Friday, November 27, 2009

Readers' Corner: Fimo Polymer Clay

Happy Friday people!  Such a lovely day and perfect time for me to thank all my lovely friends for commenting on my first Fimo Nail Art ever!  I got overwhelming questions regarding the Fimo Polymer Clay.  What are they?  Are they stickers?  Where to purchase?  Well, I hope this post will answer all your questions regarding this! :)  (Again, I want to thank my dear friend ebeautyblog for introducing these cuties to me!)

First things first, what's Fimo?  
(according to ehow)

Fimo is one of the most popular brands of polymer clay and is used in multiple arts and crafts venues. Artisans form Fimo clay into beads, pendants, buttons and trinkets and then cure the clay by baking it in an oven. Some artists extend the purposes even further by mixing it with glazes, paint and adhesives.

I ordered 50pcs Fimo Rod Sticks and they look like this....


I bought the Fimo Polymer Clay sticks because they are cheaper and I love DIY projects!  I can cut these sticks into tiny slices and people can use them for scrapbooking or other decorations but I bought these intended to put them on my nails!  They are made of polymer clay and stick size is approximately 5-6mm thick x 50mm long.  You still can't imagine their size?  Here's an easier sample :)


Yes, they are indeed tiny, but if you slice them thinly, you can achieve approximately 50-100 slices!

Different sellers on ebay have different strategies in selling these.  They could be sold by theme - fruits, florals, etc.. while other sell them mixed by 10s, 20s, 50s, 60s or even more!  They are just too colorful and cute that I can't take my eyes off them!


How to cut these?
Are you ready to see my amateurish version? *smiles*  

Things needed:
  • cutting board/slicing board
  • sharp razor blade approx. 4 inch 


Make sure to have a slicing board or cutting board underneath.  Use a sharp razor blade to cut.  Grasp your cane right on the cane area adding stability to the cane. Lay the middle part of the blade just right on top of the cane.


With the right pressure, slightly draw the blade back and forth slicking downwards.




I keep them in my blank wheel!  See how pretty they are?

Oh right!  Before you ooh and ahh over my photo, I am not perfect!  I do make mistakes and this isn't an exception!  First few tries is quite difficult but you'll get the hang of it! 

Oh well, these are not wasted!  I use these badly cut ones to stick it on my tiny fingernails!  Nothing wasted!

Where to purchase these?

You can check out Ebay .  They sell it in 25 sticks, 50 sticks or even those pre-cut versions if you're very lazy but it's pricier!

Now you're ready to prettify your nails!  You can use a nail glue to stick these or just use a regular clear polish and always remember to top it right after with a clear top coat to prevent the Fimo Polymer Clay from folding up!  

Enjoy a different version of nail art! :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay fruity!

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving day to our dear friends 
who celebrate this wonderful holiday!


  1. oooh thanks Nikki! theyre all so cute! Will definitely order one of these days haha :)

  2. ooh didnt know they were made from this kinda stick !lol

  3. How cute!!! :D :D This will definitely jazz up any nail art! :D

  4. hey there nikki =) I also ordered one because of ebeauty blog,hehe.I got mine from ebay,but its almost 13 days e wala pa xa,after how many days mo nakuha sau?

  5. i always see those but i dunno how it's called though.hehehe

    i think i even have a couple on my scrapbooking kit

  6. you are so creative Nikki! they are so cute!

  7. hi nikki so cute... i saw these on some multiply sellers and they are indeed versatile...

    i would love to have this fimos!!!

    have a great friday nikki!

  8. Yay! These are indeed very cute! :-)

  9. Wonderful! Thanks for posting this Nikki. I was wondering what it was exactly after you told me.
    It reminds me of the Murano Millefiori glasses I saw in Venice ( Pretty!

  10. Ooo I really wanna get some! They are so cute :D

  11. Sush, oohh let me know when you ordered, i can't wait to see your nails!

    Thiamere, oohh use those for scrapbooking and put them on your nails :)

    Jenn, yes, they do! It's something refreshing and new!

  12. Caby, thanks!

    Vanilla, well I also learned about it recently!

    Nehs, let me know if you got yourself one

    DeBi, thanks!

  13. Makeupbaby, I got mine in approximately almost a month! So do wait for a couple more weeks!

    Evie, thanks

    Khymm, they are indeed very cute no? Thanks!

    Liza! :) Thanks!

    Liz, wow, thanks for sharing! It does look like the link you sent! Thanks

    Elsa, you are into nails, give this a try!

    e.motion in motion, thanks!

  14. they look like pulled candies!!! OMG i really coudn't believe my eyes when i saw the last pic. all the beautiful things on your nails. so much fun!

    you are super creative!

  15. Gio, :) I'm glad you liked them

    Jojoba, lol they look like eraser to me when i was younger! :) Thanks

    Catherine, thank you

  16. I've been thinking to introduce this as a new service in my nail salon but was quite unsure...but now I think I will try :p thanks for bringing this up again..I've almost forgotten about fimo clay until you posted your fimo tute :D

  17. Acutelife, really? That's great that they offer them,down here, I'm not sure if there are nail salons offering them yet :)

  18. polymer clay is fun! ones we have are the baking types where you mould it first and then bake it in the oven but they become hard. i'm gonna check ebay out for those ones. thanks nikki!

  19. I was wondering how you got those cute fruit shapes! :D would love to see more of these nail art

  20. So pretty! I didn't know such things exist...

  21. Jo, ohh if they get super hard, it is difficult to cut them! Go for ebay :) Goodluck!

    Sesame, same here, I just learned about it recently and I've been doing nail art for years :)

    Connie, now you know the secret! :D

  22. omg what a great idea! they're so cute!

  23. wonder they're so cute! I can so imagine wanting to turn them into tiny beads and make jewelry too... :p

  24. Crystal :) Thanks

    Bee, hahahah you and your creativeness! I can just do nails and that's it!

  25. hi nikki! wala bang reseller nyan here sa phils?:)
    i love your nails!

  26. hi,sis!
    i hope you won't mind if i'll link you on Fimo clay post a.kasi you did a great job of explaining it that i feel that i will murder it if i will try to explain it myself..hehe

  27. Superchuboink, I don't know any seller for now that sells this locally:) will let you know if I know someone

    Thiamere, no worries, my pleasure! :)

  28. caren: ate pano po ba magorder sa ebay di ko po alam gs2 ko po sna ung 50 pcs. magkanu po b un ksma na ang shipping ska ilang wks po ba? sure po ba na makukuha ko yun? salamat po xenxa po dami tanung...

  29. Caren, I can't really answer for the "seller", if you order ebay, you have to use credit card or Paypal (for safety reasons). They ship it to you once paid then you have to pick it up at local postal office at times. The timing for delivery takes a couple of weeks, depending on the seller (how long they ship) and depending on your local postal office (on how fast they move).

  30. hi can i buy this? how much? pls PM me to my number 09297353565

  31. @cheche Sorry I do not sell these, these are for personal use :)


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