Thursday, May 14, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: VO5 Give Me Curls

Aside from skincare, make-up... Hair products are super important for me because I have been struggling for beautiful hair for the longest time!!! Way even before I had my first make-up!!! :)

I have been curling my hair for special occasion, the traditional way and the modern way (using heating tools).
In whatever way I do to curl my hair, I make sure to use a "curl booster" and of course a heat protecting product that would shield my hair from all the damages!!!

VO5 Give Me Curls!

VO5 Give Me Curls! says ---

Spring into styles with curls that can take the heat.
Creates strong curls that last all day, resists humidity for gravity-defying bounce. Protects hair from curling iron damage.

contains 5.1FL OZ Bottle

Askmewhats says ---


  • does hold the curl. Tested on my friends and clients.
  • non-sticky
  • not the "aerosol" can type, good for the environment
  • inexpensive: I bought this at the Duty Free Shop Philippines for less than $5.00 (approx Php250)
  • has heat protection!

  • because of it's "spray bottle" easier to evenly distribute it all over the hair

  • Scent is not sweet smelling but not bad at all, has a tiny bit of hairspray smell (this doesn't bother me)
  • Not sure if this is available everywhere as I've checked online, this has been discontinued in the US. So definitely limited stocks of these!

If you don't plan to do hair professionally, just wanted to practice mild curls on those special days! This is a great product as it's inexpensive and it does the job! But if you plan do be a hairstylist, you can purchase better heat protecting and curling sprays from other brands!

  • spray this on your hair before using a curling iron, comb it gently to make sure the product is evenly distributed to your hair
  • if you are in the US, I think they sell it way cheaper for $2.00 (approx Php100) or less a piece!
  • you can always reuse the bottle for something else (not for face products ok?)

Will I repurchase?

I may try out different brands, I doubt I will still go back to the Duty Free Shop just for this :)

Where can you purchase and how much?

Not sure if we have it locally, check out Watson's! :)

What are you using to boost those lovely "Goldi-locks"?
I may look into your suggestions after I finish this!
Have a great day everyone!
Shen! I mean this! LOL)
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Nice review, thank you!! My hair is always just a mess. Maybe I should get on the pursuit of better hair soon..

  2. Hi Nikki, I love your blog (especially the reviews and tutorials)! To show my appreciation, I have given you an award on my blog. :)

  3. OHHH Curls look so sophisticated!
    You should do a curls tutorial if you haven't done so already :)

  4. hehe.
    im with straights now.
    i use loreal studio's hot straight
    was debating between vo.5 and tresmme as well.
    but vo.5 only had two types.
    either keep it straight OR heat protection
    tres was expensive. i think it was almost RM 40
    loreal was only around RM 20+ and it has reviews in newspapers all the time :P

  5. Chrissy, your hair is not a mess! come on! are you joking me?? :) but yeah we should always take care of our crowning glory :)

    Shopn'Chomp, THANK YOU! that is super sweet of you!

  6. Kasumi, I love curls!!!! I think I've done a curling tutorial as a guest writer on :) I'll try to link it back soon :)

    LyNn,oooohh I think L'oreal does make great hair styling products! Tres sounds nice but we don't have it here I think!

  7. Im not good with hair, I seldom do anything with my hair except curling it :D but i never thought about looking product with heat protection -_-" should do next time..
    hahaha,thanks for your prev reply on my reply,yes Im not that old yet but not that young too for sure ^__^ I just turn 26 hehehe..

  8. i've seen you sport fairly curled locks in your FOTD's and you looked glam in them! aha, that's your secret pala hah. :) ive never curled my stubborn and wavy hair but i'm considering.. i'll try this soon!

  9. ooh this is great
    i always wonder what ppl use on their hair since all i use are japanese products [i am so boring]

  10. Wow! something what i totaly need for my hair

  11. wee kailangan ko to :D

    im into curly hair lately :D

  12. acutelife , yes, if we curl our hair, we should get heat protecting stuffs because it's the worst enemy for our poor hair!

    herroyalbleakness, awww, thanks! :) Yes this is my secret! hahahha well not really a secret now!

    Yumeko, oh, I've seen your curled hair and those japanese hair products look wonderful!!! No need to say you're boring, you're living in the cutest country!!!!

  13. Anastacia, :) what are you using at the moment for your hair?

    Aika, sis! I saw your curly hair! so pretty nga eh!

  14. cool!! Kinda like the curl lotions I have tried :) I love your nails.. for some reason, I am drawn to moon :)

  15. the one i have is from lucido'L, sadly it cant really hold my curl well, nor protect my hair frm heat.

  16. wow great price!! I'm going to see if I can find this at my local store! Thanks for the review :)

  17. What a helpful review! :] I wanna see your curly hair!! :D

  18. Iyah, hahaha thanks! the nails do take your attention away from the product itself! hahah

    Prettybeautiful, we don't have Lucidol here, I've heard great stuffs! But didn't work for you? that's bad!

    Audrie, yes, it really works ad it's cheaper there!

  19. Iyah, hahaha thanks! the nails do take your attention away from the product itself! hahah

    Prettybeautiful, we don't have Lucidol here, I've heard great stuffs! But didn't work for you? that's bad!

    Audrie, yes, it really works ad it's cheaper there!

  20. Fuz, hahahah if I have the time, i'll do a curly hair for you!

    Vanessa M. pooey? hahahhaha you are too cute and funny!

  21. Nikki Nikki!

    I have this! hahaha. I got mine at Landmark in Makati and i think it's like Php215.00. I luv it too coz it holds the curl without any "crunchiness" I learned though to let the spray "evaporate" first so it doesn't shizzle. It really holds my curls! maybe I'll curl my hair at the next event hahaha.

    Another great product is pantene Curl Lock spray.

  22. unfortunately i have short hair so curls will look wierd on me. if this ever comes up again, i'll be sure to try it out. thanks for the review.


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