Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AMW Reviews: ELF Feather Proof Moisturizing Lipliner

Good morning everyone!!!  I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments and comforting words!  As expected Monday was a very tedious and tiring day but I survived it!  And I ended my day reading your lovely comments which puts a big smile on my face...seriously, you all are the best :)

I will review a product  that I snatched from dear friend Gracie, sis! thanks for this!  I'm glad to have the chance to try this product coz I won't purchase it down here because I'm not a lipliner person!  Glad to have tried this and glad to announce?  I've used this a couple of times, lip liners are useful actually on those days you feel your lips aren't defined enough! :)

**photo taken from ELF website

E.L.F. says ---

Velvety Pro Vitamin Complex color caresses lips with naturally long-lasting, never feathering,  hydrating pigments.  Formulated to be used with any E.L.F. lip care product.

Paraffinium Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Cera Carnauba (Carnauba) Wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Synthetic Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Rhus Succedanea Cera(Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax), Stearic Acid, Petrolatum, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Isopropyl Myristate, Butylene/Ethylene Copolymer, Blue No.1 Lake (CI 42090) ,Red No.28 Lake (CI 45410), Red No.40 Lake (CI 16035), Red No.6 Lake (CI 15850), Yellow No.5 Lake (CI 19140)

AMW says ---

  • inexpensive
  • very pigmented
  • staying power is good
  • the liner isn't too soft nor too hard, just right!

  • has a tiny hint of "crayon" scent
  • not "hydrating", it actually felt dry on my lips just like regular lip liners
  • can I add, DRY again? lol

If you are looking for a lip liner that's inexpensive and works, go for this!  I have a MAC lip liner and the texture is different compared to MAC but the difference isn't too far. Lip liners are just lip liners, I don't always use lip liners anyways!  This is a good inexpensive lipliner to try... PERIOD! :)

from ELF
Proper lip lining application should be performed prior to adding gloss or lipsticks.  Gently shade upper and lower lip back and forth until color intensity is desired.  Fill in entire top and bottom lips with pencil.  Apply second coat if desired.

from AMW
  • if you have super dry lips like mine, moisturize your lips prior to lipstick application, press your lips over a  tissue paper to remove the "oil" and start applying the lip liner
  • top over with your lipstick to create a nice base for the lipstick to last longer
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At local ELF counters for approximately Php125.00 (approx $2.70) and $1.00 for international<-- thanks Khymm for letting me know the price!

Here are the 2 close up shots of the lip liner
Spice is more on the brownish shade
closer to my natural lip color

Bitter is more on the dark red side


Swatch on hand


On lips, see how dry my lips are?
No lip balm, no top coat

Do you own an ELF Lip Liner?
What shade?  How do you find it?
Like it? Like to Toss it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. most lipliners are dry..that sux but hey $1? just put sum chapstick on 1st lol!

  2. The lip drawings are cute :D I don't own any lipliner at all :( I never really get to use them, heehee :)

  3. The lipliners look almost nice enough by themselves!

  4. Ooh, thanks for reminding me ELF has these! Next time I'm looking for lipliners I'll definitely check these out. Love your adorable little lip swatches LOL!

    Glad you made it through your day!

  5. I rarely wear lipliners because I usually forget about them! Hehe. I have some from NYX and they're just OK.

    I'd love to get some of this but you're right, for us it'll cost more than a dollar. Sucky :(

  6. it costs php 125 Nikki! This is a nice inexpensive product to try.. I want sana MAC spice but i find it too expensive for a lipliner.. I have dry lips too, so I just plan to use it on special occasions.. wanna try ELF first.. Thanks!

  7. i never know how to use lip liner, somehow when i line my mouth, it looks like i have a humongous mouth!!! :(

  8. Although my lips are abit hard to paint haha I don't know if that's the right word, I mean it's hard to apply lipstick to my lips because I can't seems to find the borders of my lips if that makes sense :p
    But I never used lipliner before...I'm afraid it will look funny on my lips :p

  9. Although my lips are abit hard to paint haha I don't know if that's the right word, I mean it's hard to apply lipstick to my lips because I can't seems to find the borders of my lips if that makes sense :p
    But I never used lipliner before...I'm afraid it will look funny on my lips :p

  10. cute lip drawings!! i don't like wearing lipliner because i feel like it's too hash on my lips..i like natural looking lips =) but for P125 i want to give this a try!!

    <3 mimi

  11. ooh.. they do look dry. pretty colors though! and cute swatches. hehe. I don't use lip liners very often but I like RMK's lip liner. not dry at all!

  12. The lip drawings are cute! I don't wear lip liners often cos I forget to apply them lol. These look very pretty, but it's too bad they are drying.

  13. have you tried nyx's slim lip liner?
    i've heard raves over it.
    hehehe :P

  14. it's available locally for P129.75. hmph!

  15. oooh I love both of these colours!! Haha, your little lip drawings are so cute!!! :)

  16. good to know that these are good. haha nagdrawing ka pa ng lips!

  17. Vanessa M I know what you mean! these lipliners are dry to the lips but they're ok because the price is cheap!

    Teeyah, well it actually helps especially if you use them to contour your lips, its not over the top and your lips look so shaped!

    Y, yes you're right! :)

  18. Catherine, hahaha those lip swatches look crazy, just to prove how ugly my drawings are! hahaha!

    Fifi, I haven't tried NYX's but I am not a lipliner wearer too! Yes, it costs more than a dollar to us here!

    Khymm , thanks for letting me know! :) You know what? You can always use this and you can always top with a lipstick or gloss! it'll work!

  19. Prettybeautiful, ahahaha no way! you don't have humongous mouth!

    Acutelife, I know what you mean, at first it felt awkward to re-do the lines of your lips! but when you get used to it, its ok, it really depends on the lipliner shades too!

    Mimi, let me know how you like it when you have the chance to try!

  20. Connie, super dry! Looking at my lips, I feel yucky, but what the heck? For the sake of reviews :) RMK you reckon is nice?

    Gio, yes, very drying!

    LyNn, I haven't tried NYX's I gotta try them when i get the chance, thanks!

  21. Anonymous, thanks ! Don't say Hmph naman! hahaha you sound angry! thanks for the price! Appreciate it!

    Sarah, thanks! hahaha

    Crystal, hahaha yeah, they are not too soft or hard, just right for me to draw on my hand!


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