Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AMW Revisits: Coastal Scents Bent liner Brush

I've reviewed Coastal Scents White Angled Liner Brush early this year!  I had this brush for more than 10 months and it's time for me to do a revisit.  It's not on a happy note...take a look at this...

And this was how the brush originally looked like


I still use it at the moment if I want to create a thicker line!  I am actually patient and tried to make this work and extend this life, but I have a feeling I will let this brush retire soon!  It doesn't hurt me much because this brush costs only $2.19!  Well of course, shipping isn't included but it's ok!  Nothing to lose sleep about! 


Do you own a CS White Angled Liner Brush?
Is it still okay or do you also need to use a flat iron to iron the flyaways?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Aww, how sad!

    My EcoTools baby kabuki is getting kind of scratchy too and I don't know what to do with it besides use a conditioning treatment... I already tried my regular conditioner and it didn't seem to do much. Dunno what to do as it only comes in a set!

  2. On the bright side, it has served you for 10 months...Most of the time my drugstore brushes started to show wearing off and quality glitches after 1 wash...That's why I even hate Sonia Kashuk (which is supposedly the best drugstore brush brand)

  3. Oh no... that doesn't look good at all!! But thankfully it's cheap, so you won't feel so bad tossing it out soon! :D

  4. Interesting because this angle brush looks like one of my nail art brushes lolz XD just curious, is this brush better than the normal liner brush (the straight one)?

  5. ooh my avon angled liner also started to have split ends. LOL. but it was only $1.99, pain at all for chucking it :P

  6. Ouch! Have you tried using brush reshaper?

  7. Ouch, sad to hear! seems the bristle needs conditioner hehe

  8. Oh no, that's sad! But at least it was very cheap so it won't be that bad when you throw it away.

  9. Catherine, really? I still love my Ecotools baby kabuki! But you could probably be using yours for a long time! Now I'm sad, the Kabuki brush from Ecotools which is my favorite will be rough too?

    Citrine, so true, its worth it that it served 10 months for the cheap price :)

    jenn, I know, I don't feel that bad! If its a pricey brush, I'll probably rant :) LOL

    Acutelife, so far, this works really good especially for my lower lashline :) the flat one is better on the upper lashline, that's my opinion

    tuffs :)

  10. Xin, so true, good thing they come cheap! :)

    Arezu, no, never heard of that!

    Nanzy, hahah I did, but its just that way, I can't prolong its life!

    Gio, yup, no worries on tossing away inexpensive s

  11. yeah i have this, and their other version of this product the angled liner pro art detail brush. i've got other synthetic brushes that have the same kind of bristles (fr national bookstore so, not bent) i tried ironing that one fr nbs, nothing happened, the bristles remain frayed. kaya yun um-order na ko sa coastal scents. don't order the angled liner pro art detail brush, lang kwenta, the bristles are stiffer than the original black handled bent liner brush fr cs.

    hope this helps, sis ^_^

  12. Marge, thanks for the feedback and the comment, i appreciate it, it definitely helped me and the other readers :)

  13. I have this brush! But I have never used it. It just kinda sits in my bathroom staring at me. LOL

  14. aww that's so sad. buti na lang i don't have this brush :P


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