Friday, July 10, 2009

I Wonder: "What's Your Ultimate Makeup Remover?"

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Ahhh makeup removers! I am obsessed with trying to find the one I'm sticking to, just like what the PussyCat dolls say...

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.

Nobody gonna take me higher

I must stick with you.

You know how to appreciate me

I must stick with you, my baby.

Nobody ever made me feel this way

I must stick with you.

Yes, this song must be dedicated to makeup removers! LOL Anyways, your Askmewhats have gone through roads of challenges for makeup removers. I know I've missed out a lot out there but when I see HG (Holy Grail) material to others, I told myself I MUST, I MUST increase my Bust! <--- now where did that came from?

My requirements for a good makeup remover:

  • affordable
  • non-oily
  • removes waterproof makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow powder/pencil, etc..)
  • doesn't require a lot of rubbing or pulling of the skin
  • doesn't hurt the eyes... AT ALL!
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As you all know, the winner in my dictionary for the moment is drugstore brand L'oreal Dermo Expertise Gentle Lip & Eye makeup remover. Yes, it's the one but silly me still wants to check out what's out there for you all! I've finally FOUND THE ONE!!! My present favorite! You want to know???

Let's give it a bit of suspense for now! :)
Before I spill my favorite
I Wonder: "What's your ultimate makeup remover?"
Maybe we have the same!!!
I'll let you know mine soon!!!!
(hint: I love their skincare line! Now, that's too easy!)

Keep smilin
Stay Happy!


  1. yeah! that's certainly a great mu remover! :))))

  2. im using l'oreal and i am in love with it!!! not too costly and it can remove all make-up residues as well!!! :)

  3. I actually use regular lotion on a cotton pad and use that to remove my eye make-up. It does require a bit of work, but I've been too lazy (and cheap!) to go out and buy a make-up remover.

  4. for affordable yet workable makeup removers, some of the highly raved ones are maybelline and elianto.
    kinda oily thou.
    for alil more exp would be loreal and etude house. (less oily than the first 2)

    im currently using elianto but would like to try maybelline next.
    maybe if im feeling happy i might spend alil more and get loreal or etude
    recently some SA manage to persuade me to buy the silky girl's make up remover. gahh
    wonder if i made a wrong decision

  5. My HG makeup remover (for eyes, face, lips, everything!) is L'Oréal - De-maq' Expert Cashmere Milk Expert Make-up Remover. It removes all make-up (even MAC Fluidline and waterproof mascaras), and rinses off in an instant. It's inexpensive and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this if you are able to find it.

  6. Clinique?

    yet to try l'oreal but for now maybelline is THE ONE for me. lol.

    cant wait for u to spill your ans!!!

  7. Well, my requirements are totally different from yours! I use oil-based cleansers. I like DHC and Tiss (a Shiseido brand sold in Japan) very much!!!

    Although they are oil-based, they rinse off very easily and don't leave any residue! They do sting the eyes, though, unless you learn how to use them properly!

  8. Shu Uemura Classic Cleansing Oil

    wee !!! my favourite !!!

  9. oohhh! i've been looking for my HG make up remover too! but so far my HG makeup removers are maybelline eyes and lip makeup remover and mandom cleansing express sebum!! :D

  10. i wanna know nikki! me! me! hehe

    i'm pretty much finished with my kate make up remover for the eyes only but it's not the best so i would love to know what you would recommend!!

  11. Mandom has a cleanser specially for the eyes, but I have yet to try it. For the eyes, I like lancome bilfacil and neutrogena eye makeup remover. And for the face, I am still in search for a lovely cleansing oil!

  12. hi nikki! hope everything's well...

    just want to ask if l'oreal makeup remover doesn't blurr your vision after use? cos i hate mu remover that does that...

  13. lancome is my fave but since i ran out of it and its expensive, i tried Ilog Maria's moisturizer/cleanser and it works great! :)

  14. Hmmm... Would that be one from Clinique's skin care range? I know you use their skin care line. I love MAC eye make up remover but Rimmel is just as good xxx

  15. My favourite makeup remover is the same as yours :)

  16. i only use Johnsons baby oil to remove my mascara and Nivea Milk remover for the face. Wanna try L'oreal..

  17. I have 2!

    Fave for eyemakeup banishing = Lancome bi-facil

    Fave for face makeup off = Taer Complete Cleanse

  18. I like Clinique Rinse Off Eye Make-Up Solvent (the green one), Oriflame's 3-In-1 (again, it's green, lol), and olive oil ;).
    Got a mini bottle of Bifacil from a swap though - now I can try it ^_^.

  19. LOL on your post (i must increase my bust!) hahaha! love l'oreal. :) scared to try others.. unless its free! :)

  20. I am loving Shu Uemura's cleansing oil, takes off everything and I don't have to tug on the skin.

  21. Mine is Clinique's Rinse Off Solvent :) But I'll try your HG L'oreal! :)

  22. My fave mass market is the L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise.

    My fave high end is the Shiseido Benefiance makeup remover.

  23. I'm using Helena Rubinstein All Mascaras and it removes everything but it's very expensive! L'Oreal is really good too but it stings my eyes, so I'm still looking for my HG makeup remover.

    Can't wait to know what's yours? Is it from Clinique?

  24. eeeeekkk!! Ladies!!!! You gals are giving me more and more HG material for makeup remover!!! When will this stop??? NEVER?? hahaha

    Thanks for the interest, I'll be sharing my HG makeup remover for the moment :D Wait and see!

  25. I haven't found mine yet, can't wait to hear yours! :D

  26. i'm using nivea claensing milk for the face and EVCO+castor oil for the eyes.. haven't find my HG though.. ill try Loreal next.. :)

  27. Pang! I've shared my favorite :)

    Nesz Reyes, oohhh Nivea cleansing milk sounds great!


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