Monday, April 20, 2009

Winner for DollFace Contest!!!

This is it!
It's time to announce the winner for the Dollface palette contest.
First of all, I would like to thank EVERYONE for sending in their entries.
I am overwhelmed and happy with the responses.
I will do my best to do more contests in the future! The more contests, the more winners!
More people will be happy! YAY!

I know I originally thought of Random Generator to pick out a winner, but there are some duplicate entries and there are some of our international friends who wishes you goodluck. So to make sure the contest is fair, I've typed down all the names of the commenter who entered, and I will ask my dearest hubby to pick out the winner.

Here are the names
needed to be cut out

Everyone in!

Hubby picking the winner :D

and the winner is.....

Congratulations to

I will email you to get your full name and mailing details. Dollface cosmetics will send your prize as soon as they received the mailing information.

Thanks again to everyone!
And thanks to Pearl of DollFace Cosmetics
for supporting Askmewhats and the readers!

Keep Smilin'!



  1. haha thats soo cute how the winner is chosen!

    congrats to natasha!


  2. haha that cup you put the names in is cute & so fitting for its purpose haha

  3. HAHAHA how fun!!!!
    I love the glass jar!
    That is a fantastic idea!
    Congrats to Natasha :)

  4. I like the glass jar too! What a cute way to pick the winner!

  5. lol I love how you used the old school way of drawing the winner! :D

  6. thank you sis Nikki!! :)

    oh.. I didn't win! :D it's okay, thanks for letting me know about the site, I might buy a 96 paleete from them. :)

  7. yay congrats to the winner! Haha you did it the old school way, it looks so fun!

  8. LipStick Staiin, hahaha have to do all the trouble to make sure everything is smooth! :)

    Yumyumsushi, oh, that's my brush holder LOL

    Kasumi, I know!!!! I had fun shaking it but didn't have fun cutting each names and folding it ! Glad hubby helped out :)

    Chrissy,M, Anastacia yes! Lucky Natasha!

    Citrine, thanks, I'm glad I have taste in choosing a brush holder eh? hahaha

    Blu3, that's the only way, i originally wanted a Random Generator, but I want to make sure everyone who's supposed to be included are included :)

    Nehs, awww, dont' worry, I hope to have more contests in the future and yeah, her rate is quite good! :) And I love the way she package the palettes :D

    Audrie, it isn't fun when i was cutting and folding at 12+am LOL

  9. Ur hubby has a good hand ah :) i must compliment that hahahaha..

  10. that's the best way to do any contest! very random...i personally think voting is unfair. but great way to find a winner. congrats to her!

  11. Steff..hahaha Actually when I first met him, I was looking at his hands! LOL You are very good!

    Jensmakeupbag, :) Thanks!

  12. I was thinking of doing this, but I got lazy and used the site instead.



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