Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eureka Moment: UBL Craft Case

Good morning everyone!  Eureka Moment for me when I found this craft case at the local Japan Home Center for only Php88.00! (approx $2.00)!  I bought this not knowing what to do, I don't plan to use this for my mineral makeup as the twist cap isn't that secure.  So this was left alone for awhile..until one day...


Why haven't I thought of this earlier?  I own a lot of rhinestones for my nail art designs, I find it's easier to grab the rhinestones with a case like this!  I like it that it's easy to tote around too!

I'll definitely purchase more!

Do you have a stackable case?
What do you use it for?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. wow! O_o that's a tall 8-stories condos :P i have one...but only 4 stories. :D but still empty :P

  2. What a handy storage for your rhinestones! You can see everything at one glance which is great! :D

    I don't own any yet, but i keep my beads in transparent pill boxes!! haha! :P

  3. i don't own one.. that's a nice idea nikki!

  4. i have organizing stuffs from Japan home center too, i use one to hold my brushes and it has dividers, another one I use to hold my lipstick, lipgloss, UDPP and mascaras... ^.^

  5. I store my beads and crystals for accessories-making in those cute containers too. :-)

  6. That's a great and handy idea :)

  7. the japan home center in market market right? just reminded me of the phils!

  8. Xin there, yup I've always seen the lower stacks, but this one is tall that's why it caught may attention :)

    Jenn, yes, I can't believe I left it empty for months! So you own beads? what for?

    Khymm, :) thanks!

    Sugar Bunnie, thanks sweetie

  9. Chelle, they have wonderful stuffs there rright?

    Gio, I'm glad you find it a nice idea :)

    Jo, actually you're right, there's one at Market Market but they opened up several branches more :)

    Liza! :) Yes, these are cute and transparent! and not to forget, space saver!

  10. Hi! I'm shen! Would like to make an appointment for nail art session.. I want my artist to be Nikki. Just Nikki! :) --- Just messing with you girl. This is really an ingenious way to make your friends make kulit you to give them some nail arts as well. :) hehehe!

  11. Shen! LOL you are one crazy girl! Miss you sis!

  12. haha! i've seen this at the Japan Home and I was thinking of using this for my mineral make up...if only it has sifters...

  13. Bianca, I don't think this will work well with mineral makeup! :) The twist cap isn't that tight :)


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