Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "I am A Teenager" look

School has really been keeping me busy but that doesn't stop me from blogging ladies! Na-ah!!! LOL If I have the time, I will be writing more about my experiences with the school but that has to wait!!! Things has been super hectic and busy and I am definitely a walking zombie!!! A walking smiling zombie! LOL

This week, I've started out a very bright nail art design!!!
Why not go with the flow and continue with bright eyes?

Here's my purple and pink
eye make up
So girly
So Fun!

Askmewhats Diagram :)

Prior to any e/s application
Apply Elianto Shimmer e/s in Pink all over lids

(thanks sis Hedley for this)

Apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt

from crease going a bit beyond

Step 1:

Pat on MAC's Sushi Flower all over the crease area going a bit beyond. Pat on MAC's Sushi Flower on top of the NYX Yoghurt

Step 2:

Using a fluffy crease brush, apply Milani's Shock e/s all over the crease area

Using a smaller crease brush, apply Ulta's Plum e/s on the outer V to deepen the crease

Step 3:

Apply ELF's White e/s on the brow bone area and inner corner of the eye.

Step 4:

Lined my eyes with MM Gel Liner in Inky Black with my Ecotools eyeliner brush :) Wing it if you want to! :)

Curl my lashes and
applied 2 coats of

P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Flutter those lashes!
And feel like you're sweet 16 :P

What I use for
the rest of my face?

For the Face

Mix of MAC's SF Foundation in NC30

and CG TruBlend no. 1

Used my
TBS Mineral Foundation
in 02
as Setting powder

For the Cheeks

Contoured with
Dollface Cosmetics
Contour Palette

Applied Arezia Light Pink Blush on the apples of my cheeks

For the Lips

Lancome Lipstick
topped with
Nivea Caregloss & Shine

I of course am not saying I look like a teenager! LOL
but it's the look I'm trying to create
and you got the drift eh?
Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Stay young!


  1. Yay, you got it Nikki! Young and cheeky! ;)

  2. Wah~ I'm loving this teenage seies :)
    I have issues with trying to make pink work for me, but your look looks so pretty...that im tempted to try again...maybe with a bit of a tan during the summer, it will work better than my pale winter skin? :P

  3. loving the "teenager" looks/nails.

    you look really young! :)

  4. so cute. always love your tut. Nikki! :)

  5. Wow! Sooo pretty look! Pinks looks very cute 'n girly on you! Like this look so much!

  6. I like your hair in this post...I can never pull off this much pink on my face, it will look like eye infection on me...

  7. That's adorable! You look very fresh and young.

  8. loving the colors :) go so well with your teenage nails!

  9. OHHH This is one of my favorites from youu! So pretty and youthful!

  10. you look so cute!! and cheery like a teenager. hehe... well, maybe more like a preteen. Teenagers are more emo. haha

  11. it looks so pretty! pink bubblegum pop <3 i think above all colors pink really really suits you well :D it looks so dainty and sweet ^_^

  12. i absolutely love the colors!!! and the title is so cute,, :D

  13. your last statement is funny haha =D like this pink look

  14. Jess, funny thing is, I am not cheeky when I was a teenager, now I going back to childhood? :P

    Rasilla...thanks!!! Pinks are LOVE for me but I find it quite hard to use it on eyes too! you are right, at times, makes my eyes bulge! like I haven't slept for years!

    Maggie Ying, thank you!!!! And thanks for the compliment!!! I AM YOUNG! :P:P:P

  15. Nehs, :) I'm glad you like it!

    Anastacia, just like pinks look wonderful on you! If I'll be half as good looking as you, I'll be happiest!

    Citrine, aawww, thanks!!! I'm glad you see the "hair" ahahahha I did curl it a bit in a subtle way :)

  16. Fuzkittie, fresh and young, I LIKE!

    M, hahahahah I can go to parties with pigtails on my teenage nails and look series!

    Kasumi, hey sweetie! Thank you!!!!

  17. Connie, wow ! PRETEEN!!!! well true..I'm only 12??? hahahah

    Shuu, thank you!

    Gia, bubblegum pop is a nice name for eyes!!!! Do yours! and call it bubblegum!!

  18. Donnarence title is super corny! hahahah But that's all the creative juice I have for now!

    Kim, don't listen to SHEN!!!! hahhaha I am sweet naman eh right???? *nudges hard* :P

  19. nice! :D this also matches your nails!

  20. I love this look, it looks so feminine and reminds me of spring! :)

  21. This look is so pretty and soft (: Of course you look young and cute :D And thanks for dropping by my blog! Bubbles is a cute name hehe. Still can't decide >< Oh and Idk if you saw but I left you an award on my blog a few entries back. Since I love visiting here :D

  22. Love this look. Perfect for spring :)

  23. u always look young to me dear!

  24. i love it Nikki!! So fresh & girly! =)

  25. Awww... you look so cute and fresh with this look!! You can definitely rock the pinks and purples!! They make me look swollen!! hehehe!! :D

  26. Likey the look ^^ will try to do it with greenies (i wonder will it still look young :P)

  27. weeeee...u really look like a teenager :D

  28. lol you're better at blogging than i am, that's for sure. school swallows me!

  29. This is sooo pretty!!! Very Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!!! <3 -- I had to add the heart at the end since I can't dot my 'i's' with little hearts ;)

  30. Prettybeautiful , yes! I got inspired by my nails :)

    Female_intuition, awww thanks! The spring is like the best season! So this is really nice! to be compared to spring!thank you!

    e.motion in motio, I am glad Bubbles is cute but yeah, it's your choice for the name! Cant' wait to read your final decision :)

  31. Shopn'Chomp, thank you

    Yumeko, you know what to say to make a tired and sleepy girl happy! LOL

    Khymm, thank you!!! Girly is really what I want :)

  32. Jenn, I know what you mean, RED makes my eyes swollen too!!!! So I have to be careful if I use reds :)

    Acutelife, oohhh light greens will work! Yes, it will make you young! DARN GIRL! YOU ARE YOUNG!!!! What are you saying?

    Sis Jheng! HEy! I know how busy you are! thanks for dropping by!

  33. Yumyumsushi, gosh I'm a blog addict! hahaha

    Sarah, wow!!! ELLE WOODS! YOu are super sweet for saying so!

  34. Hahaha.. pink is not only for teenager but u definitely are... Nice EOTD.. i like it. Pink always look weird on me even though I really like to use pink because is cute and subtle...

  35. purple!! need to say the colour gradation... :)

  36. Love the look, very pretty and girly!

  37. i think u pulled it off!

    and jealous of ur skin! u look glowing!

  38. But of course you look young and sweet and sixteen! I like the look a lot :D

  39. for a thirty year old, you look like 13!!! very very cute.

  40. giiiirl, I wish I looked that darling as a teenager. HA! You look gorgeous. Off to NYC I go....if you don't see me around, that's why. :)

  41. Syn@3sTh3sI@ , awww wow! so pink is also for oldies like me! :) Thanks for that sweetie :)

    Beetrice, awww, glad you liked it girl! :)

    Gio, thank you!

  42. Paint Me Gorgeous, is glowing due to the highlighting powder...ahem..then though for liking it and think its the greatness of my skin :P

    Teeyah, awww..thank you!!! You know the right words to say for a tired old lady!

    Jojoba! hahaha 16 is enough, 13 is like too young! hahaha

    B. awww! I know you're in NYC! thanks so much for commenting and showing me some lovin'!!!*Hugs* enjoy!!!

  43. great job!!! you nailed young and very fresh look!

    i love the lip color on you. very pretty :)

  44. Such a cute, cheeky look indeed! =)

  45. Aquaracer, thank you!!!! Wow, you like the lip color? I actually think those colors do not match me :)

    Catherine, hahahah thanks!

  46. this is such a sweet and cute pink look! love the lipstick!! a very pretty pink :D

  47. Hey, i want to ask you if the Arezia pallete is cool?
    i want to buy it!


  48. NicNic, thank you :)

    Pawssies, the Arezia palette, I have mixed feelings with it. The top portion (mostly eyeshadows) doesn't perform well, they are quite chalky and felt like "kids' makeup", the 2nd layer, which consists of blushes, finishing powder and shimmery powder is really good!!! So basically I use the 2nd layer more! It's your choice if you still want to give it a try ! But if you can spend your money on other palettes like the Coastal Scents one, it'll be better! Hope this helps!

  49. Aww.. This is such a cute look on you Nikki! =)

  50. wish i can put on pink...but pink doesnt suite my color. hehehe

  51. ohh thank you very much!!!!

    i only like the arezia palette because the mosaic that looks cool xD

    i will try CS then!!!

    thank you very much!

  52. Jen, thank yoU!

    Debi, hahaha PINK doesn't suit me most of the time too! it really depends on the mood of my eyes! LOL If I woke up to puffiness, goodbye to pinks! :)

    Vanessa M, :D

    Pawssies, Arezia palette does look cool! Everytime I pull it out a lot of people are asking about it! But yeah, go for CS, the e/s are more pigmented

  53. those colors are soooo pretty on you. i still have to get sushi flower! i've been wanting that for a looong time. i just bought girlie though so i'll have to deal with that first. i'm loving that liner though.

  54. aww. real pretty look!

    thank you! diagrams are soo helpful..

  55. I think you look great in pink!! Being a teenager is the best time to experiment with hair and makeup, before you have to start working in the adult world!


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