Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sol Korean Restaurant

Happy Sunday everyone :) It was a great Saturday for me and I'm looking forward for a full day rest today to be charged for the coming week! Its going to be hectic for sure!

We went out for another new Korean Restaurant to try! Sol Korean Restaurant is located at Roxas Boulevard near PNB Building. There's a whole strip of restaurants and you can take your pick! :)

Why did I choose this restaurant??? Unlimited serving for appetizers!!! Everytime I dine at Korean restaurants, I always wanted more of their appetizer but of course, they only serve it once! Not this restaurant. You can eat to your heart's content!

Here are the unlimited Korean appetizer!
They told us that they change their appetizers daily
Too bad the egg and tofu wasn't available

Egg is my hubby's fave

and Tofu is mine!

Chicken Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi

A Korean version of
Fish Tonkatsu

Korean version of
Pork Tonkatsu

My ultimate favorite!

We also ordered
Sundubu Chigae (tofu stew)!
But forgot to take a shot of it!
It's a wonderful Korean soup
tofu, egg, squid, etc...
It's spicy but I love it!

Here's their Menu
(click to enlarge)

The dishes are mostly in Korean
so you have to ask the waiter
details about the dish

(pictures ain't helpful here)

2 Story restaurant
The place is cozy

A lot of Koreans eating there

I love their "wall of photos"
Just proves a lot of people
to dine in their restaurant!


Sol Korean Restaurant does not accept credit card, everything is on Cash Basis so make sure to take some cash if you dine here :)


I also received my order of the MAC Shadestick from Mona, I'm glad she sold her shadesticks as I called in MAC and I was told they don't sold it down here anymore. Thanks Mona for the smooth transaction! :D

Top: MAC Shadestick Beige-ing
MAC Shadestick Sharkskin

Dear Philippine Readers,
do not forget to enter the Dollface Palette Contest!
Contest ends 11:59pm today!
Goodluck! Winner will be announced on Monday!
Keep smilin'!
Stay Happy!


  1. wow! i looove korean foods! I tried chicken bulgogi, it's yummy! but my ultimate favorite, japchae!! (hope I spelled that right) :D

  2. Wah! look at all those yummy food. Making me hungry now.

  3. OMG!! It's Saturday night in the UK still and we just had dinner. I was showing Jamal our new Japanese Bulldog Sauce that is made for Tonkatsu--and you post this!!

    Thank you for posting these pics!! I had stir fried Tofu with spring greens and plain rice tonight...your food looks so much better!!

  4. The beef dish looks really appealing ;D...
    Do you like the MAC shadesticks :o? The Sugarsweet ones look lovely but I prefer to work with powders, I'm not too good with using sticks :(.

  5. I like saying bibimbop over and over again hahaha It's so fun!
    wow food looks delish!

  6. YUM! Can you believe I've never tried Korean food, ever? I am THAT unadventurous when it comes to food :(

    But you review makes me wanna troop over to Roxas Blvd. I haven't been there in ages! :)

  7. The food looks yummy! I've just had dinner but you're making me hungry again!

  8. nice food!! i love Korean appetizers ^^ especially the cucumber kimchi~~ :p

    my stomach is screaming hungry right now! :p

  9. yummy as always!! I love Korean food and I absolutely looove sundubu chigae. I get that every time I go to a Korean restaurant! :)

  10. those food looks very deliciou!! i wish i can have delicious food everyday of my life!!!


  11. lol
    i didn't know you were so into the side dishes~

    technically you CAN ask for more if you are out of it...

    but it can be looked down upon cause people think its their right to get more. okay maybe not right...but they demand more, and more, and more, and never tip or they get the cheapest thing on the menus and fill up on the side dishes.

    anyway its like that here at least, I would assume, being korean, that it would be the same :)

    anyway looks good :) slightly drooling while writing this... :P

  12. Yummy yummy!
    Looks very very yum!
    I like Beef Bulgogi too! And your Bibimbop looks yum too! Is it not spicy?

  13. wow! that's too much food...and dont tell me it's just u and your hubby? hehehe

  14. *Nehs*, I know you love Korean food too! I remembered you posting about it!

    -Yu- awww, sorry for making you hungry, I am hungry too after looking back!

    Jamilla Camel,'re welcome, I love to eat! isn't it obvious? hahahha

  15. Cris , so far I'm still on the process of using it, will get an indepth review soon, I use the shadesticks as base for my powdered e/s! :)

    Kasumi me too! I love saying Bibimbop over and over again too and I will definitely want rice because of bibimbop..bibimbop..ooohh am I saying it over and over again ? LOL

    teeyah, try it! you'll love it!!

  16. Gio, sorry for making you hungry again lol

    miRaCLe , cucumber kimchi taste yUMMY!!!! I love regular kimchi too!!!

    Audrie its my first time to eat sundubu chigae, and I am in LOVE!!!!

  17. Lipstick staiin, yes! me too but we'll go fat! ahahahhaa

    Vanessa M , are you into Korean dishes?

    Rasilla, actually I am really into side dishes, and yeah you can ask more but its embarrassing, in this resto, the waiter just kept on refilling your side dishes everytime they see them all gone, so it's less embarrassing lol And yeah, I just ask for what i really love! I know what you mean about wanting to get more side dishes and order the cheapest meal..some people DO that..

  18. Anastacia, yum!!! It's spicy! But I love spicy food!

    Debi, No, its me my hubby and parents :)

  19. I LOVE, LOVE, love Korean food. We eat Korean here in Phoenix at least twice a month. My little boy loves the bulgogi and the spare ribs being barbecued in front of us. :) I can also eat kimchi everyday. One day though I ate too much of it and developed hyperacidity. lol

  20. Honestly i'm not a fan of Korean food, but i do love their Bibimbops! :D

    But everything you showed look so good!! I must give them another try...! :D

  21. love the look of the appetisers, and looking at the food reminds me how much I miss Korean BBQ!

    this is going on that "neverending" list k? :D

  22. ohhh shadestickkk!! and you always go to fab resto for food!! YUM YUM!!!

  23. pricey noh? but I also like Korean food. you ordered a lot! did you and keith finish them all? hihi

  24. TheShadesOfU, awwww, Kimchi everyday? WOW!!! I'd really love to travel to Korea someday and eat Korean food there! :D

    Jenn, Bibimbops are wonderful!!!!!

    Beetrice, Korean BBQ!!! I want those that can be wrapped with lettuce, now I'm hungry all over again!!

  25. Iyah, shadesticks, I wish I can try more! But I guess those are it for now! :D

    Ury, yeah, a bit pricey but it's worth it for once in awhile food tripping :D

  26. Yummy yummy yummy! I've always wanted to try Korean food! This restaurant makes me sooo hungry!!!!! Ahh! YUMMIEEEEE!

  27. the appetizers are my favourite part of dining in a Korean restaurant hehe. I always ask for a second serving of the clear jelly cubes and the strips of potato yum!

  28. ♥Leigh♥ , yay go for it! give Korean dish a try :D

    Jo, yum on Korean appetizers :) I could just eat them and leave! hahahah if only it's not embarrassing! hahahha

    Yumeko, no problem, my pleasure sweetie!

  29. oh wow! i really love your weekend food trip posts. its mouth-watering! haha i miss korean food. and yes, what i love about it is the unlimited appetizers! hahaha

  30. cool shadesticks! I'd like to know if it creases. my NYX jumbo pencils crease and it's so aggravating! I've considered buying shadesticks but I wouldn't splurge unless I know for sure it ain't gonna crease!

  31. you sure love korean food nikki! we had lunch at sumo sam kanina! and it was good too! i forgot to take photos lang! sayang!

  32. i just woke up and i havent eaten aything and i get to read this???? lol anyway, i love korean food too. I look my bf one time and he thought the never ending mini appetizers were the main food lol. Theres one by my house here in l.a. called BCD Tofu house and its open 24/7 :)

  33. i had korean food today! saw your pics and felt it was necessary

  34. yum yum yummmm!!! you know how much I love it when you post pictures of food. hehehe.=]

  35. Steph, hahahaha I wish everyone reading my blog can taste it even for one serving "each" food lol

    Connie, I will definitely for for a review on it, I actually have both NYX and shadesticks so it'll be great to compare!

    Sab, wow..Sumo Sam! I love it!!!! :D

  36. iambeautiful20, sorry, try not to read my weekend post hungry! LOL wow 24 hours open for Tofu ??? YUM!!!

    M, awwww, what's your fave Korean dish?

    Miss Katin,I'm glad you like food post, I think hungry readers want to kill me! hahhaa

  37. i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve korean food!!!!

  38. Prettybeautiful, we definitely are Sisters from far away land! LOL we love almost the same stuffs!

  39. Ahleessa, hey! thanks, that's the right way to spell Bi-bim-bahp? and I wonder why Korean restaurants here name it as Bibimbop :)

  40. all that food looks delicious! i love korean food. those are my two favorite mac shadesticks! so many looks to do with them!

  41. Jensmakeupbag, yes! i'm glad you said I've got 2 best shadesticks :) Yes, Iam enjoying doing looks with them :)

  42. Mmmmmmm Korean food is my absolute fave!


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