Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Chocolate Dipped" Nails

Nail Art day!!!! It's humpy Wednesday and I wanted to create something that's close to women heart --- Chocolates!!!!

Chocolates warms the heart, proclaims love, an upper drug!!!!
So I am sharing a wonderful and legal drug to everyone!

Step 1:

Apply base coat prior to any nail polish application. Using Maybelline Colorama in Hint of Taupe, apply 2 coats and let dry.

Step 2:

Apply P&J 003 Nail Polish in brown in a diagonal manner going to whichever direction you want.

Step 3:

Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Glitter gold, line between the brown and taupe polish color to separate the 2 shades.

Step 4:

Draw dots using a white nail art pen or dotting tool.

Step 5:

Apply rhinestones of your choice, I applied a rectangular rhinestones to create running lines :)

Step 6:

Apply Top Coat of choice to protect nail art.

Chocolate Dipped Fingernails

with a Twist! :)

I was told by some of my readers that they cannot draw, so I've decided to show everyone that you can use different polish colors to create diagonal lines and that's enough! :)

Hope my weekly nail art tutorials
inspires even one of you out there!
Take care and keep smilin!
Stay happy!


  1. delicious! ^.^ haha im so lame
    but this is really cute!

  2. Wow! I love your nails. About how long did it take you to do this? It looks like it took forever!

  3. i love the nails!
    i go for minimalist & i think this is just simply gorgeous!

  4. Ahhhh I love it!!! I may have another fav, Diva!!!

  5. Oh i love that! I would totally rock that. you have the best nail creations!

  6. they look like little pieces of chocolate candy!

  7. yumyumsushi, hahaha you're not lame! You brightened my morning! thank you!

    Y, actually nails that goes for brushing and not much drawing takes shorter span of time to do, I think I've done both my toenails and fingernails in less than an hour and a half! :) I think the longest nail art i've done is 3 hours? LOL Coz there are some nail art I have to wait for the layers to completely dry!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , thank you!!!

  8. Dwana,aawww this is a runner up? YAY! Thanks!

    Jaimie, thank you for saying so! I'm glad you think I rock this look!

    Lily, hahahaha I'm glad it does look like chocolates! LOL I don't know how to name this nail art til the last minute!

  9. u and xin makes nail art look so simple yet pretty! but for the life of me i can never get it right!

    *poor nails being done over n over again*

  10. huwow!! you are soo good with this Nikki! love it!

  11. yaaaaay! another uh-may-zing loook by the great Nikki! oh i've always wanted the nail art pen and dotting tools but never able to find them here :(

  12. Yum!!! This one looks elegant as well as yummy!! hehe!!

    You're always so good with nails!! I want you to do mine!! :D

  13. you always amaze me with your NOTD's,,, wow.. :D

  14. Soooo cute!! I just got myself some rhinestones today! :D I'm really excited to paint them, but I might have to wait another week 'till my nails grow out. <3 this NOTD. :D

  15. This one really came out nice!!! :)

  16. Wow they look very elegant and luxurious~~~

  17. so cute! it is almost like the watermelon one :D lemme think if i can draw some other food...any ideas for me? ^_^

  18. ate nikki, san nabibili yung rhinestones na gamit mo? and do you apply them while the polish is still wet or may glue for that? my sister wants to do her nails like yours,hehe hindi ko naman carry yung nail art..kakastart ko lang in applying polish on my nails..more on solid colors lang ako..though it would be nice kung magiging creative narin..any suggestions?

  19. plue , you'll get it right, it just takes time!!! hahaha

    Nehs, thank you sis for the nice comment! Glad you liked this!

    Ai, uh-may-zing <-- made me laugh! you are too cute! The dotting tools and pens are quite hard to find down here too that's why I thought of opening up a shop for the tools! :)

    Vanessa M. , thank you!

  20. Jenn, yes, I can definitely do yours, distance is the only problem !

    donnarence, thank you!!!

    Catherine, yay for new rhinestones!!! It's cool to put even a tiny rhinestones on each nails!

    Ahleessa, thank you!

  21. fuzkittie, wow...luxurious? THANK YOU! hahahha I can't help but want to feel luxurious even on my nails!

    Prettybeautiful, how about strawberries? hmm...candies? Grapes? hahaha I can think of fruits, but things? about a smiley face? hahaha

    Mrs.Zeus, hahahah really it's extreme? I need to tone down my art now! hahhaha

    Miss Yaya, thank you!

    Miemiemie, while the top coat is wet, you apply the rhinestones. I actually sell those rhinestones as I can't seem to find shiny ones down here :) You can start by doing simple dots with a dotting tool or just apply dots with another polish color :)

    J. Camel, hahahhahah wanna bite my finernails? hehehhe

  22. Looks good enough to eat hehe (; I love how all your nail art is so precise and always lovely!!!

  23. I love it!!! So pretty and wearable! It looks quite simple too.

  24. wow, this is so cute! very elegant and yummy too.

  25. love your nail arts!! i love the color of this one. chocolate-y!! haha

  26. I think this is absolutely pretty! It's very wearable too. Thanks for sharing this tuts!! :D

  27. wow awesome ms nikki you are good in make up and nail art! i luvv it!

  28. e.motion in motion , I am glad you like my nail art posts..there are times I just want to give up coz I'm sure there are some real professionals out there who could find mine too childish! hahha

    Tish, thank you!!! it's simple chocolate inspired nails for the week!

    Gio,hahaha everyone's reaching out for chocolates? I know I'm munching on Maltesers now! LOL

  29. Aquaracer, thank you sweetie!

    Fifi, my pleasure, I'm glad you like this post!

    Louie, awwwwww thanks sweetie, nice to read a comment from you, I'll see you around!

  30. Awww the nails are super cute!♥

  31. Beautifully intricate. I love it!

  32. Wow this is gorgeous! You are an artist!

  33. Looks totally yummy! Heheee~ I love chocolate and I also think that I will do some chocolate inspired nail art XD

  34. yay the queen of nail art is back!! very cute!

  35. Looks totally yummy! Heheee~ I love chocolate and I also think that I will do some chocolate inspired nail art XD

  36. B , I know you can't wear this type of nail art at work! :)

    Lydia, thank you!

    M, thanks dear! How's Kyoto? You are having a blast!!!!

  37. Sofie, let me know how yours came out, it must be exciting!

    NicNic, hahahaha queen of nail art! that is too nice of you to say! But I really don't think so!!! Can I just be an "ADDICT" to nail art?

    nail art designs , show me yours if you're done! I'd love to see other people's work!!!! Very inspirting!


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