Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: I Have 2 Eggs

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!!!

Especially to my daddy-os!!! Yup Dad and Dad-in-Law :)

I am not that close with my dad when I was growing up because we're the typical household of Dad working, going out early and going home super late! So no chance to bond! But it's never too late to get to know your dad more! I can say that I am closer to my dad now that I'm married compared to before. It's never too late to tell your dad you appreciate them and spend some quality time with them! :)

I can attest that Catchin' Up is vital in our relationship with our parents!


Weekend food tripping is here!!! I am so excited with today's food tripping because the place is so cute and I believe not a lot of people have dined in this place! I think...

Me and the hubby was at Timog Area planning to go to Wham Burger! lol And we saw this super cute restaurant at the corner called "I Have 2 Eggs". Knowing my hubby who's an egg eater! And me being a "cute place" eater, we have to check this out!!!!

I Have 2 Eggs
Tapsilog Station Menu

Did you Know That?

Tapsilog is the term used when tapa, garlic fried rice and fried egg are combined into one meal, which is served primarily during breafast.
Tapa means heat, the meat is heated. (according to wikipedia)

The place is spacious, seats are comfortable, I felt like I'm living in the 60's! Remember Back to The Future the movie? Something like that but I'm surrounded with eggs! LOL

I love the photos hanged on the wall. All the tiny details from the lighting to the paint colors are well thought off! I am impressed!

Archie Surprise
Php80.00 (approx $2.00)

Crispy bacon, ham, onion and cheese
topped with sour cream

Spiced Garlic Filipino Sausage
Php150.00 (approx $3.00)

A traditional Filipino breakfast sausage with skin or skinless
Seasoned with their own blend of spices.
Served with 2 eggs of your choice!

I've chosen 1 sunny side up and 1 scrambled!
I love choices!

Sago't Gulaman!
forgot the price but
less than Php60.00
(approx $1.50)

Ahhh life...
affordable yet delicious food!
If only makeup and skincare is the same cost
as food down here! *I wish*
Well have a wonderful Father's Day celebration everyone!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Hmmm... Looks enticing to me, esp coz I haven't eaten for more than 24hours. I should check this place. Where is this exactly at, Nikki?

  2. i LOVE eggs as well!!! oh my, i must go there.. i must go there.. *hypnotizing myself* thnx for ur food tripping, Nikki! it's uber enjoyable :D have a lovely weekend!

  3. weehh,, ang mura diyan.. bf and i must try new places to eat.. we would always get stuck at usual fastfood!! yay.. :D your food posts help a lot.. we have to try this one for sure..

  4. I Have 2 Eggs! LOL. The name sounds so catchy! =) I love sago't gulaman! YUMMMMMY!

  5. Tish , wow, why aren't you eating more than 24hours! better go out and eat!!! :)

    Ai, I am glad you enjoyed my food trippings, remember, you have to let me know if you're coming over! :)

    donnarence , yes, go ahead and eat!!! :) YAY!!! Let me know how it goes if you like it or not!

    Jen, lol I know! The name caught our attention!

  6. hmmm love eggs! and the name of the restaurant is SO unique! The food is such a GREAT value too, your whole meal added together barely gets me an omelette here :(

  7. that place looks heaps good. i am certainly going to be looking out for this one. thanks for sharing nikki!

  8. been here once i like it coz breakfast food is comfort food for me :D

  9. lol I love the name of the place "I Have Two Eggs" I like my eggs soft-broiled (hard boiled is ok too). If fried, I like sunny-side up. I eat the yolk with a spoon. YUM!

  10. The food looks yummy and it's so affordable! Love the name of the restaurant!

  11. Lulu , hahahah so true, I know if you calculated the prices of the food I eat here are nothing compared to there, but to be honest? I am good at finding inexpensive places, there are so many expensive restaurants down here too :)

    Jo, no problem, glad you like this!

    Crystal, aahhahaha so cute pa no?

  12. Steph, oohh it's just the location no? I'm sure if this is located at ORtigas or Makati area, it'll be jampacked!

    Innerchild, I can sense just by reading your comment that you are an egg lover eh? I am not...but surprisingly , Love this place!

    Gio, the name is catchy ! It makes a huge difference to have a restaurant that has catchy name :D

  13. i can eat 3 plates of these...

  14. YUM! breakfast! I miss tapsilog and gulaman! Ahhhhhhhh!

  15. ive never tried Philippine food before, looks yummy!

  16. Ooh the drink looks very interesting!!

  17. Becky, wow! you don't look like you can down 3 plates of these! LOL

    Leigh, when was the last time you had sago't gulaman and tapsilog?

    NicNic, you better visit here and let me know! I'll take you to cool places to dine

    Fuz, hahaha the drink is sweet, I believe there's somewhat similar like this in Taiwan but drinks down here are way sweeter!

  18. I LOVE your restaurant tripping! Happy Father's day!


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