Thursday, July 9, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Shiny, Shimmery, Splendid" Look

I have done many FOTD's in the past and most of them consists of matte and a bit of frost, seldom have I tried using dominant shimmery shadows as I find it quite hard to do it nice enough for photos. Well there's always time to practice and there's always a first time! Here's my version of a Shiny, Shimmery and Splendid eye look, a whole new world of difference when I changed my regular black or brown eyeliner to a colored one! Yes, it's Barney Eyeliner color! :D

Final eye look

A diagram

Prior to eyeshadow application:
Prime my lids with MAC's Shadestick in Beige-ing.

Step 1:
Using a flat shader brush (Mac's 242), pat on Inuovi Dust in Moonstone. Add if needed til you reach desired result.

Step 2:
Using a blending brush, apply MAC's Falling star on the outer v, blending harsh lines. Add more color if needed

Step 3:
Using the same blending brush, deepen the outer v by applying a matte brown e/s, I am using Milani's Chocolate Brown, making sure to blend in harsh lines again.

Step 4:
Apply highlighting powder on the browbone area going straigth to the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 5:
Line your eyes with Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Deep Purple. You can use any colored gel liner/pencil liner or liquid liner.

Do not forget to apply falsies
or 2 coats of mascara
I used Lancome Oscillation Mascara

Now you're ready to party!

And let's not forget
to fill in those brows!

For the Face:

Buff on Mineraux Green Corrector all over face to reduce redness
Buff Mineraux Premium Foundation in Neutral Medium

For the Cheeks:

Apply Inuovi Colours D36 blush in Lollipop
on the apples of the cheeks

For the Lips:

NYX Round Lipstick in Georgia
topped with Shawill gloss no. 11

And did I say you're ready to party?

What are you waiting for? GO! :D

And you're wondering what this look is for?
Dedicated for my mom! Today is her 62nd birthday!!!
Happy Birthday mommy! Thanks for fighting and thanks for all the lessons you've taught me.
I am who I am now because of you!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love the purple liner.. :D very pretty.. happy birthday to your mom,, :D godbless

  2. i luv this look..pretty! some guru in youtube recommended mac shadestick as eye primer. is it really effective?! ..isn't creasing even without UDPP or to face insurance?!

    Btw happy birthday to your mom!
    GOD Bless!

  3. love this look! simple yet sexyyyy! esp. the deep purple touch <3 happy birthday to you mom, Nikki! wish her all the goodness in the world :) oh btw, can i ask how you take a close-up pic of your eye make-up? thank you~~ :D

  4. wow! this is soo nice! i'm going to try this one and see how it will work for me...happy bday to your mom! :)

  5. Nikki, I think this shimmery eye makeup looks so pretty! I'm a big fan of shimmery, sparkly, shiny eye shadows, since I think it makes the eyes pop more. ;)

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! Wish her all the best! <3

  6. Love this look on you Nikki :)
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! :D do you apply gel liner on your lower lashes? Ü

  7. Oww i love it Nikki! so classy looking and so fresh!

  8. donnarence , thank you so much for the birthday greetings for my mom

    Louie, I would say, first, it's not available here anymore so wanting to purchase it may give you problems, 2nd, yes its a nice base but for very oily lids plus our weather here, you may need a base still before using the shadesticks, shadesticks are just great and easy to intensify the colors :D Thanks for the birthday greeting!

    Ai, thanks for the good wishes for my mom, how I take close up photos??? MACRO setting and in front of the window , sunny weather is even better :D

  9. Bianca,yay can't wait to see how yours go! thanks!!!

    Jess, thanks, seldom do I go for shimmery shadows, I'm glad it works! thanks, my mom will appreciate all the bday greetings!

    Crissy, you don't put gel liner on the waterline but close to the lashline! :) and you have to keep in mind not all gel liners are hypoallergy enough for lower lashline :)

    Paula, thank you sis!

  10. Wow! This eye shadows looks so nice! Pretty shimmer!
    And this purple ye liner makes your eyes more pop!
    Nice make-up!

  11. you're soo naturally beautiful! dont need too much makeup =) but still love the makeup looks! sorry havent been around.. well im still readin blogs but i just havent been commenting much.. =T dont always wanna comment the same ol "u look good! n all that" haha but im still enjoyin ur lovely posts! oh and i saw the twit link u posted... ur on the top 50 bloggers! yay xoxo

  12. Love the shine!!! Very glowy and nice~ <3

  13. You look lovely Nikki!! I love the purple liner!! :D

  14. Nice! Shimmery eye makeup looks good on you babe!

  15. aww happy birthday to mama :)
    is she recovering well?

    missed you^^
    its nice to see your posts again~ and I love the deep plum pop to the look. its subtle far away, but not too harsh~ love it :)

  16. i love how you did this 'gradiently'..if there is such a
    at least its not all shimmer which makes it really wearable

    Happy Birthday to your mom,nikki!
    you & your mom are really blessed for she have a sweet daughter who loves her mom & you have a mom who taught you everything to learn in this world.

  17. this is a nice neutral look, but its that pop of purple that spices it up. It very wearable. I like it!

  18. very nice neutral look with a kick! that purple liner from CS looks nice..

  19. Beautiful look!!!! This is somewhat similar to what I do on a daily basis for work- pretty, shimmery and glowy and I love to use a punchy liner! ;D

    Happy Birthday wishes to your mom!!!

  20. Chic and Gorgeous!

    Happy birthday to your mum!

  21. I loveeee this soft bronze look on you!! so pretty and soft :D

  22. I love this look on you sis... so pretty and refreshing. Happy 62nd birthday to mom! xxx

  23. my_makeup_mania, I'm glad to find ways to use this purple liner as I haven't been using it since I bought it :) Thanks girl!

    FuN and MakeUp , aaww that is so sweet of you to say, its ok about not commenting, it's not your responsbility to comment lol just seeing wonderful messages from you really made my heart burst :) Thank you!

    Fuz, thanks!

  24. Jenn, glad you find me lovely! LOL I find myself looking weird in the final shot! :P

    Tracy, thank you and nice to meet you tracy!

    Rasilla, thanks for the bday greetings, mom is doing ok, a bit quiet but at least I know she's recovring, just takes time!

  25. ~tHiAmErE~ , oohh you mean the look came out gradient? Thanks! I understand what you mean!!!thanks for the bday greeting and the kind words, I am really blessed to have someone like her!!!! I would do anything for her!!!

    My-My , I like neutral looks with pop of color, thanks for liking it too!

    Khymm, the CS purple liner is a bit dry compared to other shades, but it came out ok and pigmented :D

  26. Tanya @ The Pink Train Case, really? wow, your daily look must really be super pretty, I've seen your EOTDs in the past and you look LOVELY!

    Gracie sis, thanks so much for the friendship and for listening/reading my ya!

  27. im really loving this one. it is shimmery but the camera didnt wash out the colors. the gel liner you used is very nice too.

  28. I love how you think of names for them! Maybe I should try it more :-P...
    Happy birthday to your mother :).

  29. happy bday to your mummy!

    and I live the shiny eyes! the purple liner is so pretty

  30. simply pretty. :) shining shimmering splendid indeed ^_^

  31. Nikx (yep, that's your new nickname from me, lol), I loooove the purple liner. Insanely beautiful. I'm not the biggest fan of shimmery shadows either but it looks like you've got these down. Did you have fall-out issues?

  32. This is so pretty! Love the shine and the purple liner.

    Happy birthday to your mum!

  33. love this look on you sis..and happy birthday to your mom! :)

  34. So pretty Nikki! Love the purple eyeliner! :D

  35. becky, yes I'm glad the camera didn't wash out the shimmer! :) Thanks!

    Cris, hahahaha I go crazy with names and it just came out of nowhere :) Thanks for the bday greetings for mom!

    Connie, thank you!!!! :) Shiny eyes, yay!!! A whole new world indeed

  36. Pammy, hahaha thanks!

    B, girlfriend! NIKX is so cool! hahahha so far, no fall out issues!!! Knocks on wood!

    Gio, thanks!

    Jheng sistah, thank you sa greeting, missed you and hope to see you soon!

    Pang! I haven't been using it much and I'm glad I did!

  37. one word
    i'll bet you get all those head turning when you stroll down the street :P
    and happy birthday to your mummy <3

  38. Wow! I like it sis! I'm fond of shimmery eyeshadows though I don't know how to apply 'em. *grin*

  39. LyNn, hahahah trust me I don't get heads turn towards me :) But thanks for thinking this happens in real life, I am touched and I love you! LOL

    Golden, hahah it takes time :) you'll do fine :D


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