Monday, January 25, 2010

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Hydrafresh

Happy start of the week everyone!  Today actually marks my 2nd year blogging anniversary!  I want to thank everyone for reading my blog posts and for commenting their thoughts, their ideas and of course the appreciation of my blog posts!  Thanks to all the followers as well!  I get inspired blogging because of you guys! *Big big hugs!*

I will be doing a 2nd year blog giveaway soon, I just have to take time to really focus on the requirements, but it'll be fun! :)

Let me go back to regular programming...

I got a moisturizer as a gift from my dearest brother, he's really amazing!  He's a guy, probably don't know what my skin needs but he always ended up purchasing me the right thing!  No wonder we're called fraternal twins, and I was born 4 years after! hahaha

L'Oreal Hydrafresh says ---

Apply morning and/or evening on perfectly cleaned skin.  Instantly quenched and perfectly hydrated, your skin becomes softer and more comfortable.

Size: 50ml

AMW says ---

  • has a nice protective cap

  • nice glass jar
  • very light on skin
  • never feels oily or make your skin oil up 
  • great for both dry, normal and oily skin
  • moisturizes dry ares
  • absorbs to the skin easily without clogging
  • no allergies or skin irritation
  • not sure if this is available locally
  • no SPF or anti-aging properties, just pure moisture
  • easily used up as it's only 50ml
The texture reminded me so much of my favorite Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief.  The same gel-like texture and light feel is wonderful and this is definitely cheaper.  I like this because it moisturizes and soothes my dry skin, imagine putting on a "gel" substance that instantly cools and relief the skin.  I don't see a huge difference in a couple of uses but my skin obviously  feels and looks moisturized all day long!

  • use a spatula instead of dipping your fingers for hygienic purposes
  • gently massage onto your face concentrating on drier areas
  • if your skin is SUPER dry, leave a thin film over your face like a mask and wait for it to absorb
  • if you use this in the morning, make sure it absorbs to the skin completely before you proceed with your sunblock or makeup
  • if you have oily skin, you can use this night time only
Will I repurchase?
I'd love to 

Where to purchase and how much?

Can try check this out at L'Oreal counters.  Not sure if we have this locally.  Let me know :)
Learned from L'Oreal that we don't have this locally, if you have friends who are traveling, they are available at Duty Free shops or other country's L'Oreal counters

 Here's how it looks NEW
It's not full as what I hope for


It's light minty green in color
Imagine hair gel

As you gently rub it in, its a bit thick so you have to continuously massage  
til it absorbs into the skin




You can click photo to enlarge :)


It'll be a great week!  There will be a report on the Glambox Airbrush Demo event!  There will be a nail art tutorial, a readers' request granted on cream blush application, etc..!  It'll be an exciting week for sure

Thanks again to AMW readers for always being HERE, reading, commenting, and sharing the love!  I wouldn't survive this long without you! Love you all!

Have a wonderful week ahead!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. im addicted to moisturizer ms nikki,i need them nbadly though my skin is oily..i want to try the leyende face canvas pero ala spf eh,hehe.i forgot to buy from loreals nung nagsale sila sa skincares sayang..

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Are there significant differences between this and the Garnier one? Garnier is a subset of L'Oreal, so I'm wondering if it's the same formula being repackaged. They look awfully similar too!

    Garnier has never once worked on me, despite the claims of having natural extracts, time and time again my skin acts up from the alcohol, preservative and fragrance content. :( Nikki, do you find any issues with this formula?

  3. Congratulations on hitting the big 2 Nikki! :D Here's more many many more!

  4. i used to use this before I switch to Garnier and other brands :D

    love it very much! am glad it works for u cuz i think quite a few ppl reacted badly to it or did nothing for them :(

  5. happy 2nd my dear! :D *hugs*

    I find that this is very similar to the garnier aqua defense somehow. but all l'oreal products i used broke me out =/ so no more l'oreal for me

  6. Happy 2 years of Blogging Nikki! Ü

  7. wow the texture looks nice.. happy 2nd blog-anniversary! hehe cant wait for the giveaway..

  8. congrats on your 2 years!! more post to come...

  9. Congrats on two years of blogging!

    This looks so nice. Your brother is a special one!

  10. congrats on your blog's 2nd yr sis!

    wow, for a second i really thought you had a twin haha.

    have you used the moisturizer on clients with oily skin? i rarely reach out for products that is applicable to all skin types as i find products targeting oily skin users are more appropriate for me.

  11. I have been using this moisturizer for like 3 months now and I absolutely adore it! My skin is combination and whatever I tried in the past, made my skin very oil at the end of the day. This has a gelly structure and has minerals inside and makes my skin really happy all through the day :) It didn't break me out or didn't clog my pores. I love it so much that even though I'm still using the first jar, I already bought 2 backups :lol:

  12. Awwww! Congratulation on your second blogger anniversary! it's so nice!

    Always wonder how detiled are your reviews!

  13. hmm the fact that it doesnt have spf kinda makes it suck... but otherwise seems good. thanks for this review! I didnt even know this product existed. i wonder if its available where i live


  14. ive got this when i was in college,with acne breakouts,thats 10 yrs ago! i thought this will really be nice for my then oily skin bec i heard u really need moisturizers even for oily skin,to prevent future skin damages,its like a cooling gel,thus having the hydrafresh name,but i broke out more! dunno if its from stress,or hormones.
    sheesh! i always get breakouts from L'oreal

  15. Congrats on your second blog anniversary! *hugs*

  16. Shobe, I know what you mean, you are good! eventhough you have oily skin, you do need moisturizer even at night time when you go to sleep! I hope you find the right one for you :)

    theotherworldly, I haven't tried the Garnier one but my mom-in-law is using the Garnier one and she likes it I've seen the texture, it is similar, but the Garnier one has whitening properties, am I right?

    PB, thanks dear!

  17. Plue, I haven't tried Garnier myself! I think I should, but if it reacted badly on you, then I should just forget it :)

    Xin, sis, thanks dear! I guess this one is great for super dry skin eh? I know you have oily skin :)

    Joanne MV, thank yu so much!

  18. Khymm, thanks sis, yup, hopefully the giveaway will be here soon! Been super busy :)

    Zashiq5 thank you

    Catherine, thanks sweetie, yes, he is indeed a wonderful brother :)

  19. MereMakeupManiac , hahaha I knew people's going to think I have a twin, that's why I wrote the 4years after :)

    Marjo, the same one? I'm glad you love it as much as I do, I love the gel-like texture! Wow, I hope I can repurchase this easily

    Anastacia, thank you sweetie!

  20. glimmeringmetal , ahaha no worries, I use this at night time and I also use this prior to SPF application :)

    Laneige Couture, oh no, sorry to hear this doesn't work for you :) I guess you just need to stay away from L'Oreal :)

    Gio, Thank you sweetie, for always being a great person :)


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