Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Bigbys Cafe and Restaurant

Me and my hubby had it full for late lunch so we weren't expecting to dine anywhere "heavy". But when I got a text message from Paul & Joe's Cathy on the sale at the Megatrade Hall, I have to stock up on some P&J goodies, so me and the wonderful hubby went to SM Megamall. After long walks, I remembered my dearest friends Beatrilicious and Shannaholic were raving about the new restaurant opened at the Atrium of the mall. Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. There are known to be a restaurant who serves "worldwide" dishes, but seriously? I felt like TGIF all over again!

Here's the nice paper mat that greets us from around the globe!

The lovely interior that screams Creativity!
I love the ambiance!

Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad
Php295 (approx $6.00)

A chunky and heartwarming treat with tomatoes,
Yellow mango, grapes, walnuts, cheese, croutons
and creamy chicken salad on top of fresh romaine lettuce

Cheese Quesadillas

FREE for above
Php500 (approx $11.00) order

Triple Crunch Platter

Php369.00 (approx $7.50)

An appetizer that includes tic-tac rolls or vegetable rolls,
nachos and sweet onion loops

I think the food is just so so, but what I seriously love? The friendliness of the staff and their knowledge on the food they serve! Though it was a cholesterol and fat blowout, it's a nice change. I think this place would be wonderful for group of colleagues or friends or even families! Don't forget this is also a great place for lovers *winks*

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant
Atrium, SM Megamall
EDSA, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
tel: (632) 499-9035


Oh yeah, I went to the CCIP Pilipinas ang Ganda Mo! Cosmetics Fair 2009 at the SM Megatrade Hall, I bought a couple of stuffs I will share soon for you to know what's to expect for more product reviews! Oh yeah, there's so many discounts going on for products like L'oreal, Garnier, Maybelline, Paul & Joe, Suesh, HBC, etc...!!! I'm not sure though if they still have enough stocks as they're almost out on most stuffs I want yesterday! Today's the last day my dear Philippine Readers, so if you're off to SM Megamall, do visit the Megatrade Hall, entrance is free anyways, nothing to lose! :D

If you get the chance to go here are my tips:

1. grab on L'oreal Elseve Hair masks for only Php70.00 (less than $2.00)!
2. purchase Maybelline mascara for only Php100.00 (approx $2.50), but I guess the non-waterproofs are the ones left!
3. grab on some Maybelline eyestudio eyeshadow quad for around Php200+ (approx $4-5).
4. if you plan to buy a Suesh brush set, they have a stall there and they deduct Php100-200 on their regular prices online! What's better? You get to see and touch the products!
5. Garnier "at home" hair color treatment for Php100.00 (approx $2.50)
6. Selected Paul & Joe products for 50% off!
7. Scents like Maria Sharapova, FCUK for 50% off or the rest are 30% off!
8. Grab some snacks! They have Filipino dishes, Italian buffet and some hotdog sandwiches! yum!!!

Enjoy your weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Tiki Wacky Chicken salad looks soo good. I want some now. Will you send me some please?

  2. Too bad I can't go, really want to see the suesh brushes and paul and joe pa naman :(

  3. hi po :) are there any skincare products in the sale? thanks :)

  4. Too bad Megamall is so far from me :( Those prices are so giveaway one would really want to buy! :D Thanks for sharing, sis!

  5. The cosmetic fair sounds like fun!! :D and I love tgif kind of foods once in a while for a treat (considering the carbs n fats lolz)

  6. One day when I make it to the Philippines can you PLEASE take me weekend food trippin'

  7. Kasumi, and the name sounds fun too! Yes, i can send you some but you have to promise me you'll eat it eventhough it'll be rotten by then (LOL JUST JOKING) Love ya girl!

    Charry, no worries, I'm sure they'll have other bazaars coming up~

    Madelyn, they have some Garnier skincare and L'oreal skincare too, I remember seeing a facial wash under the UV line for Php120.00. but I'm not sure if they're restocking, as it's all almost gone!

    Teeyah, I know, it's super far from me too but when I saw the products and I do need to stock up on P&J for gigs..I have to go :)

    Hana, lol let's screw the carbs and fats..I forget eating healthily during weekend :)

    Ms. Kendall, you know it'll be my pleasure! :)

  8. I was planning to go today. But laryngitis got the better of me so I have to pass. :( The food looks yummy! The nachos and onion rings specifically. :)

  9. Sometimes, you just need a good grease fest!! Well done!

  10. i just want to thank you for posting this one...i got my paul and joe foundations for half the price...tnx for posting and looking forward to upcoming events like this...

  11. Thanks for the update Nikke! I was there today, but I didn't see any hair mask or mascara :((

    I did get Konad Nail Art (since their outlets are not "geographically desirable" for me :) Then Ever Bilena eyeliners for 50% off.

    It's a nice trade show, but my favorite one was Cosmetologie in SMX last Feb.

  12. wow the triple cruncher looks good *drool* too bad the food is only so-so. but the services are more important right? ;)

  13. The food looks good, as always.

  14. Pammy, hey, I hope you get well asap!!! it's holiday and there you go..sick, I hope you feel better dear.

    JC, I know! hahahah it makes you happy and better to start the week right!

    Anastacia, thanks

    Cathy, me too, I bought 2 P&J Protective Dual Powder Foundation! :)

    Crissy, really? they were there! I swear and before I left they still have a lot of stocks! So sorry hindi mo naabutan, and yeah, I saw the Konad Booth :)

    Prettybeautiful, yeah, service is great? Food seems to be ok!


  15. Missed it T_T..hectic weekend. Until the next sale. Drooling over triple cruncher platter...

  16. Stephani, its ok I'm sure there's a lot more bazaars coming up as it's the "ber" months :D


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