Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something New: L'oreal White Perfect Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream

L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Introduces
White Perfect Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream

Excessive melanin production can saturate cells with dark pigments, leading to skin darkening and preventing your inner rosy glow to shine through. On the surface, your skin looks dull and yellowish.

Without a healthy rosy glow, your skin cannot reach its inner fairness.

For truly radiant skin, L'oreal Presents:

Transparent Rosy Whitening

To wake up every morning with a rosy fair glow.

Overnight Action

1. Lightens skin tone and boosts rosy glow:
  • Optimally enriched with Tourmaline gemstone known to stimulate skin microcirculation, it acts during the night for a radiant rosy skin in the morning.
  • It also contains Advance Melanin-Block, which acts to regulate the melanin production at the source, to help skin become fairer.
2. Soothes and reinforces the skin:

UV, stress, pollution can lead to create free radicals, which have harmful effects on skin cells. Skin surface is darkened. This cream contain vitamin E, which is known to fight against free radicals and to enlighten skin during the night.

  • Immediately, skin is soft, supple and hydrated
  • from the first morning, skin is smoothed and radiant with rosy fairness
  • Night after night, skin is visiby fairer, more transparent, with a healthy glow

Nourishing but non-greasy, the re-comforting and velvety texture of new WHITE PERFECT Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin soft and supple, with no feeling of stickiness.

Dermatologically tested on Asian skin.

Suggested retail price is Php525.00 (approx $11.00)

Available at SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Stores, PCX, The Landmark, Robinson's Department Stores, Shopwise, Mercury Drug Stores, Gaisano Metro Department Stores.


  1. I picked up this cream in India, and it is an excellent mass-market brightening cream for combo to normal skin.

    I loved this cream, but my skin is desert dry, so it was not moisturizing enough--but I am sure that I'm the exception here!

  2. Jamilla Camel, I also have very dry skin, I think we are almost the same dry skin, you're not alone!

  3. ohh if i see this im gonna check it out :) thanks!

  4. it sounds promising lol. have you tried it, Nikki?

  5. Thanks for updating. ^_^
    I'm trying to find a new night cream.

  6. this is interesting sounding
    cant wait to hear ur review

  7. Loreal always have a very interesting n affordable products :D
    Have you purchased this?

  8. Sounds great! I am not sure if this is available in US, I havent seen it on the shelves of any drugstores I usually go to.

    I have to check it out.

  9. Interesting. Hope you can dish out a review on this soon! :)

  10. wow interesting! let me know if you try this!!

  11. I also have dry skin but Im using Dove and it improved. Now, this and my moisturized skin is a perfect combination!


  12. haven't tried this yet.. hmm.. i used the day cream though.. used to have super dry skin then i used the day cream (during day and night) for a few weeks and now my skin is normal..
    my sis has oily skin and she just converted frm olay.. she says her face is less shiny now at the end of the day..


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