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Askmewhats Reviews: Kryolan Supracolor

I've always seen face paints on children's parties, Halloweens, theater, etc... But I would never thought in my lifetime I would be doing them on another person considering how bad I am when it comes to ART! lol I've always get the grade of 75%-80% for Art Class and 75% is just the boundary of a passing mark! LOL That's how bad I am and I'm not exagerrating. You can go ask my brother, I swear! He's not going to say nice things just because I'm his kid sister, lol

Anyways, as the day of the Makeup finals are fast approaching, I told myself I really have to go for the difficulty level because if I go for the safe level, no ones ever going to criticize me or even teach me for me to be able to improve myself. Since I bought myself this palette even before I started makeup class, why not put this to use?

Supracolor Standard
Combination A

Kryolan Supracolor says ---

Cream make-up made from beneficial oils and tested pigments.
Apply with a fine cosmetic sponge thinly and evenly.
To set make-up, use translucent powder.
Can be easily removed with Kryolan Make-up remover orHydro Removing Oil.

Askmewhats says ---

  • colors are very pretty
  • very pigmented
  • makes the e/s or powder color lasts longer and more vibrant
  • multi purpose: can be used on face, body and even hair!
  • easy to remove
  • no flaking after drying
  • no weird smell, the scent is actually wonderful, like a hint of flowery fragrance
  • no smearing
  • does not cause allergic react so far to me and my model
  • refillable
  • sleek and easy to take along


  • quite pricey compared to other face and body paints
  • this Supracolor shades are too bright and loud that you can only use this for special effects or avant garde looks
  • yes, the palette is refillable but you can't find all the refillable shades, it's limited down here

If you are studying makeup and you wanted to create a wonderful Avant Garde look, this is a wonderful palette! It enhances the e/s colors if used as base.

During my makeup class finals, I've been wanting to create a gradient face look and I've tried achieving it with the use of cream concealers. The colors came out more vibrant but not as vibrant as to having the Kryolan Supracolor. What I love is that it's so easy to blend and it doesn't flake out the skin of the model. Looking back, I am really glad I purchased this product as doing a creative makeup with this gives me the confidence that the colors I wanted to show up will show up the way I've imagined.

  • you can apply the product onto the face or body with a synthetic brush or sponge
  • always blend well the cream before applying the powder color.
  • buy this palette only if you know you'll be using most of the shades, if not, you can skip this
  • if you have someone coming from the US, ask them to help you purchase as it's cheaper outside of our country
  • share with your make-up artist friends if you know you just need this palette once
Will I repurchase?

Not the same palette, I don't use them as much as regular makeup :) But I am eyeing for their other products like the lipstick palette, foundation palette and concealer palette.

Where and how much did I purchase?

At Kryolan shop at 3rd Level, Il Terarazzo Bldg, Tomas Morato, QC.
Online Kryolan shop
Price: Php1,600 (approx $34.00)

Here's are swatches for you
to decide if you need them or not :)

Here's the look I've created
with the help of this palette!

Thanks Kryolan Supracolor!

**Thanks to Julia for the inspiration

I wish everyone a great start of the week!
It does feel better to start the week right, as it'll make the whole week better :)
Here's to a great Monday!
I want to thank everyone who's leaving me sweet and comforting messages on Twitter :)

God bless!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. oo nga nikki di mo xa pwede gamitin on everyday basis!!! try ko nga pumunta dun kasi im quite curious about kryolan products eh! wala ba to sa mga malls?

  2. i always adore your work, Nikki! and i'm loving the look you created back then! such an amazing gradient colors! but yes, it's expensive huhuhu. oh, HAPPY MONDAY, NikkI! :D

  3. I Am Me , none on malls yet, either online or you visit their store (which is super cool and cute with helpful staffs) at Tomas Morato branch :)

    Catherine,thank you!

    Ai, thank you sweet, reading your messages always warms my heart, I swear I have to meet you!!! :)Happy monday to you too and Nanzy!

  4. HI! Is that really meant for the face? It looks like ordinary water color to me.LOL

  5. im so dying to use kryolan or ben nye..
    good thing there's something here in the philippines..

    thanks for the info!
    hope you'll have a great week!

  6. I ordered something similar from Ben Nye. Can't wait to get them!

    The Kryolan colors look so pigmented and you totally made it work with that beautiful look.

    I've heard great things about Kryolan's HD foundation too

  7. I need to challenge myself and do something like this. Im not tooo creative myself but i need to try harder lol. The Kryolan seems like a agreat purchase though.

  8. This could be such an amazing eye shadow base :)

  9. I can't believe you had a passing mark in your Art class! The fantasy look you did there was just beyond reproach and amazing!

  10. gRamiraf , yes this is specifically used for face and body paints! This is even safer and this is actually considered Professional makeup especially for theater!

    ~tHiAmErE~, I believe Ben Nye is a bit cheaper, but never tried it, this is tried and tested and I love this! No wonder they are quite pricey, they do what they promised to do! :)

    Connie, Similar to Bennye? Hmm..i can't wait to see what you come up with! :) HD foundation! I've seen them and the manager referred it to me but I gave it a skip for now :)

  11. Becky, yes, it's nice to challenge oneself once in a blue moon :)

    my_makeup_mania, yes! You wear strong and vibrant eyeshadows so well! this would work for you!!!

    Roanne, hahahah if I can move back time and show it to you! I am not joking!!! hahhaa and that's my least favorite class, that's why I'm quite surprised why I'm into makeup! LOL

  12. i have heard things abt this brand for theatre work
    i cant wait to see wat else u do with it

  13. The look you created was pretty. You did an amazing job like you always do. :)

  14. Fantastic colors! I've been eyeing on kryolan supracolor for the longest time as I'm a kryolan user.

    Just a question though, can we use regular cold cream or cleansing oil to remove this or talagang we have to stick to Kryolan makeup remover?

  15. Yumeko, yes given the time! I will definitely do other looks with this! thanks!!!

    Pammy, thank you dear!

    Bambi, so far, the model used Shu Uemura cleansing oil and everything got removed naman :) So it's ok to use other makeup remover!

  16. Nikki mukhang nice nga tong palette na to. Ang ganda ng result ng avant garde mo eh.

  17. The palette look so cute. Like some school stationary and the brand name sounds like 'crayon'? hehehe

    It looks very pigmented and nice!

  18. The colors are very pretty and pigmented! I love the look you created, you did a fantastic job!

  19. my gosh!!! that palette is super pretty!! but i find it pricey for just 6 shades. :((

  20. *KiM*, sis it's worth the investment :)

    Traclyn Yeoh, hahahh I know what you mean! It does sound like Crayon and it is very pigmented , thank you! :)

    gio , thank you so much! :)

    *Nehs*, yes if you don't plan to use this much, no need to purchase this :)

    Dreams, colors and glitter , thank you and it was nice seeing your comment here :D

  21. you did a beautiful job with that Kryolan palette!!

  22. love the colors.. very intense.. hope id be able to try out Kryolan too

  23. Have you tried the Ultrafoundation? It comes in normal skin tones. I use the YH (yellow) to correct undereye circles. I got it at a beauty supply store in Dubai that carried the full range of Kryolan.

    Great Stuff!

  24. Kay, were you able to try Ben Nye? I'd love to try Ben Nye and see what's the difference between that and Kryolan!

    Jamilla Camel, no , not yet! I've heard they're really good! Wow..full range of Kryolan? Down here they don't have everything!

  25. Not good at art? Are you kidding me?! Giiiirl....why do you think there is "art" in make-up ARTist. I love Kryolan....and think they are a must have for every make-up artist.

  26. B, awwww..THANK YOU! Well you know I have a lot of misconceptions in the past :)

  27. this would be cool just to have it, the colors are fun! haha

  28. it's pricey nga but it seems to be a good product :) the nice thing about that is that it has all the primary colors so you can mix already. you probably don't even need to buy the other colors :P

  29. oh la la you got some kryolan!

  30. Aquaracer, it's a great set to create different cool and crazy looks!

    Crystal, so true! at least I can mix and match! and get other colors! You are right

    M, yes baby! hahahaa

  31. Kryolan make-up is the best! Try nyo rin foundation nila,super ganda! talagang very good covering, ito na nga ginagamit ko, try nyo ang 1002 supra color greasy foundation or 9003 ultra foundation with mirror tas lagyan nyo ng dual finish powder as in super cover. Lalo kang gaganda. kahit mahal pero super galing naman ang result. TRY NYO=)


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