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Askmewhats Reviews: Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance

As seen on my Something New post.
Finally, after a month and a half! I am ready for a review!!!

As seen on my previous post here, I was given a chance to try and test Sustainable Youth Skincare. Given my sensitive and dry skin, I am a bit hesitant to give it a try plus the fact that I don't have that amount of wrinkles or fine lines to really see results! But thanks to Connie's wonderful review that urged me to try this after I finish up my Clinique Mild Cleanser and Dramatically different moisturizer.

So on with the review!!!

Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement with Alastin says ---

An all-natural, vegan formula containing the immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend Alasta™ developed to sustain youth and beauty from the inside out.

Clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 61 percent in only 12 weeks of use. Consumer case studies show visible signs of improvement in only 2 weeks of use and consumers report benefits in as little as 1 week of use.

A 30-day supply of 60 capsules is packaged in a compact, recyclable bottle.


Alasta™ Complex, Defatted Rice Bran, Hypromellose, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate


Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening

Immune Performance™ Revitalizing Serum with Alasta™ ---

Size: 30ml

A weightless, topical treatment containing the immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend Alasta™ that absorbs instantly to rejuvenate skin’s radiance and glow as it helps improve skin’s elasticity and firmness for the appearance of younger-looking skin.

Clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 72 percent in only 8 weeks of use. Consumer case studies show visible signs of improvement in only 2 weeks of use and consumers report benefits in as little as 1 week of use.

Contains organic tea extracts and essential oils that help rejuvenate the skin and invigorate the senses.

Key Ingredients:

Alasta™, Rice Extract, Green, White and Rooibos Tea Extracts

Immune Performance™ Elasticity Cream with Alasta™ 30ml ---

Size: 30ml

A lightweight, daily moisturizer containing the immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend Alasta™ that soothes and hydrates as it helps restore skin’s elasticity and firmness for the appearance of thicker, plumper skin.

Clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 72 percent in only 8 weeks of use. Consumer case studies show visible signs of improvement in only 2 weeks of use and consumers report benefits in as little as 1 week of use.

Contains organic and natural oils, extracts and essential oils that condition, moisturize and soothe the skin and invigorate the senses.

Key Ingredients:

Alasta™, Organic Olive Oil, Natural Jojoba Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Green and White Tea Extracts


Gently apply a thin layer to clean facial skin in the morning and in the evening. For maximum results, precede use with Immune Performance™ Revitalizing Serum.

Askmewhats says for the whole set ---


  • easy to swallow as size is small
  • made of organic ingredients

  • made of organic ingredients
  • absorbs to the skin quickly
  • non greasy/oily, has a liquid consistency
  • great for oily skin as this dries off matte
  • made of organic ingredients
  • scent smells wonderful
  • absorbs to the skin quickly in no time


  • for someone who expects to see huge results, this won't happen overnight
  • for lazy vitamins taker like me, this is a huge commitment to take this day and night!

  • the scent! case to case basis, this may not bother other people but I don't like the woody scent
  • too drying for my already dry skin
  • if you have dry skin and wanted moisturizer, this is not moisturizing enough


I am quite hesitant to give this a try because my skin has always been on a sensitive side. I've done research and read the ingredients list over and over again before I've decided to give it a go.

First try? I am so glad my skin did not react negatively! My skin usually would itch or turn red at once if I'm allergic to it. So it passed my first test.

I find that using this 3-step as my skincare program does improves my skin's elasticity, of course you cannot see that on photos but I can see the skin on my jaw area tightened up a bit, but with the wrinkles and fine lines? It stayed that way and it hasn't disappeared! I must be too stressed! LOL

What I like about the Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance products is that I don't feel any sleepiness or weight gain as what we call "Side Effects".

The only concern I got is my dry skin isn't moisturized enough while I use this system. The first week of using this made my skin flakes a bit on the jaw and cheeks area. I've decided to incorporate my Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief AFTER the cream and it did not react negatively but I find it working hand in hand with my Sustainable Youth system.

I believe this is better for normal to oily skin. Dryer skin individuals like me have to use a separate moisturizer after the cream! And I have to stress on that!


If you don't feel comfortable spending so much on the whole set, you can purchase just the supplement or just the cream or serum. Of course using them all together will heighten and quicken the result as opposed to using just one.

Will I repurchase?

I'd love to purchase just the cream or the supplements! The serum dried up my dry skin more!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Sustainable Youth website
Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement with Alasta 60capsules for $55.00 (approx Php2,585)
Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum with Alasta for
$65.00 (approx Php3,055)
Immune Performance Elasticity Cream with Alasta for $65.00 (approx Php3,055)
Introductory price for set of 3
$150.00 (approx Php7,000)

And here's what everyone's been looking for to prove if the products work or not, I've taken the before shot at exactly April 24, 2008 and the after shot was taken June 20, 2008. I've finished up the Elastifirm Supplement for a month taken day and night and I've used the Serum and Cream consistently day and night. I've added Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief at night time as mask to make sure my skin won't get dry when I take my beauty sleep.

I've stopped applying any eye cream I've used in the past for the sake of this review, I've applied the serum and cream gently on the undereye area and massaged all over my face, neck and jaw area.

Note from Author: The results of the test could come out differently to different individuals. DO NOT take my word for my reviews, the results are all from my personal experiences based on my skin condition, the environment I am in and my diet. Please use any products mentioned here at your own risk.

Left Eye
(you can click to enlarge)

Before taking a look at the photos, I don't see any huge difference on my eye area, I only experienced firmer eyelids which was shown visibly on the photograph above. The fine lines on the undereye area are still the same as before.

Right Eye
(you can click to enlarge)

Aside from cleaner brows on the AFTER shot, lol, there is again an obvious difference on my eyelid area being lifted more as compared to before. The fine lines under the eye area has shortened just a TINY bit but the rest remains the same and the circles on my right eye is more prominent due to stress from work and my mom who's going for a Gallbladder stones surgery soon! :(

(you can click to enlarge)

The lines/wrinkles (ouch, I hate using that word) remains the same, I do have some spots from my breakouts once in awhile, yes, my spots moved from left to right! lol but I was looking up close and seen that there's no drastic changes on my forehead.

Final Thoughts?

Though the company claimed to see results in 2 weeks, yes, could be for others but not for me. It took me a month and more to be able to see tiny changes, but the tiniest difference is better than none right?

Overall, it was a great experience to try these products that are not too commercialized, I don't care as long as it works! :)

Don't you just think my post is getting longer and longer?
lol I just want to make sure to cover everything! :)
Drop me a note if you have any questions!
Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

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  1. thank you for the review, dear! oh my those are pretty expensive, eh? but yea experience is the best teacher, right? :D

    say hi to your mom, Nikki. hope everything works out great. :)

  2. I don't know and didn't see the product before, but the sound is pretty good!

  3. Hmm, looks to me that you're too young to start using these. =P

  4. hmmm...well,at least you know that you don't have to shed money for something that doesn't work as well as it's expected..lol

    thanks for the great review!

  5. i would like to try the supplements! i see a slight difference around your eye :) hope your mom will recover soon *pray pray*

  6. wow i can really see noticeable differences with the eye cream!!

    yes taking supplements takes time... ive noticed a lot of positive changes since taking vitamin C alone. hope the supplement works for you!

  7. I stick with stuff with peptides, DMAE, Vitamin C Ester and Hy Acid, since I need all that stuff!

    Good luck with your mum's gallbladder surgery!

  8. Ai, yes, come to think of it, as long as it's for skincare, it's ok to invest :)thanks for being sweet and I'll let my mom knows how sweet you gals are!

    my_makeup_mania, yes, it's Organic and it's been available for quite some time! :)

    Catherine, nah!!! This is the best time for me to start taking care of my skin, 30 is the new...18? hahaha

    ~tHiAmErE~ , you're welcome!

  9. prettybeautiful, thank you!!! I'm glad you see the slight difference, it's nice to hear thoughts from a third person! LOL I've been staring at my eyes too long!!!

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡, thanks! Yes I just got to realize how important supplements are! I'm glad you found that out earlier than me! LOL

    Jamilla Camel, thanks for the well wishes for my mom, well good for you you know what your skin needs!!

  10. I'm using these too at the moment and they work well for my combination skin. My skin feels very soft and is a bit firmer and clearer, but I can't see any dramatic difference either.

    Best wishes to your mom, hope everything goes well.

  11. Great review, girl! I've been sent some products of SY too, but have not tried them yet. At least there's some feedback with regard to these. Good thoughts and prayers for your mom!

  12. Gio, really? I'm glad to know it works for you! I'd love to try it if I know it works for someone out there :) Thanks for the well wishes!

    The Shades of U, thank you for the good thoughts and prayers for my mom :)


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