Monday, September 21, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Remington Protect & Shine Pro Soft Curl Tong

I've always been lemming for a curling iron! I've never gotten the chance to purchase one as I've always been wanting to purchase the best quality plus the best price! I've done my research and I've seen Hot Tools brand being the best for both price and quality, but since we don't have it locally, all I can do is cry...then do something! *laughs*

I have a wonderful Babyliss YouCurl Iron from my dearest friend Gracie, but I find it using for oneself easier than using it for others! So I've decided to purchase a "tong" curler to make my life easier on gigs!

Remington Protect & Shine
Pro Soft Curls Tong
Model no: Ci151

(photo of the box)

(photo of the product)

Remington Pro Soft Curls Tong says ---

Ceramic-tourmaline and with Teflon coating - high even heat, no hot spots, easy glide, no product build up.

Instant variable high heat, ready in 60seconds, 120-180 degrees celcius.

On-off switch - plug in the unit, press and hold the on-off switch for two seconds to switch on. Press again for two seconds to switch off.

Automatic safety shut off - this unit will automatically switc itself off if no button is pressed or left on after 60minutes.

Heat protection stand.

Heat protection pouch.

Multi-voltage - for use at home or abroad.

1.8m swivel cord

Askmewhats says ---

  • has automatic shut off feature
  • gives out a "soft" curl look
  • heats up easily
  • affordable for its price and quality
  • has both ceramic and tourmaline!
  • because of Teflon coating, no product build up! YAY!
  • bought locally so I can use the 1 year warranty
  • heat protection pouch is wonderful! Easy to take along

  • curls may not last as long as those regular metal curling irons, so be sure to apply the right kind of products like curl boosters and hair sprays
  • available in 2 sizes only (3/4" and 1 1/2" barrel sizes)


I feel so happy purchasing this iron! I've used this for myself many times and I like the natural curls it gives me. I've also used this for clients and they love the curls too! It's a huge added factor that the price isn't too much and the quality is great, it performs well!

  • you can purchase a protection glove if you're scared to accidentally touch the tong
  • try to put back the curling iron on the pouch after use to protect it
  • always be careful when touching the "tip", do not be in a hurry as there's always accidents
  • always remember to unplug right after every usage
  • use with curl booster to maximize the curls

Will I repurchase?

I hope not! I hope it'll last me a lifetime!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's for Php2, 150 (approx $44.00)

Now let's take a closer look on my
1.5 inches curling iron for the moment :)

A lovely black sleek pouch,
easy to put into my "set bag"

You can click all photos to enlarge

A closer look on the "safety" tip, the area you can touch while you curl!
Made in China but made of great quality in all angles!

A close up on the clamp, the tong,
the switch and the "on/off" button

The plug, I purchased an OMNI universal adapter
purchased locally at ACE hardware

A sample of Remington Protect & Shine
Pro Soft Curl tong in 1.5 inches
in action

Final hair look
Client: Khel
Hair and makeup by: Nikki

Products used: VO5 Curl Booster
Nick Chavez Volumizing Extra Hold Hair Spray

*whew* now that's a handful of photos :)
I hope my reviews will help you gals out there who plan to purchase their own curling tongs for both personal and professional use!
Are you into curling your own hair?
I know I am!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. sis!!! u r so good with hair too!

    i bought a philips curler some months ago, i googled up some youtube tutorial, and also use curling lotion. BUT, i just couldn't get the curls right. so...after trying for about 5x, i gave up in the end. =/

  2. so pretty!! the curls look so soft and feminine!! :D

    I can't curl my own hair... i'll end up looking like a total mad woman! haha! :P

  3. I have totally given up with curls! I've tried with my flat iron and they never turn out how I'd like them to.

    I used to have wavy/curlyish hair but I've lost it due to some heat damage from straightening my hair everyday. =( But I've noticed my new haircut has brought my curls back!

  4. It's so nice that you like this curling iron!

    Unfortunately I have short hair -.- So no curling for me! Haha!

  5. It's so nice that you like this curling iron!

    Unfortunately I have short hair -.- So no curling for me! Haha!

  6. that's a nice new curler! and yes next time i go to the phils, which is in less than 2 years, i will be spending more time in manila and hopefully i'll have the chance to meet you! :D

  7. prettybeautiful, thank you! this is something I need to get used to :) Thanks for appreciating it. Really? is the PHilips Curler good? I saw the PHilips Curler when I was in Shanghai and I didn't purchase it and I was thinking about it for a year! LOL

    Jenn, thanks! I love soft curls too! I bet you'll look great with curled hair!

    Arezu, I know what you mean, i gave up on it and now I'm loving it again! :) I love your new haircut!

    Gingerbee, yes, I love it, I love it when I purchase something that's worth it!

    Jo, yes, promise??? We have to meet when you return!

  8. hi, i like the look very much. The curl looks so soft and pretty. ^_^

    Anyway, I just have my blogsale please feel free to visit anytime. :)

  9. wow those curls look lovely :)

  10. Oh, this looks really nice! I kind of wish I'd held out for a tourmaline/ceramic one... I have a regular metal hot tools but I'm too clumsy to use it often and it does really dry out my hair like crazy!

  11. PinkyKathy, thanks for letting me know about your blogsale, goodluck! :)

    Evie, thank you :)

    Catherine, I know what you mean, but the metal ones are great to make the curls stay longer! :) I believe if you want to use it for yourself go for the tourmaline/ceramic one, but if you plan to use it professionally, go for the metal ones as it curls faster and curl stays way longer :)

  12. You did a great job, the curls look lovely!

  13. I like the hair color of the model!

  14. I plan (maybe) not to perm my hair after this one on me fade off. And hence I need a new curler...I think remington makes a good product :) thanks for the review nikki!

  15. I used to, the only thing I mis about long hair probably hehe. Now I have no more hair! haha

  16. Galing! :D I'm kinda stupid in curling my hair, hence the perm. If I only had the talent [and the patience, heehee], I'd get this! :D

  17. The curls look great and the model is so pretty :)

  18. oohh.. lovely curls!

    thanks for sharing.. i've been thinking of getting a curling iron for the longest time.. right now i'm just using a ceramic hair iron.. i like yours coz it can make bigger softer looking curls

    i think the pouch is awesome esp. when traveling coz the cord wont be all over the place.. plus the price is not so bad.. i've seen pricier ones here..

    i would definitely check this out when i go to Shang.. hope they still have it.. :)

    awesome review as always dear!

  19. you did magic with her hair!!! well you do magic with your own hair too!

    too bad it doesn't have temp. control. *_*

  20. wow i love that it has a black pouch included! you did a great job on the model. wish i know how to style my hair! just bought a 1.5" barrel curler last month from revlon. its ceramic and has 25 heat levels. Tested the other curlers available here but it didnt work for my coarse hair. So far this is the only barrel curler thats affordable and works for diff types of hair..

  21. gio, thank you :)

    ☆Anastacia☆, oh I believe her hair color is naturally pretty

    Naomi, thanks for saying so! :)

  22. Hana, wow..perm your hair? I'd love to see it, the only time I permed my hair was when I was in Gradeschool..yup! and it looks horrible on me! LOL SO i opted for temporary curls!

    Sush, no more hair? hahahaha your hair is short na kc no? Well just blowdryer maybe is what you need, or maybe not?

    Teeyah, oh yeah! your hair is curled no? How many times do you curl your hair in a year?

  23. Thepunkcat, thanks! She is indeed very pretty

    Kay, Ceramic hair iron? flat iron? I actually starting curling my hair with flat iron but I find the barrel making a more softer curls and it doesn't ruin my hair as much! You can check them out, if not in Shang, in Makati Rustan's, they still have it, the last time I checked!

    Jojoba, it has temp control :D You see the dial? It's temp control and it doesn't have numbers but it has approx 8 dots I believe!

    Khymm, The black heat resistant pouch is a big plus factor :)

  24. oh, i want this curler! i have 3 curlers i bought abroad but i'm not satisfied w/ their performance. :(

  25. Nehs, really? what are the brands of the 3 curlers you bought that you aren't satisfied with? Care to share?

  26. Awesome hair style! Thanks! Maybe I'll have to try the curling iron - my hair is crazy when I try to curl it.


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