Monday, April 20, 2009

Reader's Corner: Askmewhats Answers

"Coffee anyone?" lol

Anyways, I will be answering some queries from my readers, I know I have answered most but I still want to share for readers who probably would ask the same questions at the back of their head :)


"What's a good starter blush you can recommend? "

Askmewhats Answer

It really depends on your budget. My first blush ever is from Maybelline's Color Wear Blush in 02 Rose. I bought it because they were on sale for 25% off and they work quite good! If you are on a budget, you can go for L'oreal, Maybelline, or Revlon blushes and do wait for their sale! They usually have it once every 3 months and so far, it works! I've finished it up and I like it!


"What's a good and affordable lip brush?"

Askmewhats Answer

For lip brush, there's no hard rules to purchase one! There's a whole lot of generic lip brush and you can go check out Watson's and go for the retractable one or the ones with cap so it's always protected inside your makeup bag! :)

Here's my first lip brush,
which I still have up to date.

My g-lish lip brush
from the brush set I own.

I love it that the lip brush is protected

You can attach the cap
to the bottom part of the brush

If your lip brush is well taken care of
It'll last you for long!


"Can you list down all the TFS polish shade you own?"

Askmewhats Answer

I don't own a lot of TFS Nail Polishes YET because I have been purchasing different brands for the past years. Now that I found myself loving them, I will definitely have a bigger collection of TFS brush in the future. Here's what I have at the moment. A very small collection .

From Left to Right

25 Rainblow Blue Pearl
62 Shimmering Lavender

And of course!
Do not forget my favorite
Base and Top Coat

L- Base Coat
R- Top Coat

I hope my Q&A helps!
Thanks for your trust in Askmewhats!
Have a wonderful day!
Keep Smilin'!
Stay Happy!


  1. HI, Nikki! Please, check out my blog, I tagged you :)

  2. ahhh..your infamous TFS base coat in your tut!

  3. oooh all those TFS nail polishes look so cute! I like the bottle design.

  4. Pretty nail polishes!

    Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you enjoy seeing organized spaces! I do too, so I try to keep my stuff that way, lol. =)

  5. Anastacia, thanks will do this ASAP :)

    miRaCLe, no problem! It's my pleasure!

    Kasumi, yes! It's there right? LOL I love it and I'm using it each and every Nail Art I'm doing!

    Audrie, I'm glad you enjoyed the TFS, the newer bottle design is prettier!

    Catherine,awww you're talking to an organized individual, birds of the same feathers do flock together *winks*

  6. thanks for answering my question girl.
    actually i just wanted to know which is the pink tfs nail polish you have.
    it looks great.
    and see any other colours you have that i wanna pick up too.
    i bought this brown but it was BR803

  7. LyNn, you are welcome! I appreciate the question :D

  8. i like these posts. great way to interact with readers!

  9. one more can use an angled brush for a lip brush if you didn't want to buy one.

  10. Jensmakeupbag :) thanks and great tip :D


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