Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reader's Corner: Paul & Joe brows

Good happy Wednesday everyone! I've got a reader request last week regarding brow drawing using pencil. As everyone know, I am in love with my P&J Eyebrow Pencil. On days I am not using my MAC Coquette e/s to fill my brows, I am using the short cut version, pencil! It'll be done in less than 5 minutes! :D

Eyebrow pencil used: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2

Step 1:

Tip: Using a light pencil, you can mark where you want your brows to start and end. Make sure not to over tweeze or shave your brows, you can do this professionally the first type.

Using a pencil, place it vertically against your right nostril, making sure that the pencil is in a straight line from your right eyebrow to your nose. This is a good place to start. (But take note, this is still subject to your preference as most Asian's have wider nose as compared to our Caucasian sisters)
With the same pencil, place it diagonally with one end touching your right nostril and the other end touching the outermost corner of your eye. This is the finish line to your brows.

Step 2:

Tip: Make sure your eyebrow pencil color matches the shade of your hair

Draw short, quick strokes starting from the inner brows going outwards

Make sure to follow the natural shade of your brows

Fill in lines as you go on

Hand goes lighter as you move outwards
to the tip of the brows
for a more natural effect

Step 3:

Fluff your eyebrows with a spoolie to clean extras and to make sure the hair are all going to the same place :)

This step also lighten up a darkly drawn brows!

Before and After shot
of Filling your brows using only
1 eyebrow pencil!

I hope you're not too tired with my eyes and brows! lol
Hope my simple tips help and again,
you know how you like your brows to look like!
Be confident to draw your brows and don't forget to
Time to draw your brows and give me a holler how it looks like!

Keep smilin' Stay Happy!


  1. I use eyebrow pencils only to draw in my sparse brows, and I do it exactly like you.

    I think, your natural brows are very nicely shaped! Nice tutorial, Nikki!

  2. WOW! it looks natural, Nikki! me likeeeeey <3 i never succeeded to make it neat lol thnx for the tutorial, dear! :)

  3. Your eye brows looks very nice and natural!

  4. Beautiful brows =). thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial Nikki!! The end effect is totally natural!! I love it!! :D

    Looks like i gotta get myself a spoolie soon!! :D

  6. i love to use spoolie!!!i sometimes (almost all the time) tend to overdraw, so spoolie is always my best friend. but i sometimes over-spoolie as well, then have to refill the brows again -_-

  7. fuzkittie , thanks! You have great brows yourself you don't even need to read this :D

    Becks, thank you!

    Jess, yay, I'm glad we do it the same and I think most of the girls do this too! :) I'm glad you like my brows :)

  8. Ai, hahaha it takes daily practice and you can draw your brows half asleep! <-- teasing you!

    my_makeup_mania , thank you, my mum, when she first woke up at the hospital..was staring at my brows and pointing to it, as I haven't drawn my brows that time due to stress and she just couldn't handle my "un-drawn" brows! Lol

    Puff, you are welcome, it's my pleasure to do this post!

    Jenn, spoolie makes a HUGE difference in making your brows look natural :D You are welcome dearie!

  9. prettybeautiful, you are so right about over spoolie my dear!!! We are sisters to the nth level! I do enjoy using the spoolie I tend to remove my hard work too :D

  10. ^5 sister!!!! :D :D and oh yeah, we are both born in feb too! yeayyy for aquarians!

  11. Sister! sad to say I'm piscean! :)

  12. your brows look great! much softer once it has been filled

  13. oh yeah. HAHAHA sorry dumb me :P

    but its ok, im not into star signs anyway ^_^ yeay for feb!

  14. this is a good tutorial. i am kinda scared of using pencil on my brows but i'll try this one. :) thanks

  15. Your brows look so beautiful and natural! Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. Nicnic, thanks girl!

    Connie, let's not forget about your brows baby! You've got wonderful brows yourself!

    Prettybeautiful, dear sister! Yay for February! We're smart you know that? hahaha

  17. Pammy, yes, pencils are quite scary if the pencil color is dark, so go for lighter shades :)

    Gio, thank you! And you're welcome, I enjoyed doing this tut!

    JC, awwwww *hugs* thanks sweetie

  18. thanks for the tutorial, Nikki...your brows are purtttttty =)

  19. looks natural! can't even tell you're using an eyebrow pencil.. thanks for the tut Nikki!

  20. I love how your eyebrows seem so natural! Like khymm, I didn't think you were using an eyebrow pencil. Galing! :D


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