in China, I'm sure in some other countries.... :)

    Jensmakeupbag, MAC's response cream, hmmm..I honestly doesn't own any MAC skincare, I know how hard it is to find great eye creams that are expensive, but the more inexpensive ones are challenging to find! :)

  14. Anastacia, thank you sweetie!

    Ahleessa,If i found them down here, I'll let you gals know and I can help you purchase if you want :) I wish we have it here!!!

    Rasilla, with the texture of the eye gel from Hydrafresh, I can imagine the face one will be working really well!!! :)

  15. Plue, oh no! Now i'm getting nervous, looks like it's even not available there in Malaysia!!! Now that's alarming! I hope this is not discontinued!

  16. unfortunetatly no i do not have an eye cream.. lol

  17. i needa try this tho! if it did help ur puffyness n dark circles... u should do another review again.. in couple days/weeks hehe


  18. Great review! I need to check this out! Sounds like a great cream :) and you always do your nails so prettyy! You're lucky! :D You're so talented :D

  19. thanks for sharing!! I love squeeze tube type!! my Clinique Refreshing eye gel looks really similar to this product! =.= but it cost alot more..

    maybe i should give this a try before purchasing another tube of clinique~ :p

  20. that's really nice for taking down puffiness after lack of sleep!

  21. You're so lucky to have such a sweet brother who knows a lot about beauty products! Thanks for reviewing this, I'm gonna try to find it in town. :)

  22. omggg your brother is so nice! well maybe besides that whole eye comment hahaha
    I'm glad you ended up liking it :)

  23. i will look for this baby later. lol

  24. LipStick Staiin, actually I'm almost done with this, lol I've been using this for 3-4 ,months and I think i'll be done soon!

    Iyah, awww, thanks

    Miracle, no problem, I love squeezy tubes too and I haven't seen Clinique's Squeeze tube type eye cream, I am using the All About Eyes which is on pot and works really good! :)

    Paint Me Gorgeous , yes!!!

  25. Devi,hahaha I know, I have a brother who's really super nice, buying me moisturizer too because he knows thats what I really love!

    Kasumi, hahahah it's ok on the eye comment, at least he's letting me know I need to take action ASAP!

    Debi, let me know if you found them!

  26. Its available here Nikki,i used this product before, mga a year ago ata =)

  27. Khymm, really? super late na ako hahhahaa I think I've been putting this product off! My bro gave it to me for a long time and I just used it end of last year :D

  28. Hi.... I already use this product, and i think i hv same feel like you... this product is nice... your sharing is very nice.... =D
    i'm from indonesia.. =)


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